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*Genius Test - check yourself* > Non Stop. We play on Thursdays, 5:00 p.m. CET. The tournament takes place if there is a minimum of 100 participants. •

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Current changes

*Non Stop, the new formula, see Non Stop Rules
*Immortal - the tournament is temporarily closed until December 31st. Changing the formula.



***** Millionaire - Already you can pay the entry fee. Feel invited

* Chess Thursday, at 5.00 p.m. CET Non Stop-Fun tournament



Free games

*Genius Test and *Grandmaster corner, 1st day of each month, 17.00 CET
*Hunt game, see -Descriptions of the games


Statements - League Notice


The start of the League has been postponed due to the insufficient number of participants. Since the total prize pool amounts to US$ 45,000 there is a minimum limit for the number of participants and we will not start the League games until each group has at least several hundreds of players.

Please send in applications for your participation in the Goldchess League 2017 (for the moment it’s for free) to the following e-mail address:, indicating the amateur / professional level in the subject line.
We are waiting for your application




Starting from the 14th Edition we change the Non Stop Tournaments formula to Fun-easy games with prizes up to US$ 500.00 and registration fee up to US$ 5.00. That means a Massive game affordable for all with a difficulty level available for all, as well.

(For the information of the new participants: Goldchess means playing against an educational CEEC computer, starting from a specified position in order to achieve a victory or a checkmate according to the Organizer's indications)

Feel invite.


Amateurs and professionals

  1. We would like to inform that we decided to divide our Rosija-America Tournament participants in to two groups: amateurs (with no category or with a rank up to 2000 ELO), and professionals (above 2000 ELO). Amateurs and professionals will be classified separately and there will be separate prizes. This decision was made due to making sure that amateurs can get the first place and the first prize. In this case prize fund will be divided and amateurs and professionals will be classified separately. Out of a group of professionals, the prize will be won by a player who's first to save a solution in his game panel. Analogical, out of a group of amateurs, the prize will be won by a player who’s first to save a solution in his game panel. For the new players, there will be an option to choose whether they are professionals or amateurs in the registration form.
    The Organiser


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