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Goldchess in Skopje


On the 6th of April Goldchess organized an event in Skopje, Macedonia, during the famous Karposh festival with long tradition. We had 12 participants, among them Zoran Stojcevski, a leading chess organizer in Macedonia. Also, GM Alex Colovic, a local Skopje's very own Grandmaster, and GM Sinisa Drazic from Serbia participated. The event was won by IM Orce Dancevski, who in 8 minutes managed to solve our problem delivering a nice solution. IM Dancevski is a renowned chess teacher in the city of Skopje, who delivers lectures to over 180 kids. A very strong player himself, he managed to beat the competition and become the sole winner of the Goldchess event.
Congratulations from the Goldchess Team!


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