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Gold team at Goldchess


Polish success. 2 times gold in the World Championship in solving 2018.

Team and individually, - Piotr Murdzia - 8th title, third from the left.

Dr. Tarrasch motto


The perfect motto for Goldchess, composed by dr. Tarrasch:
You do not have to play very well, you just need to play better than your opponent. Everyone can play better and defeat CEEC.

Goldchess - a chance for immortality


Chess got lost a bit. When I look at those chess tournaments, games for masses, where everyone treats others as rivals, those fights for points, rankings, winners, everything is so limited, so narrowed down to a sort of an athletic competition. All of that makes too little sense.

Ok, the tournament was organized, 1000 games were played. The question is, how many of them deserve to be remembered, admired, honored, and immortalized? How many of them will make the history of chess? What is the contribution of the players of a particular tournament to the legacy of chess heritage? If there is no such contribution whatsoever, why did this tournament take place at all? Couldn’t they just play some leg games under the table? Intellectually it would do as much difference.

In Goldchess, this style of tournament fades away and practically does not exist. The most important thing is creativity, creating a game that will live forever. Shown after 100 or 1000 years from now, it will still amaze the spectators. And we reward players for such games. For the chess player, the creator of a game, there is double satisfaction. He also has a chance to get the immortality in the world of chess. Goldchess - a pass to eternity.


Feel free to join us.

Alpha 0 vs Goldchess



Kasparov show


各位棋手们!在Goldchess我们创造卡斯帕罗夫的一种新的形象。我们决定了,我们的卡斯帕罗夫,全世界最优秀的棋手之一,不能有任何一盘白色失败的棋。所有,我们一个个处理这样的比赛,要打败他所有的对手了。我们已搞定了Lerner、Anikajev,还有两次Tigran Petrosjan。目前还带着处理:Spasski、Wiktor Korcznoj和Karpov。我们并不怕这些世界有名的大师。我们将打败他们所有的。我们能行,因为代替他们的是我们的CEEC,贪婪棋兵吞食者,“有毒”棋子的消耗者。正因为如此,它就无法抱住我们所选择的位置。

Goldchess让大家开心,给学习的机会,还向大家展示国际象棋之美。当然,还有美元的奖金。週四,$ 500.


There is no chess, without... Goldchess


Goldchess Immortal Tournament - 啟動6月3日23.00 北京时间

五月份我们准备举行Goldchess网站的新竞标赛:Goldchess Immortal。





奖池至少 $5,000!






Goldchess – a chess riddle of the 21st century


Goldchess Tournaments pose a challenge to amateur and professional chess players from all over the world.

How could one fail to win a game starting from a given position, even if the result has to be achieved in a manner specified by the Organizer, if the game was previously won by an amateur and the player is only expected to copy his/her solution, whereas the computer defending the position plays at a level of 1800???

And yet, the practice has shown that not everyone can win, and Goldchessoffers both easy and difficult problems.However, the most amazing thing is that making the strongest moves does not do the job and does not result in the specified win, which puts the best players, that is Grandmasters, in a quite difficult position.That provides an opportunity for new generations of chess players.

In most cases it is also very difficult, although not impossible, to make the strongest moves and defeat the application in a different way or in less moves than the author did, while meeting at the same time the prerequisites for the correct solution to the problem.It’s a stalemate.And that’s most amazing.The third strange thing is that much stronger chess programs do not come up with solutions adequate for Goldchess.We completed tests with Fritz and Rybka, and currently Stockfish and Houdini trials are underway.

In addition, the Goldchess positions and combinations are original ones, and majority of them have not been encountered during tournaments so far.

What’s the method for solving Goldchess problems, then?

The most simple way is to match the “taste” of CEEC, that is our chess computer, or to find the author’s solution, which is the most reliable way to win a prize.

And here logic, imagination and independent thinking are more important than the knowledge of chess.It means that amateurs not “contaminated” with chess stereotypes, as well as professional players not “overloaded” with chess knowledge have the greatest chance to win.Would you like to try your luck?Choose a problem that matches your aspirations and play!The Non Stop Tournament, the CEEC and the prizes are waiting for you.

P.S.Playing against CEEC, as against any competitor during a traditional tournament, consists in taking the advantage of the opponent’s mistakes. And as regards CEEC, you can often assume, foresee and provoke such mistakes, which means that you can plan a winning variant.


