GoldChess FAQ

You can pay with a card (see info at the bottom of the page) or via a Paypal account, if you have one. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.
If you enter an incorrect password when trying to log in, a “Forgot your password ?” link will be displayed next to the password field in the login form.

If you have forgotten your password and want to regain access to your account, click this link. A message containing a new, temporary password will be sent to the e-mail address provided during user registration . Log in with the temporary password to your account, and then, for security reasons, change the password to one you prefer using the “Change password” option available in the Login Data section of your account.
Goldchess is about winning chess games starting from a given position, in the way specified by the Organizer. The participants play against an educational chess program, which plays on an amateur level.
When you are the first one to save a proper solution to the problem in the relevant panel for the selected Goldchess game.
The main task for the player is to win a game starting from the provided position, in the way specified by the Organizers. You will play against an educational chess program – Chess Elite Educational Computer (CEEC – on an ELO 1800-2000 level)
No. After you download CEEC, you may modify the colors of squares and the appearance of pieces to your preference (CEEC-Play-Options-Pieces/Board).
Mac users can also play GoldChess after downloading a free Wine Bottler application from the Education section. The application enables opening CEEC on iOS X (Mac).
Temporarily shut down your antivirus software.
After you purchase a game, you will receive an email message with an activation code which will let you finish the transaction and activate the game. If the activation of the game failed (wrong or expired code, or another reason) or you didn’t receive an e-mail with the code, you can use a Code Regeneration function which can be found after you log in under the Activation codes tab in My Account. In this case you will receive a new email with a new activation code which will let you finish the transaction.
On Goldchess we play for cash prizes from $50 (Gold0) to $50,000 (the Rosija-America Tournament), and titles, for example the Brain Titan title.
Yes, Goldchess is a worldwide game for everyone – amateur and professional chess players.
Goldchess includes many chess problems created by an amateur chess player.
Yes, in certain cases. However, majority of the problems cannot be solved in a number moves smaller even by one than the number of moves made by the author.
To win as quickly as possible
To win as beautifully as possible

Goldchess promotes beauty, daring attacks, brilliant moves, amazing combinations and original ways of thinking (see the Featured Games table). Combinations in Goldchess are original, therefore you won’t find them anywhere else – not even in the Chess base holding more than 8 million games.

The objective of playing one of our Goldchess games is to win the game in a number of moves not greater than the one made by the author. In most cases it is not necessary to make exactly the same moves as the author did. Nevertheless, there are specific games which require exactly the same solution and moves as the author proposed (see GoldChess General Terms and Conditions).
A downloaded file can be opened in three ways:
1. Open the installed CEEC application (you can download it from the Education section), and then open the problem file by choosing File -> Open in the CEEC menu
2. Open the installed CEEC application (you can download it in Education section), and then open the problem file by dragging and dropping it onto the CEEC window.
3. Drag and drop the problem icon onto the CEEC application icon (when it’s not open). The application and the problem will be opened automatically.