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Diagram 3. Armenak solved. He found other variant. Ours - not solved yet. The prize is current.


Live Puzzle Pop3. Even young chess geniuses from Armenia did not do the task this week. Only one chess player, Marcin Jaworski from Poland, solved the problem. See how Marcin played. Last 4 movements.



Download chess program and get the full version
1. Download the program + codes
2. After installation, you will see the board unregistered version of the program. Click on –Unlock

3. Enter as in the picture Serial number and Unlock and your Nick and click ok.

You have the full version of CEEC on your computer. You are ready to play.


Gold 0 - 遊戲暫停吊銷

针对16岁以下的年轻棋手的Gold 0,我们刚经历了“骗子的游行”。


胜利者 - 

Gold 0-34 沒有贏家
Gold 0-33 - Alex Nurijanyan
Gold 0-30,31,32, 取消
Gold 0-29 Alex Nurijanyan, Brilliant Player
Gold 0-28 Arman Manukyan, Brilliant Player, without winning a queen, but fantastic conception, see:
Gold 0-27 Areg Karapetyan, Brilliant Player, see solution
Gold 0-26 Alex Nurijanyan, Brilliant Player
Gold 0-25 Alex Nurijanyan, one move faster, see/見
Gold 0-24 Alex Nurijanyan, 6 min. time, Areg Karapetyan, jointly
Gold 0-23 Alex Nurijanyan- 驚人的解決方案

Gold 0-22 Alex Nurijanyan
Gold 0-21 Arman Manukyan
Gold 0-20 Areg Karapetyan
Gold 0-19 Areg Karapetyan
Gold 0-18 Alex Nurijanyan
Gold 0-17, 胜利者 Areg Karapetyan, 時間5.5小時


Gold 0-17, on Sunday, 17.00 CET


Gold 0 (至16年), 从现在起, 开始于17.00 CET (每個星期六)

優勝者 - 勳章Winners見


Gold 0 – tylko dla szachistów do lat 16 // Gold 0 ——仅限于16岁以下的棋手
Task 10
Winner Konrad Jasiński, position from the game Fier-Warakomski rewarded by Goldchess.


Gold 0 奖金$50 - 9棋题 - 30.07.2016


Goldchess网站授予Mieczysław Najdorf 国际象棋竞标赛最佳一盘棋的奖金。以下是胜利者 /2xPLN500/。
GM Alex  Fier, Fier-Warakomski,竞标赛 A






Gold 0 task 8
-position 25, of the chess game Czopor-Mościcka, Najdorf Tournament, Warsaw-July 2016.
The game awarded for the beauty of by the portal Goldchess.
winner Rafał Siwik



任务7,星期六14.00 CET 
胜利者 Rafał Siwik-$50-Brilliant Player



任务6,星期六14.00 CET

胜利者 Rafał Siwik-$50-Brilliant Player



5任务 - Piotr Niedbał 胜利者, $100奖金, 

22步赢得 7位置




Gold 0-任务3
没有人解决。我们展示的解决方案 - 见



好像Gold 0仅有些水平不高的旗手。特别是印度旗手,登录网站人数很高,可是还没有人发来Gold 0、Genius Test的准确答案,也没有参与Rosija-America 或者 Independent竞标赛。
难道印度只有Anand一个人会下棋?据说,印度有 100 000 000下国际象棋的人.... 如果真的是这样,请展示你们的实力!我们原来计划,除了 Chess Department  China 以外,再启动 Chess Department India,但好像没有这个必要。

Goldchess team



25将死 - 解决方案 - 解  - solution



Gold 0游戏,仅限于业余爱好者玩家,奖金$50

Task1-胜利者 Piotr Niedbał





Accumulation! - Prize $250

Task 41 currently on – 135 weeks nobody solved task

From the position of the task 41 is possible mate in 26 - we will show it in the film: "How to solve the task of Goldchess"

We want only mate in the 29th. Hint: walking around in circles King

mate in29.Qh6-forcefull in 5



Michał Stolarski sent the next solution. It is not appropriate, but beautiful. And it would be even more beautiful if played 29.gf3 mate.





Task 40 - winner Grosmaster
author's and player's solutions



Now - Task 40
Task 39 – winner Puchaaa
player’s solution



Task 38
winner Puchaa



Winner Puchaaa - master solution



Task 36 - winner Pepe



Task 35 - winner Gelu



Task 34
Winner - Grosmaster. One move faster



Task 32-33
Draw by perpetual check in 33 -7 checks
No one has done the task 31-32-33, draw in 33, by perpetual check in 7 moves
Best player’s solution- draw in 35 –player Puchaaa16



Task31-author's solution-18. Bh6



Winner - Grosmaster. Mate in 25, forceful in 5!
Featured game.



-mate in 41, forceful in 8
Winner - Grosmaster. Mate in 40, forceful in 9!
Featured game.



-mate in 37, forceful in the sixth
Task copyright from The Best, of the III Round. Additionally in Gold0, we show five author’s moves.


Game 28 won the player Gelu. Here's his solution.



Other interesting solution-Grosmaster



Solution Copyright Goldchess



Game 27-Mate in 25
Prize $50
Winner Grosmaster
The same solution as the author. See



Game 26-mate in 20
Prize $50
Winner - Grosmaster. Player's solution



Task 25
Winner Grosmaster - 2 moves faster than the author



Game 23-rd-
winner Gelu 1001-prize $100
-author's solution



Game 24
player's solution




Who first, this better

Game 22-Victory in 34

$50 prize


Player Gelu1001 done and sent task 22 after 3 minutes!
Title - Quick Brain Titan


Who first, this better Game 21st – checkmate in 19 $50 prize

The 20-game victory 33, won the prize Grosmaster, but the best solution to send Pepe, the 27th victory



Game 21 ended.
Prize won Puchaaa 16, but the most beautiful solution with dedication Queen sent Pepe. Look



Who first, this better
Game 20th – victory in 33
$50 prize


Who first, this better
Game 19th – Mate in 34- a little difficult
$50 prize


Who first, this better
Game 18th – Victory in 26 move
$50 prize


17 Task was not difficult. Player Grossmaster sent solution after 7 minutes, about 2.07p.m.
Player’s solution



Who first, this better
Game 17th – Victory in 27 move
$50 prize


Player Grosmaster did task 16 one move earlier than author.
Player’s solution



Who first, this better
Game 16th – Mate in 25moves
$50 prize

Game 15
Player’s solution



Who first, this better
Game 15th – 20victory
$50 prize

Game 14
Player’s solution



Game 14th – 25checkmate
$50 prize

Game 13
Author's and player's solution



Player Grosmaster checkmated in 32 pawn, but in a different way than the author.
Receives $ 150 prize.
We show the solution to the player and author

Currently, we have a new task, nr.13
Reward: $ 100!



Game no. 12
Eighth week, no one has done the job.
Mat 32, a pawn.
Prize $ 250!


Game no.11
Seventh week, no one has done the job.
Mat 32, a pawn.
Prize $ 250!


Game no.10

Another accumulation in Gold0!
Sixth week, no one has done the job.

Mate 32, a pawn.

Prize $ 250!


Accumulation x 5!

Fifth week, no one has done the job.

Mate 32, a pawn.

Prize x 5 = $ 250

We present batch entry submitted by the player gelu1001-mate in 34, due to its precise beauty.



Fourth week, no one has done the job.

Mate 32, a pawn.

Prize x 4 = $ 200



Third week, no one has done the job.

Mate 32, a pawn.

Prize x 3 - $ 150


Nobody solved the problem, mate in 32 with a pawn.

Cumulation, prize $100


The same player Pepe gave a 30-mate pawn move. Here's the solution.

$100 as a reward and in addition the Brain Titan Class I title.



Cuu-muuu-lation at Gold0!
Doubled prize in Gold0!
$ 100

Last task
A different solution than the author's one was provided for the last week's task. A player won the game one move earlier than the author and they were awarded the title of Class I Brain Titan.

Accumulated prize: $ 100.

Moreover, the unsolved author's task is not canceled, however, the solution to be provided has to match the author's one.



Cumulation! Prize x 2!

Nobody has resolved last week's task, that's why we have now prize cumulation in Gold0.

Good luck!


Third task has been resolved by gelu1001 player in another way than author did it. In the archive of Gold0 game you can find ready to download: starting position, player's solution and author solution.

