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*Hit - Goldchess Challenge training tournament, free of charge, with a prize of up to $100 and a title for the Best. Every Saturday at 17:00 CET (12:00 am NY time). Check your chess level. Feel invited •

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Top tournament Millionaire - November 30 read in Results

                               Current Events (see also -Preliminary Results)

16th November, 5:00 pm CET. Challenge 44 online. Every Saturday, a free practice tournament before the Millionaire tournament, with an award of up to $100 for the best player. Feel invited

17th November, Diagram 1, Grandmaster Corner - Fischer's game, $100!

8th December 14:00 CET. Diagram 2. Genius Test, $100 prize! 
See winners and solutions

15th December, Diagram 1-Christmas Grandmaster Corner - Fischer's game, $500 prize!

Winter CET time for: Moscow CET+2, New Delhi CET+4,5, Pekin, Manila CET+7, US-NY CET-5, Buenos Aires CET-4. (Central European Time = GMT+1)

Exciting Goldchess World...  

In our T-shirt, the current European Champion, Alicja Śliwicka.

The entry fee can be purchased 10% cheaper from the World Champion in Blindfold Chess, {POPUP}GM Timur Gareyev{/POPUP}



HotLine: Current results of our games

Due to the fact that the official game results are published on every Saturday we create another possibility to check during the week if a correct solution was submitted for a particular game. The information about a possibly correct solution to a task will be published in the table below when the submitted solution is found valid. Official game results, as previously, will still be published on the List of Winner.

Winner name or nick: Millionaire - Top Tournament 2019. November 30-December 1. Minimum guaranteed prize pool of $4,000... Report in -Results. Games in -Winners, see.
Task no: 3
Winner name or nick: Challenge 44, November 16, 17:00 CET, free of charge, a training tournament, one award of up to $100 for The Best player. Fun Edition of Challenge43 results: Task1, author’s solution, Alex is the winner. Task2, third solution wins, v33, Lukasz Luba. Task 3, Lukasz is the winner, he was first, mate 34. LL, both solutions not author’s. $35 prize without a title –the Best. Distinction and $15 for Alex. Greetings to all participants. See all solutions in -Winners-Challenges
Task no: 44
Winner name or nick: Free tournaments for countries of Latin America, Africa, Philippines, Indonesia, Cuba, India and neighbouring countries: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka.
Task no: 
Winner name or nick: Outstanding games of Goldchess. GT November 3, 14:00 CET. No one solved the problem at the given time. None of the submitted solutions are in a genius style. Players have 24 hours to submit time-out solutions. Try. ------------------------------ See all solutions in Winners-Genius Test.
Task no: 11
Winner name or nick: *GREAT MASTERS GAMES in the Goldchess version. *Diagram1. GC October 20, 2:00 pm CET, $100 prize. Position of the task from Anand - Aronian game, lost by whites. Nobody has solved in given time. The distinction-prize $25 receives Hayk - Armenia. See current solutions in -Winners-GC
Task no: 10
Winner name or nick: Diagram3 - Crazy 47 with prize. Show one black move! Play & win!
Task no: 47
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