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关于Goldchess的一切信息 - 指令


1. Goldchess就是从指定位置开始下棋,与国际象棋电脑CEEC比赛,其水平为教育水平,1500-1800ELO。我们根据组织者具体的指示,要胜利或者将死。Goldchess让你在自己家里参加国际象棋竞标赛。下载CEEC并下棋!

2. Goldchess是免费比赛,奖金$50-$100,Live Puzzle GC, GT,Pop, 还有数万美金的国际象棋将表赛, 例如Non竞标赛奖金$10 000,而二十一世纪的最受欢迎的Millionaire,奖金$500 000。Of course, such a prize pool is only in the case, when there is a minimum number of participants in the Millionaire tournament, determined by us. In the first edition, it was 15,000.

3. Goldchess is a great teaching aid. 90% of impressive combinations can appear-exist in the real tournament game. Of course, at the level of average students, but in many cases also at grandmaster levels. That is why it is of great didactic importance because it teaches and teaches that which is not found in chess textbooks. Goldchess solutions and variants are also missing in a collection of over 8 million games - chessbase.

4. Goldchess教你如何赢棋,并准备你作为未来的大师。还教与对手下棋使用心理学技巧。Goldchess让你掌握组合下法,并显着地提高你的水平。几年后,不认识Goldchess就不能做很好的棋手了。Chess players knowing Goldchess will be among the best. And the best of them, unbeatable.

5. 回归自然。世界最强的国际象棋电脑,不见的能够解答我们的棋题。这就是为什么我们能够使棋手重新获得资信。他可以赢,做3500 ELO级的电脑做不到的事。同时这也是回归自然,因为不能使用电脑,棋手必需自由思考。

6. Goldchess让大家都平等,使大家都有平等的机会。业余爱好者可以和特级大师一起参加,不用担心一定会输的。

7. Goldchess是零壓力。 當您在尋找任務的解決方案時,您可以多次撤消和更改動作。
Goldchess是处女解决方案,类似于Alpha 0,仅限于业余级别。Goldchess必需要学会下,就像Blitz、同步或者盲目下棋。这就需要在Goldchess网站上参与竞标赛,并了解胜利者曾下过的棋。
And the last piece of thought: Goldchess will make the chess extremely popular. It will provide the chess with mass media or even multimedia coverage and it will accelerate their development by a hundred years.

Goldchess – Free to Play


In order to play our tournaments and win attractive prizes, you have to pay the registration fee, but you can also play for free.We give talented chess players from less wealthy countries a chance to play our game and win prizes.
You have the opportunity to win prizes in dollars or tournament registration feeswhile playing the diagrams. You can also play for free in any of our tournaments (information in – step 1) and win a registration fee to the next tournament where you will be able to play for real, cash prizes.In order to win an entry fee, you have to be the first or the second.And it's worth playing, even if only for the sake of learning something new, checking your abilities or raisingyour level.

Feel free to join us!

Goldchess – the Art of Imagination – Part II


In order to succeed in the Millionaire Tournament to be held in December with a prize pool of $400,000 and to win one of the main prizes, you need to get prepared to beat our educational computer. For that reason we recommend that everyone, without exception, train by playing free games - diagrams and Non Stop Mix-free. The final exam for each player will be the Claudio Boschetti Challenge on  December 1st, 2 weeks before the Millionaire Tournament. The problems in the Tournament are based on  positions from the Claudio Boschetti - Aeschbach game. The most beautiful, and at the same time the most difficult problem No. 3, with a modest prize of $1,000, is the key to success in the Millionaire Tournament.The players who solve the problem will have a great chance to win the Tournament. We will let you in on the secret. All the 5 games - problems in the Millionaire Tournament are based on positions from games played by our Goldchess Ambassador, Grandmaster Timur Gareyev, and are not more difficult than the Boschetti 3 problem.

Let us now remind you of 2 important rules of the Millionaire Tournament.

1. The total prize pool of $500,000 is guaranteed already when only 20,000 participants sign up for the Tournament.

2. A beautiful A-Class Mercedes Benz will be drawn even before the Tournament, amongst the first 10,000 participants who pay the entry fee.So, it is a good idea to pay the entry fee already today in order to be included in the group of players who will have the opportunity to win the car.

We hope numerous players will become interested in


Goldchess – the Art of Imagination – Part I


The odds of winning at Goldchess

1. Amateurs and players with ratings of up to 1500 – they are the black horses of every tournament. Here the odds are 50/50

2. Ratings 1500-1800, about 60% of population have the chance to win

3. 1800-2200. The group with the greatest chances. Particularly amongst young, intelligent, imaginative players. 80%.

