Nothing is as powerful as an idea
whose time has come.

V. Hugo

Goldchess time

We are creating a portal for the chess community. We are going to create it together with you, hundreds of thousands, or maybe even millions of people from all over the world. For the chess community consists not only of high-ranked professional chess players classified into categories. These are also vast numbers of amateur players, people who know how to play chess and are fascinated with it, and also chess fans who create this community. And there is enough room for all of you.
There are over 400 million of us all over the world. Let us feel our power. Even here, on this portal.

In the first version, to honor those people who achieve successes by the creative work of their brain, meaning intelligent brainiacs, we have created different variants of the Goldchess game. The game was developed by an amateur for amateurs and professionals, for everyone who knows how to play chess.

We are giving you Goldchess, a game in which everyone has an equal chance and neither Grandmaster's knowledge nor skill will be helpful, not even much stronger chess computers of higher class. And that is what makes it so special.
Only you, your brain, and our small yet amazing, educational CEEC computer.

Goldchess promotes intelligence and exceptional abilities. That is why with us, apart from monetary awards, you can earn the titles of the Brain Titan, Goldchess Genius, and even Goldchess World Champion.

You are most welcome to join us
     The GGG General Partnership Team