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*Puzzle - live chess - Goldchess hit <> *Genius Test - check yourself <> *Hit - Non Stop Mix paid/free on Saturday, 17:00 CET •
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Bobby Fischer Tournament - traditional & online
For the American Internal Revenue Service Bobby Fischer is an ungrateful payer who evaded taxation.(The IRS fought for Fischer’s inheritance worth $ 2 million, but a court in Reykjavík decided...
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GT October - Claudio Boschetti presents: Alpha 0 Amateur 17:00 CET
Puzzle Pop 3 October
$50 prize - 2 moves
Chess Crazy 7

Goldchess Patron 2017

Vidit Santosh Gujrathi

Vidit Santosh Gujrathi
Hope of Indian chess



Hoy: Genius Test September, premio de $ 100 - 7 soluciones más Sábado - Non Stop Mix5 torneo...
1/ Comunicado Bienvenidos a la versión en español de la página de ajedrez. Para que te...


In order to succeed in the Millionaire Tournament to be held in December with a prize pool of...
The odds of winning at Goldchess 1. Amateurs and players with ratings of up to 1500 – they...
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