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Top Daily 国际象棋比赛. 每天, 100元的奖金. 适合成熟棋手。前三名获胜。

Free Daily FUN 国际象棋比赛每天20美元. 为年轻和经验不足的棋手提供国际象棋乐趣。


World Chess Community Website



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Play with a real champion! vs Blindfold King - Timur Gareyev! Already March 26!

Only with us!
Subscribe to the game and check –Preliminary Results– the one hour before it takes place to know whether you play or not. Chess players who play will receive instructions via email.
Game time: 2019-03-26 13:00:00 pm California time (GMT 21:00)
You will play with: TIMUR GAREYEV (Antarktika)
Number of waiting: 0