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*Hit - Goldchess Challenge - *play in the sixth, brilliant edition •

World Championship


Take part in eliminations to world championship. First hundred of players who solve the elimination task correctly will be promoted to the big final.

1. Declare participation in elimination

If you want to take part in the championship, declare your participation in eliminations

2. Download the task

Rozwiąż zadanie eliminacyjne zgodnie ze wskazówkami.

3. Save solution

Send us solution of eliminations task. First one hundred players, which solve the task correctly will be promoted to the final


The Final

1. List of users for the final

Check who got promoted to the final. If you are one of the players who got promoted, you will get an email with detailed informations and you will be on the final list of users. If you want to take part in the final, please confirm your participation using options below.

2. Confirm participation in the final

Only players who confirm participation in the final can take part in it. You can choose to take part in either live or online final

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