For the fourth week we have prepared new, sensational task.



Today, at 17.38 we have received solution of task 2 from GoldChess 0 game, sent by gelu1001. As we know, he resolved this task in 10 minutes! Congratulations! Another prize and title goes to him - see in our Winners section.
gelu1001's solution, as well as the starting position, are enclosed.



First task has been resolved. $50 prize.
Winner - gelu1001 was the first one who has sent solution. Nobody is faster?


Task 32
Draw by perpetual check in 33 - 7 checks


Olympics in Batumi, in Goldchess

In Batumi some cheeky Frenchman, with the Polish grandmaster of a large class, played in defense of the Russian 3.S: e5. And the Pole, most likely surprised by such a move, lost the game. In Goldchess, we punished for this move and win black in a beautiful, dynamic game.
Free game, $ 100 prize. Rules like in the Genius Test, 10 correct solutions and we draw the winner.

Task: Vachier-Lagrave vs J.K. Duda - mat in the 27th movement. We play, of course, blacks.
Task and prize only for Polish chess players. But, try yourself, maybe everyone. Position to download in Results – Hunt game. ( You send the solution in the CEEC-our chess program file (.pgn extension) to the address

Goldchess team



Olympics in Batumi, in Goldchess

In Batumi some cheeky Frenchman, with the Polish grandmaster of a large class, played in defense of the Russian 3.S: e5. And the Pole, most likely surprised by such a move, lost the game. In Goldchess, we punished for this move and win black in a beautiful, dynamic game.
Free game, $ 100 prize. Rules like in the Genius Test, 10 correct solutions and we draw the winner.

Task: Vachier-Lagrave vs J.K. Duda - mat in the 27th movement. We play, of course, blacks.
Task and prize only for Polish chess players. But, try yourself, maybe everyone. Position to download in Results – Hunt game. ( You send the solution in the CEEC-our chess program file (.pgn extension) to the address

Goldchess team



Hunt 8 – 无人解答
Hunt 7 – timeout
Hunt 6 – winner Alex Nurijanyan
Hunt 5 – timeout
Hunt 4 – winner Alex Nurijanyan



Hunt game is incredibly evasive. Nobody managed to hunt the problem in the 3rd edition. And some players from the U.S., Poland and Turkey where there. We invite the players with a knack for hunting next week.


Next game Hunt 3, the last week of September. Who is going to hunt the task?
we invite you


狩猎:第1、2场比赛报告,没人 “扑到” 棋提!所有的答案都是期限过后而发来,所以这一次没有胜利者,也没有奖金。
欢迎大家参与Hunt 3!


Bobby Fischer Challenge




在费舍尔挑战赛的比赛中,适用主规则的规则。其他比赛的规则可能也适用于其他比赛。比如,根据马拉松赛的规则,改变奖励方式, 在这里,我们奖励前10名球员。


每天的顶级比赛 除了周日,每天都有。


比赛--赢得更快 Win Faster--是向世界所有棋手提出的挑战--Goldchess。
比我们快赢1招就够了。奖金为30-150-1000。 元。我们邀请:



A pause to appeal
The best Russian chess magazine
"64-Шахматное обозрение", that is „64” from Moscow has assumed the media patronage over Chess Department Rosija.
 第二届- Short,将开始于10月15日。Anand-Carlsen比赛的重赛
 10个棋题,10周的比赛。15.10 - 17.12
奖金总额:$12 000。共有8轮,每轮的奖金 $ 1000,第六盘奖金 $ 1500,第10盘奖金 $ 2500。
参与者一共赢奖US $26 150。
Chess Department America的棋手们成绩更好一些,夺得了70%奖项。
原因也许是因为Chess Department Rosija没有任何俄罗斯人参与。


Rosija-America竞赛结束了。我们将Anand-Gelfand比赛的重赛搞得更活泼一些。有不少兴奋和惊喜,有很多盘由棋手们自创的棋,比如第15轮和最后的第16轮。虽然没人给出原创解决方案,但各位棋手发来的自己解决方案还更漂亮,如来自中国的一名专业棋手,或者来自英国的象棋业余爱好者。我现在就想让大家看看这一盘棋。其创造人,就是英国桑德兰大学的学生,Piotr Niedbał。 
他自己告诉我们:“我是ELO 1894的棋手,在波兰拥有第1级。自从我记得,国际象棋就是我最大的爱好,我尽量每天都会下棋。我的梦想是成为一名特级大师。
            我们在此使他的梦想部分实现。为其不寻常的这一盘棋,彼得获得奖金US $1500,还有他完全应得的第一Goldchess棋圣称号。 




January 16 to July 30            Anand-Gelfand - replay in Goldchess

Round 16 - 16 - we play for US $3000


Department Rosija

1-st round, 16.01, prize $1000 - winner  IM Paweł Weichhold PL SOLUTION
2-nd round, 23.01,prize $1000 - winner Nikolaj Morozowski   RU SOLUTION
3-rd round, 30.01, prize $1000 - there is no winner - possible solution-1move earlier  SOLUTION
4-th round, 06.02, prize $1000 - winner Krystian Jacek PL-see SOLUTION
5-th round, 13.02, prize $  500 - winner Krystian Jacek PL-not author's SOLUTION
6-th round, 20.02, prize $1000 - Krystian Jacek PL SOLUTION
7-th round, 27.02, prize $ 500 - Paweł Weichhold PL SOLUTION
8-th round, March 12, prize $10 000 - Both Departments playing for the same prize SOLUTION
9-th round, June 11, prize $1000 - there is no winner SOLUTION
10-th round, June 18, prize $1000-there is no winner SOLUTION
11-th round, June 25, prize $1000- Krystian Jacek PL SOLUTION
12-th round, July 2nd, prize $1000- IM Paweł Weichhold SOLUTION
13-th round, prize $1000- IM Pawel Weichhold SOLUTION
14-th round, prize $1000- there is no winner SOLUTION
15-th round, prize $1000- Goldchess solution SOLUTION
Grand Finale
16-th round, July 30, prize $3 000- professional from China




A pause to appeal
参与者一共赢奖US $26 150。
Chess Department America的棋手们成绩更好一些,夺得了70%奖项。
原因也许是因为Chess Department Rosija没有任何俄罗斯人参与。


January 16 - July 30          Anand Gelfand match - replay in Goldchess
Round 16 - we play for US $3000

Rosija-America竞赛结束了。我们将Anand-Gelfand比赛的重赛搞得更活泼一些。有不少兴奋和惊喜,有很多盘由棋手们自创的棋,比如第15轮和最后的第16轮。虽然没人给出原创解决方案,但各位棋手发来的自己解决方案还更漂亮,如来自中国的一名专业棋手,或者来自英国的象棋业余爱好者。我现在就想让大家看看这一盘棋。其创造人,就是英国桑德兰大学的学生,Piotr Niedbał。 
他自己告诉我们:“我是ELO 1894的棋手,在波兰拥有第1级。自从我记得,国际象棋就是我最大的爱好,我尽量每天都会下棋。我的梦想是成为一名特级大师。
            我们在此使他的梦想部分实现。为其不寻常的这一盘棋,彼得获得奖金US $1500,还有他完全应得的第一Goldchess棋圣称号。 


Department America

1-st round, 16.01, prize  $1000 - winner Krystian Jacek PL SOLUTION
2-nd round, 23.01,prize $1000 - winner John Morawski Milwake US SOLUTION
3-rd round, 30.01, prize $1000 - winner Piotr Niedbal-PL-Great Britain- one move faster  SOLUTION
4-th round, 06.02, prize $1000 - winner Paweł Weichhold PL SOLUTION
5-th round, 13.02, prize $1000 - winner Paweł Weichhold PL SOLUTION
6-th round, 20.02, prize $1000 - winner Krystian Jacek PL SOLUTION
7-th round, 27.02, prize $ 500 - Krystian Jacek PL SOLUTION

8-th round, March 12, prize $10 000 - IM Jakub Czakon PL, Bilguun Gunbold China

9-th round, June 11, prize $1000-both Departments play-there is no winner SOLUTION
10-th round, June 18, prize $1000-there is bo winner SOLUTION
11-th round, June 25, prize $1000- 无胜利者 there is no winner  
12-th round, July 2nd, prize $1000- Piotr Niedbał-amateur-好者 SOLUTION
13-th round, prize $1000- Piotr Niedbał-amateur SOLUTION
14-th round, prize $1000- winner IM Paweł Weichhold SOLUTION
15-th round, prize $1000-winner Piotr Niedbal amateur SOLUTION
Grand Finale
16-th round, July 30, prize $3 000 - Piotr Niedbal-amateur 