4. 2200-2500. International Masters’ group. Almost excellent and unpredictable players. With greater chances than Grandmasters.

5. 2500-2600. If routine has not become a standard in your case, you will win.

6. 2600-2700. Would you like to match those with ratings of 2800? You will. Just learn and master the chess techniques of Goldchess.

7. 2700-2800. The members of this group already know everything. Or almost everything. Except for how to win at Goldchess. smiley

8. 2800 and above. With all due respect for the titans of chess - do you really think you are great? Check it out here. Come and play. Goldchess is a test of truth.

Win at Goldchess


Goldchess provides games and tournaments for everyone, but above all for all the chess players who have no chance of winning in direct games with chess players at the level of 2700-2800 Elo. Because in Goldchess they have such opportunities at their disposal.
In each traditional tournament there are two or three front-runners and they usually become the winners, while the rest are merely extras, supernumeraries, appetizers, cannon fodder. This won’t happen here at Goldchess. As in good old China, everyone wears an identical uniform and gets a bowl of rice. The one who eats first, i.e. the first one to find the appropriate solution, and not the one who has the bigger ranking or title, is the winner. Our educational CEEC-baby computer is immune to any rankings or titles. Check it up for yourself. :)



Goldchess is the chess portal that has transformed the traditional tournament concept so that players regardless of their level have the same chances of winning.
Its tournaments consist of playing with your computer against CEEC, an educational computer program of approximately 1800 elo fide level, in a given position where you have to solve a specific task.
For instance, in one of the exercises for the "Genius Test", with a prize of $100, in order to solve it correctly, you had to check mate on the move 25th with a bishop from this position given.
In this way, players can develop a more creative and imaginative process of analyzing complex positions as well as improving your chess level. 
Grand masters (such as GM Santosh GujrathiVidit (2718), GM Aleksander Mista (2625), GM Artur Jakubiec (2514), GM Aleksandar Colovic or GM Jacek Stopa) have already tried GOLDCHESS and support this new way of enjoying and competing in chess.
There are different games / tournaments with monetary prizes: "World Championship 2018", "Puzzle Pop", "Live Puzzle Grandmaster Corne", "Millionaire", "Immortal", "Non Stop", "Game Hunting", "Beauty Contest" or "World Goldchess League".
The next "Millionaire" tournament open for ALL players of ALL levels will be in October with a $500,000 price pool.
Take this opportunity to start training and participate in the various Goldchess tournaments!
(founder and CEO World Wide Chess)

Goldchess makes the world beautiful


Funny as it may seem, but Goldchess is a game for the elites. You need to own a laptop, or at least have a desktop computer today with an Internet connection available at home. Whoever does not, is an outsider. In Europe and in the USA that is not a problem. But there are countries falling behind our “great world”, such as Indonesia, Pakistan, or even India, where only one in ten or even one in one hundred chess players owns a computer. A laptop is owned by one in a thousand players. And even though the Goldchess tournaments with high prizes are very attractive to the players from those countries, they will not take part in them until the situation improves. And India together with the adjacent countries are populated by ca. 1.5 billion people with an estimated minimum of 100 million chess players amongst them. An army of people that need assistance. And that’s what we are planning to do. If we reach a price agreement with the manufacturer, no later than in the next year we will place on the market the least expensive laptop in the world - a Goldchess laptop only for chess players, with our CEEC application preinstalled, for an amazing price, ready for participation in the Goldchess games and tournaments. The computer will be sold and distributed mainly by chess federations and clubs. We currently need an investor, but if one million players eventually take part in the Millionaire tournament, we will do that for our own money plus your contributions in form of revenues from the paid entry fees. Therefore, we invite all the chess players, particularly from the developed countries belonging to the 1st GDP segment, to take part in the Millionaire tournament in October, and in other tournaments held by us. By playing in the Goldchess tournaments you help us to make our chess dreams come true, and you support the development of chess all over the world.

Feel invited to join us!



在100名参赛者的传统比赛中,总是有2-3名最佳球员,他们通常会获胜。 这在Goldchess中不会发生。


Why is Goldchess a revolution? (in chess)


Grandmaster A. Colovic wrote in the article "Level of precision", (February 22, 2018), that the level of chess has decreased and is worse than 20 years ago in the Kasparov era. This idea was expressed by none other, but former world champion Vladimir Kramnik.

