1st Open Goldchess Polish Championship


1st Polish Goldchess Championship has come to and end!


1st place and Polish Master of Goldchess title goes to very talented GM Jacek Stopa, PL
2nd place 
goes to Kacper Piorun, PL - current world champion in solving
3rd place goes to Oleg PierwakowRU - two time world champion in chess composition.

The pride of the championship was Anna Jakubowska, an international champion who joined us with her husband GM. Krzysztof Jakubowski. Grandmasters were 40% of all participants which is a good achievement for first event. Moreover, besides polish players there were players from Russia and Lithuania.

Outside of the contest, without a right to the prize, our patron GM Aleksander Miśta tried his luck and was the first one to solve the problem by victory. The problem was a position from best polish game in 2015, Wojtaszek - Carlsen, in which our grandmaster won with the world champion. From the given position players ought to do a different move than GM Wojtaszek and win with CEEC app in 40th move or mate in 43. Mate solution, which was more beautiful and difficult was a priority for the 1st prize, even if other players have won in 40 moves.

Nevertheless none of the participants have done the mate in 43 problem. In this situation, because three players have solved the task in 40 moves, our judges - GM Włodzimierz Schmidt and IM Piotr Murdzia decided to award them with 1-3 prizes based on order in which they finished the problem.At the end, the organizer presented to the players a solution to the mate in 43 problem, which we present here.

Detailed coverage will be available in the short coverage movie from the championship.