A pause to appeal
报名费$25,奖金总额 $12 000。共有8轮,每轮的奖金 $ 1000,第5、10轮,每轮奖金$2000。
第100名报名的参与者,获得奖金 $100,第1000名报名的参与者,获得奖金 $1000。


第一届Independent竞标赛 -如愿下棋,已结束。
开始的时候真糟糕。很成功的两轮过后,我们棋手们既然6轮都解决不了第3号棋题。下一半场就好一些了。我们的英雄就是Krystian Jacek,单独或打联手,总共8轮中赢了6轮,其中获奖第12轮奖金$ 2000。最后的第16轮,没有人解决了棋题。CEEC不输给任何人,也没有人获得奖金$2000。


Independent竞标赛的第十五轮,Krystian Jacek 发过来了非常漂亮的解决方案,请大家欣赏欣赏。不但漂亮,而且,比原创解决方案少两步。这是因为CEEC下棋水平并不为棋圣水平,而仅是1800 ELO,这样就可以做一些壮观的组合。其中,也有不少错误,例如,24...Rb8或b5 ... /而不是 ...Bd7 /,那仅仅是个平局。最突破的是第19步。如果黑色不是一开始就吃皇后,而走19…Nf3+,他们就会赢这一盘。 
20. Kd1 ed5 – 皇后可以安全地逃跑
21. Nd6+ Kf8 – 白色投降。
最终,将死的时候,当然也可以赢得黑色的皇后,但我们还是公布参与者的解决方案,因为我们认为,不吃皇后使这一盘棋更加美丽。而原创解决方案,也包括皇后的牺牲,更为稳定一些,可以在比赛实际操作使用。以下有两种解决方案。Goldchess... 多么简单!
player's solution



Goldchess solution



目前进行第 14 轮 - $1000 奖金
Krystian Jacek-胜利者



13 轮, 胜利者 IM Paweł Weichhold,  的解决方案是不著作权



12轮 - $2000 奖金 

Krystian Jacek获奖$2000Future Gold Player之称

注意!购买Independent警报赛的500号执照,奖金$500;1000号执照,奖金(请注意!)$ 2500!  



胜利者 Krystian Jacek
没有版权, 位置15



胜利者 Krystian Jacek
没有版权, 位置18



9轮 - 胜利者 

Krystian Jacek, Pawel Weichhold $1000 奖金
做了同样的溶液作为版权, 布拉沃

展示的解决方案 -



8 轮 --- ?  没有人解决。

我们展示的解决方案 - 见
22位置 – 23.b4

Nobody solved. We show solution-see
position after 22 moves – 23.b4




7轮 无人解答-



无人解决第2轮原创棋题。奖项积累 - 奖金$1500。
Nobody solved author solution of 2nd round. Accumulation – prize $1500






无人解决第2轮原创棋题。奖项积累 - 奖金$1500。

Nobody solved author solution of 2nd round. Accumulation – prize $1500





得主保羅 - Weichhold三個移動從筆者更快



第一輪,贏得了一致 IM Pawel Weichhold 最漂亮的解決方案
黨授予稱號 Gold Brain Titan
後三個動作位置 - 保羅的解決方案



第一名是IM Grzegorz Nasuta,他已经支付了报名费。


Great Independent Chess Department…task1 - $1000 prize
We start at 5.00 pm CET-polish time, before…

Happy Easter


Goldchess Innovation
Play with our Champion- currently (February 15) 9:00 am New York time vs Alicja Śliwicka, Vice World Champion of juniors in fast chess!
Currently, we are the first in the world to have introduced another novelty: playing against a famous chess player. Every week our users could play with the great personages of the chess world. For example, with Timur Gareyev, with a junior Alicja Śliwicka the World Vice-Champion in fast chess, the Armenia’s champion Maria Gevorgyan, Grandmaster Aleksander Colovic and many other well-known chess players. The only thing you have to do is to sign up and be ready at the exact time assigned for the game. 3 players will play 3 games of 10 minutes each. The first one will be from the list and two others will be picked randomly by our computer. 
Feel invited!
Game rules
1. Your color will be randomly selected by our computer.
2. You will be playing on your own, using a chess software is not permitted and will be treated as cheating.



Genius Test - July. Here is the solution. Pay attention to its style and quality. Goldchess involves iron logic of chess and playing identical with or very similar to tournament chess. This game, starting from the given position, could be played in any chess tournament. Mate in 26 moves, with the queen sacrificed and captured. We present also our solution No. 2, which is reverse mate in 27 moves, with the queen captured and sacrificed.  Take a look.

Comments. Position after 15 moves.

Goldchess is an outstanding form of chess, ideal for learning how to play. You can freely undo moves and look for other possibilities, choosing the best ones. In this game, you can play several variants and quickly work out that in this position the key black piece is the knight well positioned on g4, which defends e5 and the f4-b8 diagonal. So, how can it be eliminated? In a very straightforward way,

16.h3 Nh6 –  the knight can move only in one way, after 15… Ne5, 16.Bf4 the black would lose a pawn. But how should the black queen be attacked now with tempo? This is the         Genius variant, so the solution is also simple. Sacrifice the knight.

17.N:d4 ed4

18.Bf4! Qa5  continued attack with tempo

19.b4! Q:a2

20.b5 N:f5     Black captures the pawn in order to subsequently shield itself with the knight on d6

21.bc6            Wb8# mate is imminent

21…. Nd6

22.c5 Rde8    the computer defends e7 against white pawn marching after knight capture on d6.

                        And here is the brilliant point of this combination.

23.Qb5!!! N:b5 a beautiful sacrifice of the queen. Black must capture. Mate on b8 was imminent

24.R:b4          inevitable mate on b8 , with the rook

24…. Qb2      an act of despair

26.R:b2 Rd8




Genius Test July - Game 2



GT December
winner Armenak Yeghiazaryan
great congrat!



July - won the first solution. Armenak Yeghiazaryan, Armenia
position 21, see the first move



GT May

Hayk Yeritsyan - a brilliant solution



GT 二月, 三月 - 胜利者  Armenak Yeghiazaryan, Armenia

GT 一月 2018 - 胜利者 Alex Nurijanyan, Armenia


GT 十二月 2 - 胜利者 Sargis Manukyan, Armenia
GT December 1 - nobody solved. In the test, Stockfish won in 33 moves, 9 moves too late :)


GT November

The contest was annulled because one uninitiated player sent 6 solutions from fictional accounts.


十月份 GT - $200

十月份的Genius Test,有双倍奖金$200,如果猜对棋题内容(第26步),并发来准确的答案。




Łukasz’s Happy Day

If somebody does not believe in life’s happy days. A chess player from Poland. Łukasz Łuba has been awarded with a distinction in the August Beauty Contests for the most beautiful game of the month and received US$ 50 and today he has won in the Non34 Tournament by solving the second problem to receive US$125 + US$50 for the ranking and for the IM Goldchess tile. But the day did not end there. In the drawing for the US$ 100 prize among 10 correct solutions of the August Genius Test the winning number was 5. Whose number was that? Łukasz Łuba’s, of course.

An awesome day and incredible lucky series of Łukasz. We wish all our players had a day like that!


GT July, Tal style - $100 prize wins first

Winner Alex Nurijanyan Armenia !

六月, 胜利者 Lukasz Luba



GT五月. 未发过来10个答案;获奖者:第一个答案,- Sargis Manukyan. 



Genius Test, March 2-there are two winners, Sargis Manukyan and Hayk Yeritsyan, - distinction, see in -Winners


2 winners.
1. Sammed Shete, India, sent first, original - prize $ 30.
2. Manukyan, 3 solution. Author's solution, plus two prettiest - prize $ 70.


Genius Test February 2
Goldchess Author performed a checkmate with a dark-squared bishop. However, it came out that one may mate with the dark-squared bishop as well as with the light-squared one. Both solutions were sent in by Hayk Yeritsyan from Armenia and therefore he is the winner.



Genius Test  二月 - 贏家只有一個
大... Hayk Yeritsyan! 亞美尼亞!



