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*Hit - Goldchess Challenge tournament every Saturday at 17:00 CET (北京時間23:00) •

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{POPUP1ST}第1步{/POPUP1ST} Goldchess... 找到一種獲勝的方法


Weekly events 5月27日至6月2日 (CET time)
Diagram 1. 有獎的任務,尚未解决
Diagram 3. 有獎的任務,
Diagram 4. 對國際象棋傾向的測試
Diagram2 - Genius Test. 
6月1日 - 北京时间22:00
Saturday 17:00 - Goldchess Challenge 21 online paid/free 

Genius Test June. Prize $50-$250. Solutions can be sent all month long. The most beautiful wins.

Goldchess is a modern chess game that Houdini, Stockfish and Fritz don't know. That's why these computers don't do our solutions and won't help you. But this is a huge chess positive. At Goldchess, you'll learn to think for yourself.
Solving Goldchess tasks is an incredible attraction. You can create your own game of life, which will go down in chess history as a chess diamond. See Genius Test May, Hayk Yeritsyan and our solutions. Let such solutions become your goal and dream. And make them come true in Goldchess.

We wish this to all participants of our games and tournaments.

Exciting Goldchess World... 

Play in the Goldchess Challenge Tournament. Pay the entry fee or join the Tournament for free, but play. Test yourself. If you don’t manage to solve any problem, it will mean you are really bad at chess. Improve it. Goldchess provides an opportunity to improve your skills.  Take advantage of it.

Play with our Champion
Currently, we are the first in the world to have introduced another novelty: playing against a famous chess player. Every week our users could play with the great personages of the chess world. For example, with Timur Gareyev, with a junior Alicja Śliwicka the World Vice-Champion in fast chess, the Armenia’s champion Maria Gevorgyan, Grandmaster Aleksander Colovic and many other well-known chess players. The only thing you have to do is to sign up and be ready at the exact time assigned for the game. The chess players who will play will receive instructions by e-mail.

The entry fee can be purchased 10% off via website {POPUP}GM Timur Gareyev{/POPUP} 



HotLine: 当前游戏的结果


姓名或昵称: Challenge 21, June 1, at 17:00 CET (GMT+1). *Challenge19 - Results: Game 2 and 3, winner Armenak Yeghiazaryan. Game 1 no one has solved. See very brilliant solution 3, by Armenak. congrat to all participants. ------------------------------------------------------------- *Players who paid the entry fee, they play for a prize pool of US $ 1000-1500 (provided there is a minimum of 100). The minimum prize pool (already for 5 players) is $ 200. The prize pool can increase. The amount of rewards depends on the number of participants. Winners games are in -Winners
游戏编号: 21
姓名或昵称: Free tournament for countries of Latin America, Africa, Philippines, Indonesia, Cuba, India and neighbouring countries
姓名或昵称: Outstanding games of Goldchess. Solve & win! *** In Genius Test June 1 the game from the collection of the Immortal Goldchess Games. Prize $50-$250. The most beautiful solution wins. Play & win! -------------------------- Genius Test May - Hayk day. See his solutions in Winners-Genius Test
游戏编号: 6
姓名或昵称: Diagram1 - the game with prize. May 5, 10:00 am CET
姓名或昵称: Diagram3 - Crazy 41 with prize. Play & win!
游戏编号: 41
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