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17:00 CET *Non Stop Mix - training tournament

 You can play for entry fee or Play for free-Use 

The tournament paid / free (paid-prize pool $1500 / free-up to $250) 

 Training before Millionaire

Claudio Boschetti Challenge December 1, 18:00 CET, prize pool of $2000. 3 games, each wins the first. The prize pool may increase. 

December 15-16 *Millionaire - hit of the year ! see Results

                                The entry fee sales has started! Warning!
The car, Mercedes A will be draw only among the first 10,000 participants!   Play now!

 Batumi Olympics in Goldchess - Ding Liren-Duda {POPUP2ND}BATUMI{/POPUP2ND}

The entry fee can be purchased 10% cheaper from the World Champion in Blindfold Chess, {POPUP}GM Timur Gareyev{/POPUP}


Goldchess is the chess portal that has transformed the traditional tournament concept so that players regardless of their level have the same chances of winning.

WFM Gal•la Garcia-Castany Musellas

Goldchess... brilliant games, intelligent people, and - Fun and cash, with Goldchess!

In Goldchess' tasks, it is not important how many moves you have to make. The chess player has a position and an opponent, there is a real chess problem to solve and he has to solve it. Win, or give the mate, according to our indications.

HotLine: Current results of our games

Due to the fact that the official game results are published on every Saturday we create another possibility to check during the week if a correct solution was submitted for a particular game. The information about a possibly correct solution to a task will be published in the table below when the submitted solution is found valid. Official game results, as previously, will still be published on the List of Winner.

Winner name or nick: An Open World tournament. Organized by Claudio Boschetti especially for chess players from Switzerland, Italy and Deutschland. Chess players from all over the world can also take part in this event.
Task no: 1
Winner name or nick: December 15-16, at 10:00 a.m. New York time, 16:00 CET. A prize pool of $ 500,000 guaranteed for 20,000 participants
Task no: 1
Winner name or nick: *Non Stop Mix paid/free Tournament, every Saturday 17:00 CET. Currently, the prize pool of $ 1500 (for entry fee players). Free entry via -My account-promo codes-Use. Prize pool up to $250. Play
Task no: 44
Winner name or nick: *GT October - Claudio Boschetti game there are two solutions. we're waiting for the next 8 yet. see previous solutions in -Winners-Genius Test
Task no: 10
Winner name or nick: GC Live Puzzle - Games of Great Masters. October 1, 17:00 CET, hit! Carlsen - Wojtaszek game, from the 79th Tata Steel Chess 2017-Masters tournament, in Goldchess won by black in 23rd move! Top emotions! $100 prize! see previous solutions in -Winners/Results-Grandmaster Corner
Task no: 4
Winner name or nick: September *Live Puzzle Pop, on Sunday, at 16:00 CET, four times in month (1-8-15-22). Prize US$ 50. We shall draw prizes among chess players who sent a set of correct solutions (4). You can see the solutions in -Winners-Puzzle Pop
Task no: 1
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