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With this book you will set on a journey through three centuries of chess! From Morphy to Carlsen and further on into the 22nd century. At Goldchess we have created a style that will...


Learn chess with Goldchess
In general, every lost game can be won from a certain position. And Goldchess teaches that. We have dozens of such games, lost by top class chess players, because the...


From the US we have visited 100 people from some weeks and 88% of cancellations. 88 enter and leave immediately, probably not chess players, and 12 are with us after 10-15 and more minutes....

If you say you play chess well, it's okay. However, we can immediately demonstrate that you have a specific lack of knowledge and skills in chess. No matter what your ranking and level you...
In the today’s article I would like to discuss 2 issues. The current level of chess knowledge, and the definition of the so-called strongest move in a given position. 1. The today’s level of...
Goldchess = Alpha 0 at amateur level. Discover a new world of chess. Goldchess problems are not difficult. They only require the use of playing techniques that differ from the ones known to...
*Un libro extraordinario y para los compradores - BOOK Challenge (15.000 dólares de premio). Juega! *También torneos de ajedrez en línea actuales...
1/ Gold World Challenge en línea. 20 de abril a las 16:00 CET. Sin virus de la corona! Registrate! El premio mínimo es de 1000 dólares cuota de entrada de 10 dólares. Que se paga...
1/ Comunicado Bienvenidos a la versión español de la página de ajedrez. Para que te familiarices con nuestra página, en el Centro de Información hemos puesto en marcha un servicio de...
A serious pretender is growing. In the event of a draw in the main match, he can not be beat in a quick match like Caruana. Big congratulations.
In 2019 we are opening the Goldchess Shop with Goldchess gadgets. We start with the sale of our T-shirts. En diciembre estamos abriendo la Tienda Goldchess con gadgets Goldchess. Comenzamos con la venta de nuestras camisetas.

We are looking for grandmasters and Organizers to cooperate with. First of all from Russia, USA, India, China and Argentina-Brazil

fun and cash with goldchess

  Goldchess... How to begin 

The entry fee can be purchased 10% cheaper from the World Champion in Blindfold Chess, 

                                            Play at home -
Each Challenge can be played by an unlimited number of participants. After 100 participants have signed up, they pay the registration fee. Then we close the tournament list and give the date of the tournament. For 100 participants, a minimum prize pool is $1000, entry fee $10. For free tournaments, a prize pool is of $150.

                                  Events online  Sign up

*20th April - Gold World Challenge Open-online organized by Patricia Claros Aguilar. Registration until April 11. more 

*Fischer Challenge-Open The tournament tasks are on Bobby Fischer games positions. Sign up now!

***17th January  2021. $15,000 prize pool. Buy a book and Play!


Chess lessons

*Diagram 1, Prize $1000. One of the most beautiful Goldchess games of all time. See how played this game Sargis Manukyan, Armenia.
Who will solve all the tasks from the 4 diagrams, in addition to prizes will be awarded the title of Goldchess GM and due for title $200.

Diagram 2. The game with three times the queen sacrifice, created by Goldchess. The first one in the history of chess.

Diagram 3 – April 4, a new task

Diagram 4 - Chess test 1 - basic

Summer CET time for: Moscow CET+1, New Delhi CET+3,5, Pekin, Manila CET+6, US-NY CET-6, Buenos Aires CET-5. (Central European Time = GMT+1)

Dear Players,
Goldchess teaches you how to play beautifully, effectively and correctly. 
The Goldchess formula means online chess tournaments where you play against an educational chess application named CEEC, starting from a given position. In Goldchess, unlike in stationary tournaments, the strongest players or the favorites will not necessarily be winners. There is no such option. Everyone can win. The winner is the one who is the first to solve a problem in the way we expect it to be solved. Download our application and play! Welcome to National tournaments, Gold World Challenge and Millionaire, plus free games with prizes (diagrams).

Exciting Goldchess World...  

In our T-shirt, the current European Champion, Alicja Śliwicka.