Genius Test 一月2 - 胜利者? - GM Giannoi PL



Genius Test  一月 - Gianni



GT 十二月 GM Artur Jakubiec



在Genius Test(天才测试)中,我们帮助Carlsen(卡尔森)赢取了8局。奖金250美元。


Genius Test-的解决方案是不著作权, S. Manukyan



出现了裁决的问题。玩家提供了非常漂亮的Genius Test解决方案。但是,这不是要求的解决方案,因为是将军而不是victory(胜利),且不是此种类型。虽然条件是 – 赢然后牺牲后,这都有。此外,说客气点,在我们的测试CEEC中,在27步中玩27…在:f6,而不是27…Kg7,就像在玩家那。因此我们



Task for October is extremely tricky. I could not find the solution in 28 movements but only 29 movements. Yet I think my solution is nice and that is why I am sharing it with you by mail.
I spend quite a long time to come up with the solution... Thanks for the interesting game..
Chris Lau - China



Genius Test October, we are fighting for US $ 300
Goldchess and Genius Test it is beauty, beauty and beauty.
Since the position is possible in the mat 24, and won 22.
see v22 by Piotr Niedbał



月份的Genius Test
由于没有发来10个正确答案,我们就不能抽选,第一个就是胜利者 来自美国的Todd Freitag。



Genius Test 十月, 輝煌棋牌遊戲, $300 奖金
棋题位置 -棋牌遊戲 Carlsen-Ivanchuk 2007



利者 Genius Test 八月
Chris 洋刘· 中國





Genius Test,8月1号,CET时间 17.00。

7. Genius Test:学习精美地下棋。
8. 如果到7月15日CET时间17.00,没人能完成这一棋题,我们降低奖金,并显示出下面7个步骤,即是第29步之后的位置。
Genius Test - learn how to play beautifully.
If nobody manages to solve the problem, on 15 July at 5:00 p.m. CET the prize will be lowered and another 7 moves will be presented. That will be the position after 29 moves.


The next contest Genius Test August 1st, 5 p.m. CET, $200 prize
Genius Test接下来8月1日17:00(CET)$200奖金
solution of July



Genius Test 七月 - $200! - 胜利者 Piotr Niedbał UK

属于Goldchess最好的棋手国际大师Pawel Weichhold 和 Krystian Jacek,分别发过来了6月份Genius Test棋题答案。


是否已经有人发过来原创答案并获赢$200,可Hot line查询。欢迎全球棋手参加。赢得$200奖金和Goldchess天才的称号!
IM Paweł Weichhold-解决方案



Krystian Jacek 解决方案



IM Paweł Weichhold 2



IM Paweł Weichhold 3



Genius Test  - 家聪明的举动 (持續)
Additional contest on May 22. 17.00 CET, prize $100
5月22日,17.00 CET附加大賽,屢獲$50個
39步赢得 - 位置33
2016-06-19  无人解答 - 只有6個動作 - 显示解决方案



下面有5月份的 Genius Test 冠军 Krystian Jacek 给我们留下的言。他的国际象棋级别为2165 /不经常下国际象棋/,世纪水平高达2400级:
Genius Test 就是其中一个。它免费,可是有不小的奖金可赢得。
我建议大家熟悉一下这些旗手,并注意观察他们下的棋。真值得一看!这也会提出大家的解决 Genius Test 和其他 Goldchess 棋题的能力,因为这个网站注重的就是国际象棋的美。
Krystian Jacek,级别:2165



Krystian Jacek PL
看到的解決辦法 /35. b1!!, 35.Rb1!!/



................. 辉煌地走一步 - 新棋题
 5月2日 CET时间 16.00 开始

Test of Genius-May,-a new task-it starts may 2nd, 4pm CET - Warsaw
..................only one a brilliant move-play from the given position

Genius Test - 今天,16:00 CET=10日下午北京時間
$150奖品 标题-Super Genius Goldchess
40步赢得    运动31.Nc6禁止






23.Qh7 checkmate, with a brilliant sacrifice 3 figures

没有人解决。我们展示的解决方案 - 见
位置14 – 18.车d7!

Nobody solved. We show solution-see
position after 14 moves




19-0316:00 CET - polish time

Solutions in the file CEEC / extension .png / send email updates, with -Genius test- in the subject


1.       $100 - 答案  利者
2.       $50 - Krystian Jacek
3.       $25 - Paweł Weichhold


31将死 后将死 - 解决方案 author solution



See if you can make a brilliant move and send the solution.
For the first three, title - Genius Goldchess and 3x$100
mate in 55
We have 3 winners
1. Pawel Weichhold,
2. Krystian Jacek
3. Michal Stolarski
All receive prizes of $ 100, and the titles of Genius Goldchess
Solution Pawel’s, position after 43 moves.



Batumi 4 - Alex Nurijanyan - $30
Ding Liren - Duda

解決方案,位置 31



Batumi 4- Hayk Yeritsyan - $20



Batumi 3- Armenak Yeghiazaryan - $100
Duda vs Caruana
solution, position 22



Batumi 2- Armenak Yeghiazaryan - $75
Duda vs Mamediarow
solution, position 16



Vachier Lagrave -Duda
Goldchess solution, position14



GC July, no one has solved, see
position after 11 moves from the game GM Timur Gareyev



GC June
m32, interesting, Paweł Jaworski, Poland




GC June, not author's, distinction, $50. Lukasz Luba, Poland



GC June - there is no correct solution yet. but there is one interesting, Lukasz Luba Poland,



Great Chess Masters Games

Gareyev - Jobava 
by Hayk Yeritsyan Armenia,
position 12



Great Chess Masters Games

Gareyev vs Jobava
by Armenak Yeghiazaryan (Goldchess solution)
position 12



Puzzle GC

Lukasz Luba Poland solution - mate 32



Puzzle GC

Kasparov vs Petrosyan 
Armenak Yeghiazaryan solution, mate 34



Puzzle GC
Aronian - Caruana
Goldchess solution



Aronian-Caruana, solution 2

Lukasz Luba PL



Aronian - Caruana solution 1. Armenak Yeghiazaryan, Armenia
Author’s solution, 21.Qg7 mate. solve



GC 十月

解答 Alex Nurijanyan




没有20步骤将死。任何一名特级大师没发过来。有不少21步骤将死,可是本月我们特异奖励比赛之外的答案(他不是特级大师):来自自亚美尼亚的Tigran Petrosyan(IM),18步骤将死。大家来欣赏吧!



GM Corner六月. 无胜利者, 3個區別, 1. Alex Nurijanyan + $50, 2. Tigran Petrosyan, 3. Lukasz Luba.
Alex game



GCorner 七月 - the task solved Sargis Manukyan Armenia



无胜利者, 2個區別, Alex Nurijanyan, Tigran Petrosyan. Alex game



GCorner June - starts on Wednesday, 啟動, 週三17.00 CET,23.00北京時間


There is a winner! Tigran Petrosyan of Armenia solved a problem at Grandmaster Corner-April! Award plus Goldchess Grandmaster title!
great congratulations



Two players made the task of Grandmaster corner. Received Goldchess Grandmaster titles. / see-List of Winners /
Reward: $ 1000 for Grandmaster which will make mate move faster, still waiting.


Nothing is impossible for the players!
Player Grosmaster in the game Grandmaster Corner gave mat in 23 move and won the title
Goldchess Grandmaster!



We invite you to the Competition from January 1, 2020


In the months of April, May, June, July, there was no good game.

In August two distinctions. Amelia Leonova-Belarus (15 years old) and Lukasz Luba, Poland.

Amelia game




三月份最佳一盘棋比赛,获冠军的是 10歲Piotr Karwacki Poland
and Sammed Shete India – tournament games
第二名:Pawel Weichhold vs CEEC



Sammed Shete



Pawel Weichhold



January - February, not sent any games to the Beauty Contest


Report from the I Goldchess World Championships

There were not 100 players from any country. So we gave only one task, for III place. Nobody solved it. We show the solution. Position (22) from the game Gareyev vs Ruifeng Li. This is Goldchess




World Championship 2018-June 30

After the registration fee is paid in, the system will automatically attach all the position files of the World Championship tournament’s problems to the user's account. The player will be able to download them in sequence and solve exactly at the time when they are opened. The time is provided on the tournament's website. The solution, including the original position file, shall be input by the player into the table under My Account-Save.

