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Goldchess Innovation Formula

Goldchess is an innovative chess portal. We teach a modern look at chess. Only with us you will gain new knowledge, learn new techniques and improve your playing skills and strength. We are making available a unique base of our own games, which you can study. You will not find them in the chessbase collection. The games and our knowledge cannot be found at or on other chess portals.

At Goldchess you play against an educational chess application named CEEC, starting from a given position.

Why is it worth playing with Goldchess

We teach something that nobody teaches. How to find a way to win starting from a middlegame position.

Goldchess means not only learning and fun, but also strong emotions and big prizes. Only with us, prize cumulative tournaments.

Goldchess inspires. Here you can create your own, outstanding game and gain chess immortality.

Everyone can win. Follow your intuition and with us you will be able to defeat even Grandmasters.

Test your abilities in our two daily tournaments: Free Daily and Top Daily.

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