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*Genius Test - check yourself* > Non Stop. We play on Thursdays, 5:00 p.m. CET. The tournament takes place if there is a minimum of 100 participants. •

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Non Stop tournament, December 21st, 5:00 p.m.CET - Play now


***Torneo Italia Goldchess Blitz2 - "December for the Chess"
2017-12-23, start 3:00 p.m. CET, cadence 5+5 , time 70 minutes
place: on the platform // play now
TIGBlitz1 results see in -Preliminary results-
Millionaire tournament - entry fee 10% off! {POPUP}see more{/POPUP}

*****Millionaire - Buy now!

Prize pool – US$ 500 000
The prize pool is already guaranteed at 15,000 participants!
Play and win one of the main prizes! US$ 25 000 - US$ 150 000!

Hurry up and pay entry fee just now.
The car will be the prize in a lottery only for the first 10,000 participants.

*Non Stop Tournament. Each Thursday, a minimum of 100 participants.
At 16.00 CET, for players 10 free promotional registration codes (Carousel).


HotLine: Current results of our games

Due to the fact that the official game results are published on every Saturday we create another possibility to check during the week if a correct solution was submitted for a particular game. The information about a possibly correct solution to a task will be published in the table below when the submitted solution is found valid. Official game results, as previously, will still be published on the List of Winner.

Winner name or nick: Prize pool US$ 500 000! Tournament for everybody, date - April 2018, see Results
Task no: 1
Winner name or nick: Edition44, December 21st - Changing the formula, see Non Stop Rules
Task no: 1
Winner name or nick: GT December 1 - nobody solved yet. GT December 2, 16th. The beautiful task like a Christmas tree
Task no: 12
Winner name or nick: GC December, prize $1000 (for GM only)-nobody has yet submitted the mate on move 22
Task no: 12
Winner name or nick: Hunt 9 - nobody hunted. the solutions timeout. see in -Winners
Task no: 9
Winner name or nick: TIGB1 December 12th------ 1.Heisenberg_94, 2. DDanger, 3.Szachy87 (only third player receives $50 prize, because he paid entry fee)
Task no: 
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