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*We are original to the bone. We have 25,000 games of our own. They are not in the 10 million-strong chessbase. For a simple reason. Nobody has played like this before...

Goldchess is for talented, gifted and ambitious chess players who want to achieve something, to rise above the average. 
Play and learn, with us you can reach a high level in a short time.
Goldchess - a simple recipe for success.

Traditional chess preparation is not enough to win in Goldchess. This is because Goldchess goes beyond the chess patterns, game techniques and game plans known today. In short, our style and way of playing is the near future and every chess player who wants to be in it and not stay in the previous era should come to us for a solid training.

We use GPT-4. See her opinion of us.



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Exciting Goldchess World... 2020

In our T-shirt, the current European Champion, Alicja Śliwicka.

The first opinion on Goldchess is in -Articles. Today, the second.09-02-2014User:write for me an opinion about Goldchess projectChatGPT:The Goldchess project represents a fascinating...
Goldchess is a powerful chess learning instrument for everyone. Beginners and advanced chess players. Such chess problems as in the Grandmaster Corner or Chess Miracles Competitions are for...
Goldchess... a portal unlike any other. A chess player gets a winning position with us. This is already half of the success plus learning how to build such a position. Often there are innovations...
What is Goldchess really about? Apart from the fact that we fix the lost games of champions? The creation and search for beauty. Goldchess is the art of finding a concept and a way...
Introduction This article was written by the GPT-4 artificial intelligence, and it has amazing capabilities. It can go to any page, read everything on it in 0.0001 seconds and write an...
Only with us
We have come to this general philosophical conclusion that the percentage of chess players in the human population is similar to the number of smart people in societies. That is, to put it...
Goldchess is a unique experience.
Goldchess is a unique experience. Each task presents you with a new challenge, encouraging the development of your imagination. It is very exciting to be able to find the right answer in a short time and thus be able to beat the other participants. Without a doubt it catches you, it motivates you. I invite all chess lovers to visit the website, download the CEEC program and start enjoying this attractive practice.
Make Goldchess part of your life!
GM Yuri Gonzalez Vidal
Goldchess is an oasis of human mind in computer assisted chess world.
While all people began to play like robots, this program became a drop of human thinking, which could be drunk endlessly. Thanks to the creators of the goldchess. Thanks for the fair game and for unforgettable emotions. FM Armenak Yeghiazaryan