You need also to remember that CEEC:

1. will play in a different or weaker way than you think;

2. will play the way you want it to play if you induce it to do so.

CEEC likes running into ambushes and that can be you method for winning a game.

Therefore, you need to play, try and undo moves as you wish, as it is allowed, or even recommended in Goldchess.By clicking File-Reopen you can get back to the initial position. By clicking the move you want to change you will get back to that move.

Have fun!

the Goldchess Team

GM Vidit Joins Goldchess - from GM Colovic blog


I occasionally write about Goldchess and its aim to become one of the most prominent chess sites on the web. The people behind it are serious in their endeavours and their latest addition only proves the fact.
GM Vidit, rated 2673 as of this February, is one of the young and promising Indian grandmasters, who together with Adhiban, Sethuraman and Harikrishna was part of the fantastic Indian team that finished 4th (shared, but with best tie-break) at the Baku Olympiad last year. He had the best score on the team (8/11) and in this year’s Wijk tournament he served as Anish Giri’s second.
Goldchess identified Vidit as a bright prospect who can help popularise the site in Asia and they made him a patron of the site. Recently Goldchess has been developing rapidly and truly is a chess site of the near future! Currently they are running the 5th edition of the Non-stop Weekly Tournament and you are welcome to take part in the future editions. Please take a look at their site for more information.
To conclude, I would like to show you one of Vidit’s games from the Olympiad. He started with 5/5 and the last win from that streak was against Arkadij Naiditsch (who represented Azerbaijan). The final theme of domination is very pretty.

GM Colovic about Goldchess


Goldchess Take on Carlsen-Karjakin
What happens when a strong GM decides to have fun over a game of chess, letting his imagination roam free, possibly fuelled by a glass of French wine and fine English cheese?
Goldchess is the place to go when having such thoughts. As you already know, they offer various positions, often from famous games (here's their take on Anand-Gelfand from 2012) and reward lavishly the best efforts.
What follows is a flight of imagination, I see a relaxed atmosphere in a friendly place, a game between good friends with a lot of laughter and a time well spent. Perhaps set in a Shakespearean Midsummer.
That's what seeing games like the one below remind me of. That chess is not always the gruelling fight to win points and rating, the constant preparation and will to win. Chess can be relaxing and fun, stress-free and pleasant.
Playing white is the strong Polish GM Artur Jakubiec and he takes on Goldchess's computer in a brutal tour de force. Take a look at the game and let yourself drift away.

圣诞节日 Non Stop比赛


12月25日,17:00 CET,特别的、圣诞节日 Non Stop比赛。

双倍 - 三倍奖金,每局5 $2000! 奖金池 $5000!

另请注意,圣诞节日 版Non Stop比赛只持续70分钟(1 局-10 分钟, 2-10, 3-15, 4-15, 5-20)。第五局将在比赛第50分钟,约在17:50 CET后公布。
在18:10 CET关闭下载任务,在18:30和19:00 CET之间将公布结果。