The article argues that the reason for this is mainly chess engines, since when chess players are using them they limit their own thinking.
In addition to this, using engines the players are playing openings at 3500 level, and psychologically, the engine became a God for the chess player.
Goldchess expunges "gods" with a resolute change in the aim of the game.
In Goldchess the engines do not have much to say, they do not exist. Goldchess is a return to nature, a crystal clear formula in which a chess player can only count on his brain. The main idea of ​​Goldchess is to win as soon as possible from the given position. We have examples and evidence, for example, that in a particular position Fritz has selected 6 moves, he has not seen more, and among these moves there was no one leading to the fastest win in the game. There were also tests with Stockfish and Houdini and they both failed. The most interesting is that they formally played against a much weaker program, however, playing correctly, according to chess canons, they did not win. It's also because in Goldchess you have to win according to the Organizer's instructions, that is, the game-tasks are conditioned. For example, the mate with the pawn, or with the sacrifice of the queen and with such instructions the engines are doomed to fail.

The question arises, what level of strength is needed to solve Goldchess tasks? The answer appears alone. All tasks are easily done by the unrated amateur, playing at the level of cat. II, meaning Goldchess is within the reach of every chess player and for everyone.
With us, we restate for chess player the faith in ourselves.
He can win, or do what the engine cannot do.

In Goldchess, ingenuity counts and the use of psychology against an opponent. With us you improve your skills in using psychology in the game and you will raise your level by activating your own thinking.

Goldchess, return to nature


Veni, vidi, vici // I Loged, I played, I won


为了更好的了解,这五盘卡斯帕罗夫的棋中有一个惊喜。这就是Wahls – Kasparov比赛,原来是白色输的。可是,这一盘棋我们依然使用,是为了表彰这位德国棋手在1985年和比亚尔纳松比赛常遭了国际象棋杰作。我们来弥补他那一次的失败:在Goldchess他会赢,而且赢得很壮观。对不起加里,你起码得输一盘棋吧! 
我们为了Millionaire竞标赛的赢家想出来了这样的这句话的意译:(I) Logged, played, won。
所以 —— 登录、比赛、胜利吧。像凯撒那样感受伟大的滋味吧。 

Goldchess revolution


女士们,先生们,23个世纪以来,国际象棋并没发生什么重大变化。大家就是下棋而已。一切都变得好预测。 比如,要是针对2500 Elo棋手的比赛,有2700 Elo 棋圣参与,他一定会赢的。当然,说23个世纪以来国际象棋中没。在理论、比赛能力、教具、象棋电脑方面,国际象棋有了很大的发展。需要做象棋、位置分析的棋手,叫Fritz、Houdini、Stockfish等帮忙,自己去喝一杯咖啡,回来之后,任务就完成了。是啊......正是这样...... 在Goldchess出现之前。目前,至少在Goldchess,这已不再可能。
第二种情况也一样。没有任何保证,参加Goldchess竞标赛的2700棋圣,和1500棋手比赛一定会赢。反而,他也许任何一个Goldchess的棋题都解答不了。这归结到我已经多次提过的问题。参加Goldchess的每一名棋手,必须把自己的称号和级别留在更衣室里,并以平等的身份,平等的机会和大家比赛。让我在这里引用典型的例子:在印度进行的Goldchess锦标赛,有几位国际大师和级别很高的棋手,但赢得却是12岁的Krish Butala,级别只是1363!:) ( ).










为什么我们对非原创的解决方案评价不高? - (最多获得一半的奖金,也可能不会获得奖金)。原因很简单。我们不知道,也不能确认,所提供的解是由玩家一人独立完成的,或者其他象棋程序提供了帮助,这样的“解决方案”我们是不会提供奖励的。 对具有版权原创的任务,一般没有更强大的象棋程序能提供帮助,因此可以被毫无疑问的接受。但总可在原创版权和更好的,或者优秀的但不是原创的解决方案之间平分奖金。



1. Goldchess网站促进推广美丽的国际象棋,和奖励世界各地选定的国际象棋比赛美丽的棋局。在2017年,我们计划举办约60场最美丽的国际象棋比赛,主要是在美国、俄罗斯、印度和中国,以及“世界其他的地方”。
Goldchess网站漂亮的名片是Genius Test /patrz: diagram/,在这每个人都可以检查是否能漂亮地下棋,同时可以赢得从100美元至300美元,甚至更多,并获得Goldchess天才的称号。
2. 网站上还有奖金池从2000美元至50000美元的国际象棋比赛,每位来自任何国家的棋手、专业的和业余的,在缴纳报名费后都可以参与。目前正在进行的有两个,GIG Small奖金池为2000美元和报名费10美元,Goldchess Express奖金池25000美元和报名费25美元。热烈欢迎。

