How to play

Goldchess: chess tournaments in which you play from a given position against our educational computer
The players' task is to win the position according to the given conditions, in the same number of moves or faster.

chess figures on podium

Our CEEC computer programme and your opponent, is an old man over 30 years old. It was created by Indian programmers in the 80's. It is not pretty, but he has the heart to fight. You will experience the most exciting chess adventure with it.


screenshot from cees made during chess game

button Play white from ceec application Play white. If the program does not play after you have made your move, click on the -Play- icon on its board and then -Play white if you are playing white.
button Play white from ceec application Play black - if you want to play black
button Undo from ceec application You can undo your moves and make new ones
button Color from ceec application Use the options to switch between piece designs and square colors
just decoration Reopen - return to the opening position

Goldchess is symbolized by the games 1, 2, 51 and 100 of our Training Box. Do you want to play like that? Learn in Training Box and our tournaments.