1. Goldchess网站进行奖金池从2000美元至50000美元的国际象棋比赛,在此来自世界任何地方的每位棋手、专业的和业余的,在缴纳报名费后均可参加比赛。

2. Goldchess网站的比赛在自己的家自己的电脑上进行。
赛者从指定位置进行,按任务取胜,或者按照组织者指定的方式在限定的步数内将死 任务内容信息包含于信息文件中,比赛选手从网站上和任务位置一起下载。

样式:当前进行的比赛GIG Smal每周六 
赛选手在网站上点击GIG Small 赛后,获取所有比赛信息。  

GM Alex Colovic comments


Goldchess - Quest for Beauty

Chess is a beautiful game and that is why we love it. Beauty in chess can take many forms – as I have grown in strength and understanding I find beauty in little moves like h3 or a3 or Carlsen’s endgame technique. But even for me beauty in chess is first and foremost associated with sacrifices and mating attacks.
The idea behind the Goldchess project is to promote beauty in chess in its most widely accepted form, but things do not stop here – there is a very 21st century sweet detail. Apart from delivering a crushing checkmate, what would be the greatest pleasure for any modern chess player? I think, without a doubt, that would be beating a computer! But we all know that this is practically impossible! So where is the catch?
The founders of Goldchess found a solution and their concept is the following. You get to play a computer (called CEEC, which stands for Chess Elite Educational Computer), whose strength is between 1800-1900, from a position where you are given a task. The tasks are something like “White to play and deliver mated on move 24 with a queen from e8” so it’s not that easy to beat the machine! You have to download the CEEC (for free, of course) as its interface is also used for saving and submitting solutions. See here for detailed instructions on how to play.
It is not only beauty that is attractive with Goldchess, there is also quite a lot of cash flying around. The weekly problems can net you $200 while the monthly puzzles can make you richer for several thousand dollars! There are different conditions for different puzzles – sometimes you need to be fastest, sometimes you need to be lucky (to be drawn from the pool of people who have submitted the correct solution) and sometimes you have to beat the author and deliver the mate one move earlier (in which case the prize may become 10 times bigger)!
The best part of the whole idea is that it’s free and you can “cheat” by taking moves back and trying various lines and options against the computer – as long as you eventually solve the task it doesn’t matter how many times you have tried. And in order to play for the really big money there is a licence that can be bought for only $25 and you can fight for the total prize fund of $25,000 – 5 problems with prizes of $5,000 each. Similarly lush, Goldchess has a World Cup with a first prize of $10,000, it is open for registration as you read this and it will take place in 2017.
Here I have grouped the links where you can find more information about the specifics.
Goldchess Zero – no fee required and for amateurs only, $50 weekly prize, the fastest to submit the solution wins.
Independent Chess Department – the fastest one to solve the problem wins (time is measured by the CEEC), weekly puzzles.
Information on the prizes – range from $50 to $50,000. You can also check the list of winners and see the amounts they have won.
Goldchess Express – the latest introduction.
World Cup – with first prize of $10,000 it is definitely worth attending!
It is notable that the whole project is under the patronage of GM Aleksander Mista, triple World Champion in team problem solving. In my opinion this is a very exciting project and I invite you to give it a try. For starters, here’s the position for the month of August (worth $200) to whet your appetite (since for the detailed instructions you will have to visit the official site tomorrow after 5pm CET):
White to play

GM Alex Colovic



看来,有些棋手根本就不明白,Goldchess的规则。七月份的Genius Test,奖金$200棋题的内容(见图),就是 -第24步获得女王的获赢(更多信息在-Results-Genius Test-),然后,有棋手发过来了第66步将死的“解决方案”,并且,还用另外的一台电脑做出来的。你们能理解吗?我们完全不理解。Goldchess的规则简单明确。 

由给定位置出发,和我们CEEC程序比赛。这个程序在我们主页三处可下载:车 -下载-、Genius test 和 Gold 0。

车 - 如何玩-,有详细说明和介绍如何解答Goldchess棋题的小视频。

我们的奖金十分可观。Genius Test、Gold 0免费游戏不需要注册和登录,竞标赛则要支付报名费:Rosija-America可以选择俄罗斯或美国其中一个部门,或者可以报名参加Independent Tournament竞赛。 

水平还不太高的棋手,我们建议由Gold 0、Rosija-America竞标赛开始,因为这里的棋题相对简单,奖金也不低;业余爱好者和专业棋手分开参加并有分开的奖金。

请注意:和我们CEEC电脑下棋,可以多次撤销步骤:直接电机我们想要撤销的步骤,或者重新开始 /回到位置,File-Reopen/,如果我们所选择的步骤并不让我们赢。

Important remark. No stress. Playing against the CEEC computer you can use unlimited take-backs, simply clicking on the move we want to take back, or playing again/ Go back to position, File-Reopen/ if the chosen continuation did not lead to the solution.


Goldchess Tournaments


*其奖金总额不小:$25 000 - $50 000
*全球棋手都可以参加Goldchess的比赛。每一场比赛都可以从一开始参加,也可以在任何时间加入下一轮比赛。此外,参加Independent Tournament,可以自己选择开始参加该轮比赛的日期和时间。很舒适!
你们自己试试吧!嬰兒CEEC,等待 /Baby CEEC waits/