1. I World Champion – US $ 10,000 prize - only original (author’s) solution, time 30 min.
2. Vice-Master of the World - US $ 3000 prize, time 15 min.
3. 3rd place – US $ 1000 prize, time to solve 15 min.
Place: portal
The Championships are individual. Everyone can participate. Entry fee $10.
Only chess players from countries with at least 100 participants play for given prizes.
If there will be a minimum of 100 participants from different countries, they will play for the 3rd place and the prize up to $ 1000.
The winners will receive their prizes via the Chess Federation of their countries, after
deducting 20% of the prize by the Federation, according to the regulations of Goldchess
(Millionaire tournament, point 3.2

Feel invited


任何人都可以在我们的比赛中获胜。只有一个问题。其实,两个。我们要打败我们的教育棋牌程序,加... .来自亚美尼亚的球员。

这很重要: 要开始播放,请点击CEEC--如果你用白色播放,请点击File-Play White;如果你用黑色播放,请点击File-Play Black。在这种情况下,棋盘也会转过来。


Goldchess Challenge,5月23日
Edition 5. 3 mates in 33 moves from one position. Simple tasks.
Task 1. First Damian, second Alex. They both sent the same solution, mates to get all the figures. We don't recognize it, because it's solution number 3. Here, of course, it's possible to get mat 32, but not Qg7, just the Rg8. We'll show you it in the Winner. The third solution, Alicia Sliwicka and she wins here.

Task 2. 33.Hd8#. Nobody sent it. $0. We'll show it in Winners.

Task 3. Mate 33, to get the all black pieces (except pawns of course). Damian and Alex did this solution in first task. But here's where Paweł Jaworski first sent in and he wins. And, record, his time 48 seconds.
Congratulations to the winners and welcome to the next edition.

Goldchess Challenge,5月16日
Today, three tasks and in each only 5 moves to do. 
Task 1. Here we have 2 of our variants. Spectacular, for $50 and normal, $25. 
First Alex, $25, second Alice. Same solutions and different from ours. We'll show our for $50.
Task 2, only one of our options. But maybe somebody will send another option won in 5 moves.
There is! First Alex, $25, second Alice. Both v27, two moves faster. Nobody sent the original. Fifth, another one, v29, Asia, honorable mention.
Task 3. Here we have five of our own solutions. Winning in 31 and 30, both $50, and 3 weaker solutions, $25. Which our players will discover today?
First ALICIA, our solution, second Damian, second our solution. We share the prize, 2 x $25.
We invite you on 23rd May.

Goldchess Challenge,5月9日
Task 1, first Damian and only Damian. Exactly our original solution. The winner. $25.
Task 2, Damian again. Task not original, but a Goldchess record! 47 seconds! There were three moves to make, he's got a computer to give up in two! Second Armenak, 100% authorial. We have to split the prize. 2x$25.
Task 3 again, first Damian. But not that solution. He sent a mate in 25, and we had to make a win, getting the hetman. Second Armenak again, but he's got class! Move by move, it duplicated our thinking. The original solution. We're happy to award, $75. Total Damian $50, Armenak $25 + $75=$100.
Congratulations. We invite you on 16 May
Goldchess Challenge,5月2日
Repeat the previous edition. 
In Tasks 1 and 2 we added 2 solution moves each. Will it be harder or easier?
There were 30 chess players in the tournament. 6 from the list and 24 unregistered wild players.
Task 1, win in 20 moves. No one sent a solution.
Task 2, mate 22, same position. First Alice Sliwicka, time 1:28. Correct solution and she wins here. Congratulations.
Second good solution by Damian, time 7:27.
Task 3, no change of position. No one sent a solution. 
We'll change the tactics. From the next edition of Goldchess Challenge there will be only easy tasks. We will reward the winner and the first player with a low ranking who will also send the right solution.
We invite a wide range of chess players. 

Poland Challenge - free, April 25th, 16:00

A strange thing happened in the Poland Challenge tournament. A lot of players were taking positions from the previous tournament by inattention. Arman, a talented player from Armenia, who sent the first 2 solutions in task 1.  The correct solution, winning in 20 moves, was not sent by anyone.

Task 2, First Damian, sent a position instead of a solution. Second Alicja Śliwicka, correct solution, only... another variant and mate 3 moves faster than us! And she wins here. Congratulations. Solution 3 and 4, Arman, positions and solutions from the previous tournament. But, there is still a solution 5, Veronica, 12 years old, also mate in the 19th. We will reward the 12-year-old with an additional prize of 100 PLN. Big applause!

Task 3. one solution after the time, 10:23, sent by Arman Gevondyan , but incorrect, from a bad position from the previous tournament.

We do not understand how players could download from -My account, positions from previous tournament. We checked, the positions from the Poland Challenge are displayed correctly.
We invite you to the free Goldchess Challenge next Saturday, this time at 16:00.
The prize pool is always the same, $150.



Gold World Challenge April 20


Task 1. First Arman Gevondyan, Armenia. All right, $50. Congratulations.
Task 2. Only 2 solutions, both by Arman. But 2 moves too late. There is no winner.
Task 3. One solution, but sent out after time. 10:29. Arman found the right way, the correct variant, but he didn't beat the computer in 63 moves. 
We show solutions in Winner-Tournaments
We invite you to the next tournament
Goldchess Challenge April 18

Tasks from the Skawiński - Łukasz Luba game. Lukasz tried to use the Goldchess style, but he confused the order of moves and lost. Here we show the winning variants.  We play blacks.
Task 1 - win in 35, position after 30 moves. Only 6 moves to go. The exact author's solution was sent by Damian Śliwicki. Time 6 minutes. Congratulations.
Task -2, mate 39 from the same position.  
Task 3, win on  move 39.
Tasks 2 and 3, no one sent a solution.
We show 3 solutions in Winners-Tournaments-Challenges.

In our tournaments, you play from a given position vs. the educational CEEC computer.
Gold World Challenge Tournament rules. Registration until 11 April - 报名 today, on April 11-17th pay entry fee
It starts 4月20日16:00 CET。

The basic prize pool is US$ 1,000.Its amount depends on the number of participants and may be higher. If there are 500 contenders, the prize pool will amount to US$5,000. The Tournament includes three chess problems that need to be solved, and the prizes from the basic pool are as follows: US$ 250 for problem No. 1, US$ 250 for problem No. 2, and US$500 for problem No. 3.
50% of each prize goes to the winner who is the first to submit a correct solution to a problem. As it is Patricia Claros Aguilar Tournament, the other 50% of each prize is earmarked for 1-3 winners from Latin American countries who are the first representatives of their countries to send in correct solutions within the specified time limit. (The time limits for solving the problems are as follows: 9 minutes for problem No. 1, 9 minutes for problem No. 2 and 10 minutes for the problem No. 3). The first problem is the easiest one, as it requires only 7 moves. The amounts of prizes reflect the difficulty levels of particular problems.

Apart from the rules specified above, the relevant provisions of the Goldchess Rules, as well as regulations applicable to other Goldchess tournaments apply to the Gold World Challenge Tournament.
The Gold World Challenge tournament will be held as a guest event in the National Challenge tournament. And for this tournament you have to pay an entry fee.
Goldchess team


In our tournaments, you play from a given position vs. the educational CEEC computer.

Goldchess is a game of equal chances and anyone can win. Ranking and title do not matter. The winner is the player who wins the position first in the way we have specified. Example: In the Goldchess tournament in India there were 50 participants and 3 international masters. Look who won:




Goldchess Challenge 9! *Winners
*Free players
Task 1 
Task 2 
Task 3 
*Players with paid entry fee
Game 1. There is no winner. one correct solution sent after time (Armenak) see in -Winners
Game 2. there is no winner. no one made a win with getting a queen.
Game 3. only Armenak sent the correct solution, winning in 31st move.



