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  Goldchess... How to begin 


*In Free Win Faster tournament the prize pool of $5000!

BUT… a long, hard way to win. To win in the Free Win Faster tournament, you must know Goldchess and know how to play with our computer, your opponent. Otherwise, a cold shower awaits you, regardless of your rating and chess skills. Goldchess is modern chess and new game techniques. A Win Faster is our toughest tournament. Our advice: we recommend you to get educated in Training Box, and train in our other tournaments. According to the good old rule, - practice makes perfect.

*Win Faster Top24 and *Free Daily tournament! 
Only with us! Both are open 24 hours! 

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Exciting Goldchess World... 2020

In our T-shirt, the current European Champion, Alicja Śliwicka.

I am an amateur chess player. I play at the level 2 according to the European classification. I have created Goldchess. About 20,000 games won against the CEEC educational computer.Almost 20...
In the world there are 200 top chess players (2600+) and dozens of millions of others. So, let the best players play their own chess amongst them. Goldchess is for the other millions....
So far we have carried out many tests with chess engines, but all of them involved only one engine at a time. Now we have tested three of them. In the test game starting from a position after 20...
We play for real prizes, not for nothing like in the case of blitz games on or And it is worth noting. Our tournaments can be participated by an unlimited number of...
Goldchess Chess
Goldchess is a new era in chess. We have our own chessbase and the Goldchess Chess School in the Training Box. We teach how to create winning positions and how to win them. Our number one is a...
Towards Alpha 0
At Goldchess, the strength of the game is not the most important thing, as in traditional tournaments. Besides, every chess player has specific knowledge, a part of all known knowledge. He or...
Free Daily
Winner name or nick: Free of charge. Open 24 hours. You play when you want. Start every day at 6: p.m. CET, $5 prize (on Saturday $20) and Daily Hero title. Wins first. You will find the games in the Winners-Daily, Results in -Results- of the English site.
Task no: 
Top Daily
Winner name or nick: Currently Top24, open 24 hours a day. The entry fee $5, prize of $25, on Saturday $50. The 3 best participants win. With a larger number of participants, the Organiser may increase the prize pool.
Task no: 
Win Faster
Winner name or nick: Prize pool up to $10,000 - Win a move faster than an amateur. Details, current prize pool and entry fee on the tournament site. Once a month, on the last Sunday of the month, free Win Faster, with a prize pool of $5,000.
Task no: 
Genius Test
Winner name or nick: Diagram 2. Outstanding games of Goldchess. GT style. The solutions in Winners-GT.
Task no: 
Grandmaster Corner
Winner name or nick: Diagram 1. *GREAT MASTERS GAMES in the Goldchess version. $1000 prize pool. NOT SOLVED!
Task no: 1
Puzzle Pop
Winner name or nick: Diagram3 - every Sunday new task with prize
Task no: 
Goldchess is a unique experience.
Goldchess is a unique experience. Each task presents you with a new challenge, encouraging the development of your imagination. It is very exciting to be able to find the right answer in a short time and thus be able to beat the other participants. Without a doubt it catches you, it motivates you. I invite all chess lovers to visit the website, download the CEEC program and start enjoying this attractive practice.
Make Goldchess part of your life!
GM Yuri Gonzalez Vidal
Goldchess is an oasis of human mind in computer assisted chess world.
While all people began to play like robots, this program became a drop of human thinking, which could be drunk endlessly. Thanks to the creators of the goldchess. Thanks for the fair game and for unforgettable emotions. FM Armenak Yeghiazaryan