大家好!- 嘗試解決


Genius Test,目前为止没人完成四月份的棋题;Independent 也一样:原创棋题,已经3周都没有人解决。
Independ 竞标赛的参与者,就为此写给我们一封邮件,问是否可以在这一题提醒一下。因此,我们要求他的电脑 /Fritz的最新版本/ 挑选棋题位置的5-10个步骤,然后我们将告诉大家,应该先走的第一步是否被选中。Fritz 挑选6个步骤,并且......其中并没有所需要的那一步。那些步骤是:23.f4,h4,Rac1,Qc2,a4,Qg4,其他步骤电脑认为不可以走的。因此,请注意:盲目地相信自己电脑计算能力的人,纯粹是浪费时间,并解决不了棋题。
这也证实我一开始建立本网站时候写的话,并写入–O nas-版块:“我们给你Goldchess,即是每个人都有平等的机会,不需要特级大师的知识,或者高级象棋电脑的游戏”。这就是它独特之处。 
只有你、你的大脑和我们神奇的教育CEEC程序 /Chess Elite Educational Computer/
因此,不获赢的话,就不会知道能不能赢。Independent的棋题就这样待着有人解决(有奖金的积累),而 Geniusz Test,如果4月底没人解决,51号我们将会公布答案,并在52日将又发布这一系列的新棋题,奖金$150,还有Goldchess超级天才的称号。




今年的Goldchess世界锦标赛-题难度高达7-9。我解一下:Goldchess ChessBase 的棋题难1-10简单的棋题难1-3度高一些4-6度最高7-9,然后呢... 过逻辑思考就能假定,10的棋


现实Goldchess ,目前Rosija-America Tournament的棋题难度高达4-6Independent度高一些,简单一些的棋穿插7-9的棋这样就可以金,大家一点激励,提高比的精神。

Gold 0 针对的是新手,1-3然也有更困一些。

Genius Test注重的是煌精神,棋题难4-6然有候棋题难度包括在以内,可是没有人能解决。

今年的Goldchess锦赛题难9,要解决它,你必需达到排名3500的水平。我CEEC电脑,一般水平1800-2000 ELO,在里水品达到3400 ELO,因此它就了。

希望微笑、好心情和我的口号:-Fun and Cash-------with Goldchess,一直陪同你参加我的非凡国象棋比





Rosija-America Tournament, Anand-Gelfand match replay in Goldchess, starts on June 11th

8 rounds, lasts until July 30!

我们有一些变动。新成员执照仅$10,奖金总额:$10000。This promotional price of license only to June 11
欢迎大家来参与,感受世界冠军的棋题位置,并打败我们的小店脑 / baby CEEC/ 
8 rounds, lasts until July 30!
Independent Tournament 完成了8轮,并今天开始休息到6月11日。第二半(从第9轮起),将在6月11日CET时间17点正式开始。不过,可以在任你选的日期和时间下载棋题并进行比赛。本项比赛为限时比赛,下载棋题开始计时,将棋题答案上传到网站的–保存-书签为止。
新的参与者购买的Independent竞赛执照,可以仅限于8个轮,即是第9至第16轮。执照费用$15。奖金总额:$10 000。This promotional price of license only to June 11.

注意!购买Independent警报赛的500号执照,奖金$500;1000号执照,奖金(请注意!)$ 2500!



每一盘棋,我们都可以找到一种取胜之道。但是,取胜有不同的方法:胜利有壮观,也有不壮观的。一般的,或者大师风格的。大棋手风格,就是世界级象棋大师所下的棋: CapablankaTalFisherAljechin,还有当代的国际象棋天才,美国人 Paul Morphy。也不仅于此。许多著名和不著名的棋手,都下了一些极为壮观的棋,可说是国际象棋之宝。其原种及传说就是不朽的 Andersen 之棋。这世界之美,我们Goldchess 也要参与,并向大家展示自己的国际象棋之珠。大家可以登录-胜利者-Genius Test-,还有在-获奖棋-欣赏欣赏。


Chess player from Medellin - Goldchess......我们在哪里最受欢迎?



Rosija - America竞标赛第八轮的一盘,Jakub Czakon评价


Goldchess 100个最佳盘棋之一。

Goldchess再次比赛。Anand Gelfand 比赛第6位置。

22. Wh5!


22. … Wfd8


23. We1

最后一个棋子攻击,要吃兵。CEEC 喜欢… 

23 . …  H:a2?- 吃了

黑色继续轻薄地下,随后白色再也不让它采取行动了。还不如通过23 …Hf7,将棋子留在自己的国王身边。那么白色还得证明,看似很主动样子的H5车确实个优势,而不是劣势。

23. Hf5 !?
-有趣的叉子步骤…g6,兵到 -白色就是希望如此… 但是,这又优势又劣势。

 大概黑色在这里没找到一个好反驳,可惜,因为可以通过惊人的24挡住攻击。..W:c3!25. bc3 He2!!并且,如果 26. Hh7+ 那么 Kf7 27.Wf1 Hf2+!!28. Wf2 Wd1 将死。哇!

