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Announcing the tournament for a million of chess players to be held in April 2018 we have made things difficult for us and for the potential participants alike. In the period scheduled for paying...
2017-05-25 Goldchess Non Tournament is just a bit of playing around, but recently the players have suffered from the so-called “chess blindness” a syndrome well known from tournament...
1. Non Stop Tournament, currently starting each Thursday at 17.00 hrs. CET (11.00 a.m. New York, 18.00 Moscow time, 20.30 Delhi time, 23.00 Beijing time). Once the registration fee is paid, the...
Dear Players, Winners are always great, and the winners of the Millionaire Tournament will deservedly be particularly great. That is because we have prepared for them 5 brilliant and...
I. Ladies and Gentlemen. As far as chess is concerned, not much has been going on for the last 23 centuries. Players have just been playing and playing. Everything has become predictable....
Hello everyone, I am GM Aleksander Mista (Poland, ELO 2625 - highest rating, September 2014), Team World Champion in solving competition and Hastings 2016 champion. I have become patron of...
Dear Chess Players, on the GoldChess we are creating a new image of Kasparov. We have decided that Kasparov, one of the most brilliant chess players in chess history, cannot lose any...
Goldchess Immortal Tournament - it starts in June 3rd, 5 pm CET We are preparing a Goldchess Hit for the month of May: a new amazing tournament called Goldchess Immortal. The title speaks...
Next World Goldchess tournament, Johannesburg South Africa, April 18
Karposh Open Goldchess Tournament 2017
2017-04-07 sponsored-funded 4 Scholarship at UTRGV for the winners of 2017 South Texas Scholastic Chess Championships
Indian Chess School takes pleasure in inviting the players (with a valid FIDE ID) for a unique tournament by GoldChess ( on 11 March 2017 at 20.00 hours at Don Bosco High School, Off. Link Road, Borivali (West), Mumbai - 400091.
***** Immortal tournament, open 24 hours a Day * Chess Thursday, at 5.00 p.m. CET Non Stop-Fun tournament *May 4 – American week at Non Stop tournament. 17.00 NY time *Prize pool - US...
Attention! The start of the League has been postponed due to the insufficient number of participants. Since the total prize pool amounts to US$ 45,000 there is a minimum limit for the...
Starting from the 14th Edition we change the Non Stop Tournaments formula to Fun-easy games with prizes up to US$ 500.00 and registration fee up to US$ 5.00. That means a Massive game...


GoldChess Immortal
Winner name or nick: Open - active
Task no: 
Non Stop Task 1
Winner name or nick: Edition37, on Thursday 21st, winner?
Task no: 1
Non Stop Task 2
Winner name or nick: Edition37, on Thursday 21st, winner?
Task no: 2
Non Stop Task 3
Winner name or nick: not active
Task no: 3
Non Stop Task 4
Winner name or nick: not active
Task no: 4
Non Stop Task 5
Winner name or nick: not active
Task no: 5
Grandmaster Corner
Winner name or nick: GC September 1st-$1000 prize, currently there is no winner
Task no: 9
Genius Test
Winner name or nick: Hunt game 2. Nobody hunted the task
Task no: 2
GoldChess 0
Winner name or nick: next task-35, September 23th
Task no: 35
GM Corner September
$1000 prize
Hunt game 2
$50 prize

Different from all.
Log, play & win

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With GoldChess you may not only win but also learn how to play chess

Introduction for new users.

Welcome to Goldchess!

„At Goldchess we play form a given positon against an educational chess software CEEC in order to reach a victory or a checkmate in a way specified by the Organizer.”

Register yourself. Next year we plan to host a tournament with millions of participants.There will be bonuses and high rewards - see more.

Looking for challenges?

Always wanted to confront the world’s best chess players but never had enough time to travel and take part in chess tournaments?

Now you have an opportunity to make it happen. In the Goldchess world you are going to play against top-notch chess players. Make your dream come true, play big, feel the high level of chess. Go for it and win! Reach the top!
High prizes and prestigious titles are awaiting you at Goldchess.
Feel invited.

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What is GoldChess?

GM Jacek Stopa explains what Goldchess is and how to use it.

Goldchess Patron 2017

Vidit Santosh Gujrathi

Vidit Santosh Gujrathi
Hope of Indian chess


Goldchess Arbiter

Artur Jakubiec

GM Artur Jakubiec

What do I need to do to win?

Just take a few simple steps and become a member of our GoldChess family.

prepare for the game
- create an account: register and log in
- download and install the CEEC chess application, and unlock it with a code
pay the entry fee
choose the game you want to play and pay the entry fee to get access to the tournament problems
solve the problem
when the Tournament starts, download a problem, open it and solve with the use of CEEC. Save your solution in a new file – you will need the original one to complete the solution submission procedure!
upload your solution
upload your solution before the time for solving the problem lapses
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