Easy Edition - Goldchess Challenge 8! is over
*Free players
*Task 1 Hayk Yeritsyan - prize an entry fee for Challenge 9.
*Task 2 there is no free winner
* Task 3 - Przemek Skrzypczyński - entry fee for Challenge 9
*Players with paid entry fee
*Task1 there is no winner
*Task 2 - (6 moves faster!) Armenak Yeghiazaryan $25
*Task 3 - Armenak Yeghiazaryan $25


Challenge 7
Task 1 - this brilliant Armenak ... a draw with the queen's sacrifice played concertly. Applause!
Task 2 - it turns out that Duda's position could have been won 2 moves earlier than us. Alex Nurijanyan did it
and he wins here.
Task 3, the most difficult. It was necessary to give a mate  in 30th move, with the getting and sacrifice of the queen.
No one could do it.
There were no minimum players, so symbolic rewards, a $ 100 prize pool, Armenak $ 60, and Alex $ 40.
Armenak's solution



Goldchess Challenge 4 - February 2

An extraordinary, brilliant edition. 2 and 3 are tasks from the game of JK Duda, lost by him white, at the Tata Steel 2019 tournament. At Goldchess you can win them in a beautiful style.
Feel invited


26-01-2019 Goldchess Challenge 3
Game 1-winner Armenak Yeghiazaryan, he solved in 1:26 min. Games 2, 3, transferred on February 2


Goldchess Crazy 18
We solve on the diagram


Challenge 1

A sensational beginning! In our Challenge, the second game of Carlsen - Caruana 2018 match in the Goldchess version. A brilliant task 3, $ 600 prize and Capablanka of Goldchess the title! Win a prize and title!


Diagram 4. Test 1 - basic. If you solve this task, you have a predisposition to play chess and you can also play at Goldchess. If not, we recommend that you change the sport, for example on badminton, where you do not have to think, just move your hand. Solve, mate on move 28. (Winners-Goldchess Crazy的解決方案)



解決方案/Solutions/ Soluciones/ Решения
Mate31 - 1.Rd8 Qg4, 2. B:g4 R:d8, 3.Qg7#
Mate 32 - 1.Bg6 R:g6, 2.Rd8+ Qe8, 3.R:e8 Rg8, 4. Qg7#
Mate 32 bis. 1.Bg6 R:g6, 2.fg6 Q:g6, 3.Rd8+ Qg8, 4.Qg7#
Mate 33 - 1.Bg6 R:g6, 2.Qf8+ Rg8, 3.Q:g8 K:g8.4. Rd8+ Qe8, 5.R:e8#



Crazy 33







Crazy 31




Crazy 29














Crazy20 position



Crazy 19 position



Goldchess Crazy 17A
第20步将死, play black, 




Crazy16 - Diagram4 Test 1 - basic
If you solve this task, you have a predisposition to play chess and you can also play at Goldchess. If not, we recommend that you change the sport, for example on badminton, where you do not have to think, just move your hand.




Goldchess Crazy15 position



Crazy14 position



Goldchess Crazy11



Goldchess Crazy10



Goldchess Crazy 9
29步获胜, 玩黑, victory on move 29, play black (after opening position, click -Play-Play Black)




Goldchess Crfazy 8 - 2招



Goldchess Crazy7… victory on move 37-solve.



Chess Crazy b5 position



Immortal tournament - hit of the world. open 24 hours a Day. win high $ prize and title - stay Immortal Player! :)
Immortal 竞标赛,已风靡全球。一天24个小时。获取高奖和称号,成为不朽的棋手。

IMMortal -  *Prize pool US $7000, you play at once
IMMortal ——*奖池$7000,立即进入比赛。

Task1 - $3000 prize-nobody solved since July 3 - title Diamond Immortal Player
Task2 - $1000 prize-nobody solved since July 3 - title Gold Immortal Player
Task3.2 - $500 prize - the first solved. there is a new task – title Silver Immortal Player
Task4 - $500 prize - nobody solved since July 3 - title Silver Immortal Player
Task5 - $500 prize - nobody solved since July 3 - title Silver Immortal Player
Task6 - $500 prize - title Silver Immortal Player
Task7 - $500 prize - title Silver Immortal Player
Task8 - $500 prize - title Silver Immortal Player

Computer draws a problem (task). Entry fee $10
We send only one solution.


Fanfares !!!
There is the first winner! Łukasz Luba, Poland. He did the job 3. Look at how to play.
$ 500 prize and title Gold Immortal Player!
Great congratulations!



IMMortal - Stress less with Goldchess

Chess is a beautiful game, but chess tournaments mean strong emotions and… plenty of stress. Or rather they did until Goldchess was invented.

Our tournaments are stress-free. If you don’t win in your first attempt playing in accordance with the Organizer’s guidelines, don’t worry. You can try again starting from the initial position.If you don’t win within the time limit set for a given game, that’s not a problem, either. You can win next time.You haven’t won, that’s true. But you haven’t lost, either, and we will never let you experience a taste of defeat.We guarantee full psychological comfort.

Goldchess, anti-stress tournaments.

Join us!


Immortal-  前所未闻的 竞标赛 , 啟動6月3日23.00 北京时间


2020 百万富翁 (Millionaire) 锦标赛!$40 000奖金!
若参赛者超过2000, 组织者可以增加奖金。
来自《百万富翁 Millionaire条例》-报名费
2. 在百万富翁比赛中,参赛棋手可以选择三种报名费类型之一:
A型 - $50 (若棋手获胜,可获得奖金的100%)
B型 - $25 (棋手可获得奖金的50%)
C型 - $10 (棋手可获得奖金的30%)
前两名棋手赢得每个奖项。 第一专业棋手(排名2000 ELO等级分之上)和第一业余棋手(排名2000 ELO等级分之下)
Millionaire 2020 tournament! $ 40,000 prize pool!
For 2000 participants!
Registration list is open! Sign up today!
When 2000 participants sign up, a payment line will open. As soon as all participants pay the registration fee, we'll announce the date of the tournament.
If there are more participants, the organizer may increase the prize pool.
We invite you to participate!
Millionaire Regulations - Registration fee
2. In Millionaire players can choose between three types of registration fee at their own discretion:
Type A - $ 50, (if the player wins, he or she receives 100% of the prize)
Type B - $ 25, (receives 50% of the prize)
Type C - $ 10, (receives 30% of the prize)
The first two players win the prize. The first professional chess player (ranking position above 2000 ELO) and the first beginner (ranking position below 2000 ELO).
We play from Saturday to Sunday. Total playing time is 1 hour.
Round I (3 matches): date: ..., time: ... Time to solve: 1-9 minute, 2-9 minute, or 3-15 minute game.
Round II (2 matches): date ..., time ... Time to solve: 4-9 minute, or 5-15 minute game.
* The start time of 16:00 CET rounds can be changed to an optimal and convenient time for the players of the country where the majority of the participants come from.
In this case, the time zones of countries such as Russia, the United States, India and China, as well as Cuba and Latin America, are taken into account.


Millionaire Tournament! Online! Unlimited number of participants!
November 30th-December 1st, guaranteed, minimum prize pool (for a minimum of 100 participants) $4,000. (Game 1-$500, 2-$500, 3-$500, 4-$1000, 5-$1500) 
With less than 1000 participants, the Organizer can reduce the tournament to 3 games and 30 minutes. Prizes: game 1-$500, 2-$1000, 3-$2500.
The final announcement will be in the Preliminary Results, 15 minutes before the tournament.
For thousands of participants the guaranteed prize pool is $20,000. 
For 20,000 participants the guaranteed prize pool is $400,000!
We invite you to participate in as many as possible.
From Millionaire Rules - Entry fees 
2. In the Millionaire Tournament, players can choose at their discretion one of 3 types of entry fee:
Type A- $50, (if the player wins, he/she will receive 100% of the prize)
Type B- $25, (receive 50% of the prize)
Type C- $10, (receive 30% of the prize) 
Each prize is won by the first two. First professional (rating above 2000 Elo), and first amateur (rating up to 2000 Elo).
Beginning and end - Total playing time 1 hour.
I round (3 games) on November 30, 16:00-16:30 CET. Time to solve, game 1st-9 min., 2nd-9 min, 3rd-10 minutes.
Round 2 (2 games) on December 1, 16:00-16:30 CET. Time to solve, game 4th-14 minutes, 5th-15 minutes.
*The organizer reserves the right to change the times of starting particular rounds.
*The time for starting the rounds, that is 4:00 p.m. CET, can be changed to an optimal time for the participants from the state that has the biggest number of chess players listed in the Millionaire tournament. In this case, time zones of 4 countries are considered: Russia, USA, India and China.
Goldchess Millionaire Tournament - for the very first time!
*Chess Federations from the three countries represented by the largest numbers of players will receive bonuses in the following amounts:
1. $150 000
2. $100 000
3. $ 50 000
* Applies to a million participants. Valid for one million participants. With fewer participants the  bonuses for Federations at the discretion of Goldchess.


