European Youth Chess Championship at Praque, 2016


Maltsevskaya-Kulpa game, and the three winning games

The Goldchess site, the organizer of the brilliancy prize contest of the Championship, awarded 3 age groups with 3 individual prizes, and additionally, one special mention for a game that had not been submitted to the contest. The game was spotted by a Goldchess observer. You can watch the game here: 
Special mention: Maltsevskaya-Kulpa
The Goldchess idea of a brilliancy prize contest has succeeded. We received 30 candidate games. All the games are beautiful and we are pleased that we contributed to their having been played. Chess players inspired by the Goldchess Contest played better and more creatively, which adds to the royal game's charm. 
Winners of the age groups: 
players up to 14 years - Angelina ZHBANOVA Austria - Patrycja WASZCZUK, 1-0
players up to 16 years - Florian MESAROS Austria - Vid DOBROVOLJC, 1-0
players up to 18 years – Tibo MAES Belgium - David SUCHARA, 1-0