24…W:c3 之后, 
也可以走:25.bc3 He2!26.Wf1 Wd1!27.Hc8+ Gd8,白色也只好为了取得车子而舍弃王后。 
28.He6+ H:e6 29.W:d1 Gb6 ——现在输只是早晚的事。

但是,还是发生了白色的所预期 -
24. … g6?-

黑色落入陷阱。大概是算了,25.Hf6 之后,要走 25…W:c3,并永远避开将死的威胁。但白色的在这里能看得更远一步…

25. H:f6


25. …W:c3

黑色似乎保护了自己。兵吃车之后,就 He2!,然后,王后攻击之后就可以gh5,使得黑色胜利。但白色准备了不可思议的:

26. W:h7!!
有将死的危机,吃车之后就 We7+ Kh6,并 Hh4 将死。黑色尝试着通过反击而主动防御,准备了分散对方注意力的:

26. … Gf2+

得承认黑色尽量寻找最后的保护自己的机会,而且是一些很美的机会 —— 哇!

27. Kh1!!

Hf2 之后,应该有 Kh7,这样很难胜利。但可以 Kf2 Hb2+ Kg1,现在黑色必需走 Hb6+,为了将来几个步骤让自己国王避免危险。可是白色注重于美丽,并立即结束这一盘。

27 …Kh7

28. We7+
现在,如果 28. …Kh6,那么 29. Hg7+Kg5 30. We5+ Kh4 31. Hh6+ Kg4 32. Hg5 将死

28. … Hf7


29. W:f7+





我在谷歌分析中找到了很有趣的数据。 访问我们网站的网友,46%是女性。 干得好! 加入屡获殊荣的棋手吧!
 按年龄,55岁以上的棋手占10%。  不少。 热烈欢迎老年人加入。



Chess Department America wins. In VIIIth round of Rosija-America tournament which is taking place on portal, a prize of $10 000 was divided between professional /IM/ and amateur from China, both playing in Chess Department America. In Chess Department Rosija there is no Russians, so when chess players from Russia start to play the situation may change. As for now, we are half way through the tournament. There is still 8 rounds and $26 000 left, including the last, XVI round on May 7th with $12 000 to win. We invite new players to join the tournament, as you can join at any moment even before the last round. In the attachment there are winners solutions, from the given position after 21 moves.

GM Aleksander Mista




 此外,我们通知大家,我们决定将Rosija-America锦标赛参赛者分为:业余爱好者(无极别或者级别高达2000 ELO)和专业玩家(级别在2000 ELO 以上)。  

The Organiser

The award ceremony of the first round


On the 22nd of January 2016, after glamorous supper, in the beautiful scenario of Wroclaw Orbis hotel, there was award ceremony of giving 2 x $1000 to both winners of the first round in our Rosija-America Tournament, which is played on The winners are Krystian Jacek (Department America) and IM Paweł Weichhold (Department Rosija).
Moreover, Krystian Jacek received additional $100 for being the first one to buy the license for both departments Rosija and America.
Prize has been handed over by seven Times world champion in solving, Piotr Murdzia.
See our Gallery



In January, our Goldchess patron GM Aleksander Miśta has won prestigious chess tournament in Hastings.

Tournament in Hastings is taking place since 1920.
It was won by famous players such as Rose Raul Capablanka, Aljechin, Tal, Botwinnik, Max Euwe, Karpow orBorys Spasski (all world champions), and from Poles: Akiba Rubinstein, Ksawery Tartakower or American Pole Samuel Rzeszewski (Reshevsky), 1938. After 78 years of absence of Poles, in 2016 we have GM Aleksander Miśta, Goldchess Patron.
We are proud.

Here is our grandmaster’s match played in Hastings which qualified him for the 1st place.


SC - 12th International Solving Contest - Sunday January 24th 2016


International solving contest. World class, 400 solvers from all around the world.
First Polish triumph.
Piotr Murdzia, 7-times world champion in solving, working with Goldchess portal, scored 1st place in the most advanced group.

If he will keep his form, he will probably get 8th world championship title this year, as we wish it to him.

Second Pole, Piotr Górski, scored also high - 5th place. Third, Kacper Piorun (current world champion), slipped up a little bit and scored 29th. 
We wish Kacper Piorun to do better this year and for both Piotr’s we congratulate Polish success. 

Goldchess Team