After the tournament, it turned out that task 2 was not so difficult. Łukasz Luba has sent as many as 5 solutions, including author's! See in -Winners-Millionaire- great show of the party 2, performed by Łukasz.  Learn from him. He showed how to play Goldchess. Great applause!


Millionaire –Description

The first day belongs to the chess players from Armenia. Nobody else has sent any solution. Strong players from India, Israel, Russia and the United States, Peru, Portugal, Poland, got completely lost and were left far behind. Still it is necessary to train. Coming unprepared does not guarantee a way to success.

Problem 1. The task were to win in 30 moves having sacrificed the queen. Nobody has provided a correct solution. A distinction goes to Alex Nurijanyan who sent in a solution that includes the sacrifice of the queen, but one move too late. Time: 11:37. Second solution is a fantastic game by the Armenia’s female champion Maria Gevorgyan, a checkmate in 38th move, forced in 8, sacrificing the queen. We will show the game at Winners, it is really worth seeing.

Problem 2 turned out to be the most difficult of today. The task was to checkmate in the 33rd move after capturing a queen. Nobody has solved it. We would like to give a distinction for the third solution to Alex Nurijanyan, who gave the Beniowski’s checkmate in the 32nd move, after sacrificing the queen, of course.

Problem 3. The task was to checkmate in the 37th move after sacrificing the queen. Only one solution on time, sent in by Maria Gevorgyan. Checkmate after sacrificing the queen. She did it with a rook, we did it with a knight, but here it was done 4 moves earlier! See, one can do it. And look at the time! One minute and one second. Second solution came after the time-out, after 17 minutes. Bravo! We have a new Goldchess star amongst the Armenian players. smiley

Millionaire, second day

Problem 4. Many solutions, but nobody has sent the required one. The second one we have received is a beautiful solution from Maria Gevorgyan, with the queen captured even one move before, and then the sacrifice, but… the same solution has been sent in by other two players, from Armenia and from Poland, that followed. Therefore we postpone the decision on the award for this game.

Problem 5. Only two players have sent in their solutions. The task was to checkmate in 39 moves having sacrificed the queen and having captured all the rival’s major pieces. The fourth solution shows a checkmate in the 40th move, that is one move too late. It has been sent in by Łukasz Luba from Poland and complies with the requirements. So he is the winner. If we had the minimum number of participants that we require and therefore full prize pool available, he would have received US$ 75,000 for this solution. However, because the turnout was far below one thousand, the awards will be symbolic, so to say. Everything is in the hands of the players. If the turnout is as required, that the prizes will be more satisfactory. Remember this during our next edition.

Generally speaking, the problems based on Timur Gareyev’s game were difficult for the participants of the tournament. None of them have been solved properly, although some players provided their own solutions that partially met the conditions (games 3 and 5) and we are pleased to award them. We also assigned some distinctions for the games 1, 2 and 4, so practically the participants will receive awards for all the games.

Thank you for participation and we invite you to take part in the following edition of the Millionaire tournament while, in the meantime, you may participate in our other tournaments. We would also like to remind you about the 26th of December. Immortal Goldchess game, shown as diagram 2, only for the Millionaire participants. Due to very low turnout we had to reduce the prize, but still it is worth giving a try, as it is available only for you.


Millionaire tournament! December 15-16, a total prize pool of $500 000! guaranteed for 20,000 participants.
For a thousand participants, the prize pool is $ 20,000. Below 1000, at the discretion of Goldchess.

From Millionaire Rules - Entry fees 
2. In the Millionaire Tournament, players can choose at their discretion one of 3 types of entry fee:
Type A- $50, (if the player wins, he/she will receive 100% of the prize)
Type B- $25, (receive 50% of the prize)
Type C- $10, (receive 30% of the prize) 
Each prize is won by the first two. First professional (rating above 2000 Elo), and first amateur (rating up to 2000 Elo).

Beginning and end - Total playing time 1 hour.

1st round on December 15th at  4:00 p.m. CET. 

Game 1 Gareyev vs Holt will start at 4:00 p.m. CET time to solve 10 minutes.          Prize: $ 25,000,
Game 2 Gareyev vs Erenburg will start at 4:15 p.m. CET time to solve 10 minutes. Prize: $ 50,000,
Game 3 Gareyev vs Erenburg will start at 4:30 p.m. time to solve 10 minutes.         Prize: $ 75,000,

2nd round on December 16th  at  4:00 p.m. CET.

Game 4 Gareyev vs Smith will start at 4:00 p.m. time to solve 15 minutes.        Prize: $ 100,000,
Game 5 Gareyev vs Ruifeng Li will start at 4:20 p.m. time to solve 15 minutes. Prize: $ 150,000

*The organizer reserves the right to change the times of starting particular rounds.
*The time for starting the rounds, that is 4:00 p.m. CET, can be changed to an optimal time for the participants from the state that has the biggest number of chess players listed in the Millionaire tournament. In this case, time zones of 4 countries are considered: Russia, USA, India and China.

Goldchess Millionaire Tournament - for the very first time!

*Chess Federations from the three countries represented by the largest numbers of players will receive bonuses in the following amounts:
1. $150 000
2. $100 000
3. $  50 000
* Applies to a million participants.

*The first player to submit the correct solution will win the main prize.
*The next 20 players will receive consolation prizes in a total amount equal to 10% of the main prize as a maximum.
*For each game we will reward also up to 20 solutions we favor(other than the authors’ ones and solutions that do not meet the relevant criteria) .
*Players who do not submit any solution will take part in a lottery with 10 prizes of $500 each!
*The player who is the 1,000,000th contender will receive a super bonus of $ 50,000
* Important for a million participants

Goldchess team


Notice - 通告
Due to the lack of the required minimum of participants we are transferring the entire $ 500,000 prize pool to the second edition, which will take place from 15-16 December.
Tournament conditions unchanged, with one exception: minimum number of participants 20,000. For this number of participants, the $ 500,000 prize pool is guaranteed.


Millionaire tournament I Edition April 20-22


第一轮4月20日,CET 16:00。
! - 第一輪和第二輪。 第一場比賽后,休息5分鐘

第1盘,开始时间CET 16:00,进行时间10分钟,奖金$25 000;
第2盘,开始时间CET 16:15,进行时间15分钟,奖金$50 000;

第二轮4月21日,CET 16:00。

第3盘,开始时间CET 16.00,进行时间15分钟,奖金$75 000;
第4盘,开始时间CET 16.20,进行时间15分钟,奖金$100 000;

第三轮4月22日,CET 16:00。

第5盘,决赛,开始时间CET 16:00,进行时间15分钟,奖金$150 000;



*如果参与者人数不1百万,Millionaire竞标赛将会分成两场比赛:主要的A竞标赛和辅助的B竞标赛。A竞标赛奖金高,并且,只有最先报名的100 000名参与者。凡是没进入A竞标赛者,都可以进入B竞标赛。报名费不变

(101)最先支付报名费的参与者,获得$ 200;
第333名报名者,获得 $ 250;
第777名报名者,获得 $ 300;
第1000名报名者,获得 $ 500。 


Goldchess Millionaire竞标赛 - 还没有过!



1. $150 000 // 100 000

2. $100 000 //  50 000

3. $50 000 //    25 000



1. $ 25 000:解答时间限于10分钟
2. $ 50 000:解答时间限于15分钟 
3. $ 75 000:解答时间限于15分钟 
4. $ 100 000:解答时间限于20分钟
5. $ 150 000:解答时间限于20分钟 



* 第一发来正确答案的棋手则赢。



* 不发来任何答案的棋手,我们将会抽出10个$500的奖项!

* 第一百万个参与者将获得汽车!


