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*Puzzle - live chess - Goldchess hit <> *Genius Test - check yourself <> *Non Stop. We play on Thursdays, 5:00 p.m. CET. •

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Now - Non Stop next May 31, start at 11:00 a.m. New York time *Non Stop Tournament A
If there is 100 (minimum) participants, the prize pool of $1000
If there is 500 participants, the prize pool of $5,000
If there is 1000 participants, the prize pool of $10,000

June 30 - ***Open Goldchess World Chess Championship 2018

Three games

1. I World Champion – US $ 10,000 prize - only original (author’s) solution, time 30 min.
2. Vice-Master of the World - US $ 3000 prize, time 15 min.
3. 3rd place – US $ 1000 prize, time 15 min.

Place: portal
The Championships are individual. Everyone can participate. Entry fee $10.
Only chess players from countries with at least 100 participants play for given prizes.

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                 Millionaire Tournament I Edition is over

*Millionaire  Tournament of the Century see Results, and -Winners 




HotLine: Current results of our games

Due to the fact that the official game results are published on every Saturday we create another possibility to check during the week if a correct solution was submitted for a particular game. The information about a possibly correct solution to a task will be published in the table below when the submitted solution is found valid. Official game results, as previously, will still be published on the List of Winner.

Winner name or nick: Edition I April 20-22 IS OVER. *Task5-winner? A big surprise! Nobody resolved in the required time of 7 minutes the task 5, from the position of the Kasparov - Karpov game, after 22 moves, where there were only 7 moves to do. If there were a minimum of chess players in the tournament, it would be a $ 150,000 prize! Polish players, Russian and the flower of Armenia, grandmasters and other young brilliant chessmen could not manage. Only 2 solutions, both time out, we check: first, Armenak Yeghiazaryan, 9.25 minutes, won in 31st move, 2 moves too late. Second, Alex Nurijanyan, also timeout, time 9.40, we check ... Ladies and gentlemen, Alex a 16 years old chess player from Armenia saved the honor of the Armenian chess players, he sent the correct, original solution! He is the first to receive the title of Goldchess Grandmaster and a special prize outside the competition. Congratulations
Task no: 5
Winner name or nick: Edition44, on May 24 - there were no 100 players, so there is no Non tournament A. Tournament B, free, a prize pool of $250. Also condition - 1000 participants. See -Notices.
Task no: 44
Winner name or nick: *GT May-NOBODY SOLVED YET *GT April-winner Hayk Yeritsyan, Armenia, see -Winners-Genius Test
Task no: 5
Winner name or nick: Games of Great Masters - Gareyev vs Jobava. Two winners, Armenak Yeghiazaryan and Hayk Yeritsyan, both from Armenia, see the solutions in -Results-Grandmaster Corner
Task no: 5
Winner name or nick: *Live Puzzle May, at 16:00 CET, four times in month (1-8-15-22). Currently - play black month. *Live Puzzle - lesson in logic. Free game for everybody. Prize US$ 50. We shall draw prizes among chess players who sent a set of correct solutions (4). You can see the solutions in -Winners-Gold 0
Task no: 2
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