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*Hit - Goldchess Challenge every Saturday- *play in the 11th edition, at 17:00 CET (11:00 am NY time) •

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Chess Goldchess marathon!
Goldchess Challenge 11, 12, 13, these are tasks from one game! For the best winner who in each of these three editions will win at least once, we have a special prize!

Exciting Goldchess World... 
Play in the Goldchess Challenge tournament. Paying the entry fee or free, if you prefer. Check for yourself. If you don’t manage to solve any problem, it means that your chess level is catastrophic. Improve it. Goldchess provides an opportunity to improve your skills.  Take advantage of it.
Play with our Champion
Currently, we are the first in the world to have introduced another novelty: playing against a famous chess player. Every week our users could play with the great personages of the chess world. For example, with Timur Gareyev, with a junior Alicja Śliwicka the World Vice-Champion in fast chess, the Armenia’s champion Maria Gevorgyan, Grandmaster Aleksander Colovic and many other well-known chess players. The only thing you have to do is to sign up and be ready at the exact time assigned for the game. The chess players who will play will receive instructions by e-mail.

The entry fee can be purchased 10% cheaper from the World Champion in Blindfold Chess, {POPUP}GM Timur Gareyev{/POPUP}

timur Gareyev



HotLine: Current results of our games

Due to the fact that the official game results are published on every Saturday we create another possibility to check during the week if a correct solution was submitted for a particular game. The information about a possibly correct solution to a task will be published in the table below when the submitted solution is found valid. Official game results, as previously, will still be published on the List of Winner.

Winner name or nick: The second edition, only for chess players from Switzerland, Germany and Italy. Date:
Task no: 2
Winner name or nick: Challenge 11, March23, at 17:00 CET (GMT+1). *Players who paid the entry fee, they play for a prize pool of US $ 1500 (provided there is a minimum of 100). The minimum prize pool (already for 5 players) is $ 200. The prize pool can increase. The amount of rewards depends on the number of participants. Challenge 10 - results: Free players *Task1 winner Hayk Yeritsyan, *Task2- winner Hayk Yeritsyan. Players with entry fee: *Task1 Armenak-distinction-entry fee for Challenge 11. *Task2 Alex Nurijanyan-distinction, entry fee for Challenge 11. Task3 in both groups - nobody submitted a solution, there is no winner. We invite for Challenge 11
Task no: 11
Winner name or nick: FREE! vs GM Timur Gareyev! March 26, 13:00 pm California time (21:00 GMT, 22:00 CET). 3 games x 10 min, (5+5) for 3 chessplayers. *Game rules: 1. Your color will be randomly selected by our computer. 2. You will be playing on your own, using a chess software is not permitted and will be treated as cheating. Enjoy the game! Timur opponents: 1. Przemek Skrzypczyński 21.00 CET
Task no: 4
Winner name or nick: Outstanding games of Goldchess. Solve. Current task not resolved from March 1
Task no: 3
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