Winner name or nick: Millionaire - next, June 2020. The prize pool for min. 20 000 participants - $400 000. For less, thousands of participants the guaranteed prize pool is $20,000.
Task no: 4
GoldChess Challenge
Winner name or nick: Challenge 50, $1000 prize pool, $10 entry fee, 3 tasks from Lukasz Luba game. Sign up. After the registration of 100 players, we will give the date. Also (upon agreement with the Organiser) - free tournaments for countries of Latin America, Africa, Philippines, Indonesia, Cuba, India and neighbouring countries: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka.
Task no: 50
National Challenge
Winner name or nick: Gold World Challenge-Open, April 20, by Patricia Claros Aguilar. Sign up. National tournaments for all countries of the world.
Task no: 
Goldchess BOOK Challenge
Winner name or nick: $15 000 prize pool. Buy e-book in e-shop. Play & win!
Task no: 1
Genius Test
Winner name or nick: Diagram 2. Outstanding games of Goldchess. GT style. The solutions in Winners-GT.
Task no: 3
Grandmaster Corner
Winner name or nick: Diagram 1. *GREAT MASTERS GAMES in the Goldchess version. $1000 prize pool. NOT SOLVED!
Task no: 1
Puzzle Pop
Winner name or nick: Diagram3 - v27. From march 28.
Task no: 3
*Diagram 1 *Grandmaster Corner. *The Game of All Times
$1000 prize. *Goldchess Magic Tasks! *In our humble opinion no one from around the world will solve these three tasks, especially 31.f4#. Maybe in 600 years...
*Diagram2 *Genius Test December
Winning in 30, with three times the queen s sacrifice! The first one in the history of chess. 10 prizes. **There is a first solution, by Armenak.
Diagram3 *Goldchess Club. Learn chess with Goldchess.
Mate on move 47. Test your technique. Prize - 3 Challenge entry fee - Premio – 3 entradas para el torneo Challenge. *To solve, you need to play directly vs. our computer. It sometimes makes mistakes like a human being... :)
Diagram4 *The Iron Test of Truth
mate on move 28, solve by playing against CEEC. Position in Results-Goldchess Crazy

Make yourself familiar with our games

GoldChess offers both free games and tournaments with an admission fee

Prizes await you in both cases.

chess board

Different from all.
Log, play & win

Good to know

With GoldChess you may not only win but also learn how to play chess

Introduction for new users.

Welcome to Goldchess!

Goldchess Tournaments provide a luxury of playing chess at home. The rival of each participant is our educational chess software CEEC (Chess Elite Educational Computer) and the game starts from a particular indicated position until a victory or a checkmate is achieved according to current instructions given by the Organizer.

Register yourself. Next year we plan to host a tournament with millions of participants.There will be bonuses and high rewards - see more.

Looking for challenges?

Always wanted to confront the world’s best chess players but never had enough time to travel and take part in chess tournaments?

Now you have an opportunity to make it happen. In the Goldchess world you are going to play against top-notch chess players. Make your dream come true, play big, feel the high level of chess. Go for it and win! Reach the top!
High prizes and prestigious titles are awaiting you at Goldchess.
Feel invited.

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What is GoldChess?

instructional video about goldchess

GM Jacek Stopa explains what Goldchess is and how to use it.

Goldchess Patron 2017

Vidit Santosh Gujrathi

Vidit Santosh Gujrathi
Hope of Indian chess


Goldchess Arbiter

Artur Jakubiec

GM Artur Jakubiec

What do I need to do to win?

Just take a few simple steps and become a member of our GoldChess family.

prepare for the game
- create an account: register and log in
- download and install the CEEC chess application, and unlock it with a code
pay the entry fee
choose the game you want to play and pay the entry fee to get access to the tournament problems
solve the problem
when the Tournament starts, download a problem, open it and solve with the use of CEEC. Save your solution in a new file – you will need the original one to complete the solution submission procedure!
upload your solution
upload your solution before the time for solving the problem lapses