国际象棋作为赌博吗?- 谷歌的全球抵制



谷歌阻止/边缘化我们www.goldchess.com网站通过Home.pl进行的AdWords广告活动,将Goldchess Rosija-America竞标赛归纳赌博(或与赌博有关的)游戏系列。















Basia Leś






1.                我在此引述:“获赢者有奖金支付或其他奖励的赌场之外的游戏。”此引述段代表谷歌的立场,那么,我在问:世界上哪一个赌场,除轮盘及其他赌场游戏之外,还有“赌博国际象棋游戏”呢?因为,根据我的理解,我们被归类原赌场里的游戏,或赌场失控的游戏,现非法“在外面”运营,并进行自己的赌博活动。简直可笑!

2.            继续引述谷歌的回复:Basia Leś女士/:“AdWords不仅限制赌博,也限制赌博有关的内容,包括网络国际象棋竞标赛,如果其中的参与者为了能够获取奖励必需要付费。”


3.            此外,世界上所有的国际象棋竞标赛都基于同样的原则:要参与任何比赛,参与者必需先支付 -报名费-,这情况就和我们一样。但没有人声称国际象棋比赛是赌博,因为这样会被人笑的。



首先,在我们Goldchess Rosija-America将表赛,你不可能赌输你的房子和老婆等。

棋手支付报名费 $ 30,并参与16轮比赛,奖金是 $ 50,000。





4.            因为这些逻辑解释让谷歌无话可说。

谷歌是个大企业,但如果它不愿意改变其原则,不能适应市场的需求,被淘汰是早晚的事...... 毕竟,恐龙曾经也是巨大的。顺便说,这就是它们灭绝的主要原因。







Solving Goldchess problems.


On the one hand, Goldchess has a lot in common with the discipline of solving chess problems in that the competitors look for precisely defined solutions. It is, however, a truly modern form of solving, as it involves playing against a computer engine, the CEEC (Chess Elite Educational Computer).

On the other hand, Goldchess is a mirror image of a practical game of chess: you need to beat an actual opponent. Even though the CEEC is not very strong, its strength roughly corresponds to that of an 1800 FIDE-rated player, it does pose difficulties to competitors pursuing the solution. Not only does the player need to uncover the engine's weaknesses through persistent interaction, but he/ she also needs to find the solution faster than other competitors to secure the prize.

Solving Goldchess problems is creative in that the competitors need to meticulously search through a large number of new positions (unlimited takebacks allowed), evaluate them and estimate the chances that the problems' instructions are satisfied. Precise border conditions allow the competitors to show their adaptation skills and promote those who operate the fastest.

Finding solutions different from those intended by the author is fair game as long as all the conditions are satisfied. Experience shows that this situation is not uncommon. For example, at this year's Goldchess Polish Championship, none of the three medalists found the author's solution and yet managed to satisfy all of the problem's requirements as specified by the author. In the 8th round of the Rosija-America tournament at, two players succeeded in finding the author's solution (one of the conditions in this particular case was that the exact solution be found).

One may develop an edge in solving Goldchess problems in multiple ways. Being a very strong chessplayer is definitely helpful, but it does not guarantee a win. There have been multiple cases already where an amateur competitor managed to beat strong opposition of professional chess players.

A notable advantage of Goldchess problems over solving regular chess problems is that the former do not lend themselves to being cracked by the strongest engines. Tests with Rybka, Houdini and Fritz have all shown that one cannot simply load the position and let a top engine deliver the required solution. The engines do not satisfy border conditions of, for instance, a checkmate on move 30. This, in turn, confirms that having a high chess rating is not necessarily advantageous.

Goldchess is a new type of quality chess problem solving. It is a “new way of chess.”

Feel free to visit our website We have a Contest for the most beautiful chess game (everybody is welcome to submit their games), a Genius Test with prizes of $100, a free game Gold0 with a weekly prize of $50, as well as the revolutionary America-Rosija Tournament with a $50.000 prize pool!

The 1st edition of the America-Rosija Tournament is a replay of the Anand-Gelfand World Championship Match. The problems' positions are taken from the actual games of the match. The 2nd edition will have positions taken from the first match Anand-Carlsen! The entry fee to take part in the tournament is $30. Anybody can join the tournament at any time and compete for the prizes.

New way of chess.


chess program

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