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We are looking for grandmasters and Organizers to cooperate with. First of all from Russia, USA, India, China and Argentina-Brazil


Claudio Boschetti Challenge

An Open World tournament. Organized by Claudio Boschetti - one of the largest European Chess tournament organizers, especially for chess players from Switzerland, Italy and Deutschland. Chess players from all over the world can also take part in this event. Prize pool of US $2000, guaranteed already for 100 participants.


Welcome to Goldchess

We have opened a Forum for you, feel invited. write in Shoutbox reviews, comments, inquiries, what you do not understand. The Goldchess portal is friendly for all chess players.

Best regards, good luck in our games and tournaments.




Goldchess para ajedrecistas de habla hispana

Bienvenidos a la versión en español de la página de ajedrez.

Para que te familiarices con nuestra página, en el Centro de Información hemos puesto en marcha un servicio de noticias donde vas a encontrar artículos e información en español.
Nada más que haya 10 000 registrados, haremos una versión en español completa.
Por ahora tenéis un trozo de vuestro mundo y ahora depende de ti si la página tendrá su versión en español.



Amateurs and professionals

  1. We would like to inform that we decided to divide our Rosija-America Tournament participants in to two groups: amateurs (with no category or with a rank up to 2000 ELO), and professionals (above 2000 ELO). Amateurs and professionals will be classified separately and there will be separate prizes. This decision was made due to making sure that amateurs can get the first place and the first prize. In this case prize fund will be divided and amateurs and professionals will be classified separately. Out of a group of professionals, the prize will be won by a player who's first to save a solution in his game panel. Analogical, out of a group of amateurs, the prize will be won by a player who’s first to save a solution in his game panel. For the new players, there will be an option to choose whether they are professionals or amateurs in the registration form.
    The Organiser