* 参与者可分3类:

1. 业余爱好者:无排名,或者排名2000Elo以下

2. 职业棋手:2001至2601Elo

3. 特级大师:2601Elo以上。

* 组织者可以根据自定标准,将每个上述类别的奖励分给3名优胜者。如果某一个类别无胜利者,奖金则有组织者安排。












Claudo Boscheti Challenge

The tournament commenced with a false start. The download of position 1 failed. We had to send it by e-mail to the players. Alex, distinguished in Goldchess games, sent in a victory in the 31st move, one move to late and a checkmate in the 33rdmove but without capturing a queen, not as required.
Solutions will be sent to the website>
Problem 1 – Łukasz Luba PL is the first, a victory in the 30th move, that’s all right, but without capturing the queen again. Next, Damian, there we go, v30 and the author’s solution! He is the winner of the task no. 1. Time: 10:16.
Problem 2 – Requirements: checkmate in the 33rd move after capturing a queen. Armenak is the first, checkmate in the 35th move. He is followed by Tigran, who captured the queen but was late by one move, checkmate in the 34thone, time: 13:49, eleven seconds before the timeout. How these players struggle! Next is Alex, way after the timeout and checkmate in the 36th move. Then comes Lukasz, with a checkmate in the 31st move, but without complying with the requirement of capturing the queen. The last one is Alex’s second solution, checkmate in 34 moves with the queen captured, one move too late, and exceeding the time limit by 16 minutes.
Problem 3. Only 2 solutions. Task: draw in the 34th move, forced in the 8th move, sacrificing the queen. Let’s see what we have? Armenak draws in the 32nd move without sacrifing the queen. Hayk is the second, timeout and not in line with the requirement: victory in the 30th move without capturing the queen.
Summary: It came out that all the tasks based on the Claudio Boschetti-Aesbach game that started from one position proved to be very difficult for the players. We got only one correct solution of the first problem – Damian is the winner!
Nobody sent in a correct solution of the second problem so there is no winner. We received only one solution of the third problem, which was incorrect, but there was a draw two moves in advance and although the condition of sacrificing the queen has not been met, we give a distinction and a prize to Armenak.
No fan of Claudio’s has taken part in the game. That’s a shame, they don’t even know what they have missed. Goldchess provides fantastic emotions and experiences.
Generally, the turnout was rather poor. Therefore we reduced the prize fund, as we had announced 2 days before the tournament.
We will place tasks 2 and 3 in diagrams where they can be solved. The players who solve them shall receive licenses for the Millionaire tournament, US$25 for a checkmate and US$ 50 for a draw. In case there are more solutions, we will draw prizes among the 10 players that first send in the correct ones.
We invite you to take part in the Millionaire tournament and in the Genius Test on 26 December with the US$ 1,000. The game is free.
task1 – Damian solution



Non Mix13 tournament is finished.
Five beautiful tasks ending in checkmates. Seventh game of the Carlsen-Caruna match in Goldchess version. Goldchess… means to find another variant. The tournament was dominated by two chess players from Armenia: Hayk Yeritsyan and Alex Nurijanyan. The total turnout included 157 players but the rest was not able to cope. Maybe because the majority played for the first time. It takes some time to learn Goldchess. It’s not like that: I am good at chess so I will just come here and win. Many of the players have experienced today that it is not the case with Goldchess. We will show all the winning solutions under <Winners-Non Stop>.

Just a few words of explanations for the newcomers. We award not-author’s solutions up to the half of the announced prize, because the author’s solutions are not prepared by strong computers, whereas all the other solutions may be a product of a stronger software and we do not give awards to chess engines at all. From that perspective, we are very careful about non-author’s solutions and we award them with smaller prizes.

Tournament description:

First game. We start from the original position of the 7thCarlsen-Caruna game after 9 moves. Nobody has sent in the correct solution. Hayk had checkmate in 22 moves, one move too late. Alex won in 21st move but after the time limit have expired. We will show both games at Winners.

Second game. No author’s solution. Hayk was first with a checkmate in 24th move,7 seconds ahead of the time limit. Alex was the second, one move less and a better solution, but way over the time limit, it took him 14 minutes. Time out. Only US$ 40 is awarded because it could have been done better.

Third game. 27 moves required. Hayk is the first and the only one to checkmate in the 27th move. Non-author’s solution again. Half of the prize is awarded: US$ 60.

Fourth game. Non- author’s solution. Alex first, Hayk second, 27 moves, two moves ahead of us. Both players have sent in an identical solution. Alex is the winner, but wins only US$40 prize.

Fifth game. The easiest one, with both Armenian players sending in the exact author’s solution. No objections here – we pay the prize in full. First is Hayk, ready in 2 minutes (what a speed!), second is Alex, done in 4:49 minutes. Because both have sent in the author’s solution, the US$75 prize will be split in the following way: US$ 50 for the winner and US$25 for Alex.

Summary: the Armenian players knocked out all the other participants, that included chess players from Switzerland, Italy, India, Poland, etc. First game will be shown in diagram on Sunday, that is tomorrow. We invite everybody to take part in theClaudio Boschetti Challenge to be held on 1st December, with only three tasks and US$2,000 prize pool (to be distributed in the following way: 500-500-1000).



Non Stop B5 and 6, only 6 moves, no one has solved.


Now - Non Stop

*Non Stop Tournament A, on Saturday, a prize pool of $10 000, entry fee $11, condition: 1000 participants - Play now

*Non Stop Tournament B, on Thursday, free entries, a prize pool of $250, from July 5



Non44, 5 tasks, a prize pool of $10 000

Free entries
We also accept applications for free participation in the Non tournament, by e-mail, with the note -free Non- in the subject of the e-mail. The tournament will take place as there will be a minimum of 1000 entries. Willing persons will receive by e-mail free- promo codes-, entitling them to play in the tournament.


更改公式, 見規則Non


We would like to ask all the participants of the Non tournament to familiarize themselves with the amendments to the tournament rules and regulations, especially those in item 3 thereof.

Non 43

Today’s tournament will take only 8 minutes. First problems requires only 4 moves. So the participants will have as much as 2.5 minutes. On previous occasions the players used to send in the solutions in less than 1 minute. The prize is US$150. 
Problem 2. The same game ad position, we are looking for a checkmate in 28th  move with the queen captured. US$ 250 to win. Not too difficult problems, both of them. How can the participants manage to solve them today? Let's have a look.

Problem 1. Ladies and Gentlemen this is the first time we have to write that: 1:0 for Goldchess. Nobody has sent a solution in 4 moves. Nobody, not one person. That's amazing. Only 4 moves have stopped all the players.

Problem 2.

Checkmate in 28 moves with the queen captured. Frist solution by Armenak, a very fast one, one minute three seconds. But it’s victory in 25 moves. Second solution by Lukasz Luba, victory in 28th move and black queen is still swaggering on the chessboard. There is a third one, Armenak’s checkmate in 27 moves, one move ahead of us, but black queen has been saved. Forth one by LL, but after the timeout. 5 minutes and 8 seconds, a win in 26 moves but still without capturing the queen.

43rd edition was a black Thursday for the players. Nobody has sent in a solution of the Problem 1. As for the Problem 2 none of the players has got even close to the correct solution. Shall we have an extra game on Sunday? We will keep you informed.

It was nice and sad at the same time to hear that nobody has solved the problems and everybody has failed. 
The 44th edition to be held next Thursday, November 9.
Feel invited,


Problem 1
First and second solution, victory in 18 moves, without capturing the queen though. Third solution by Paweł Weichold, v18 with the queen captured, so he is the winner.
Problem 2
Is there any author’s solution? First one: checkmate in 25 moves, forced in 7, a masterpiece by IM Paweł Weichhold.
Second solution by GM Gianni, checkmate in 29 moves, forced in 9, not the author’s solution, either.
Third solution by Alex from Armenia, checkmate in 24th move, forced in 5.
Another one, Krystian Jacek, checkmate in 25th move, forced in 7.
Without getting the author’s solution we have to choose one of the above based on the quality of the game played. Who is the chosen one? We will announce it in… Winners.
Thanks to all of you for the participation. Feel invited for the next Thursday.


Non 41 - Thursday, change of time to 17.00 p.m. CET, 23.00 北京时间

We would like to welcome young but strong players from Armenia and Poland.

Problem 1

Checkmate in 30th move, forced in 5 movements. We did not included it as a requirement because either we receive an author’s solution or we don’t

Let’s have a look. First solution sent in by Armenak. Victory in 27th move, not what we expected. Second is Paweł Weichhold, checkmate in 30 moves, forced in 6, a nice one. The third solution is sent in by Lukasz Luba, victory in 24 moves, very fast from the provided position, then Paweł Weichhold again, other checkmate in 30th move, also forced in 6. Yes, one of the Paweł’s solutions is the winning one, because others are sent in after the time-out.

Problem 2

Armenak is the first, victory in 31 moves, one move ahead of us, a formidable game, a genius level. Second solution sent in by Paweł Weichhold, also v31, a very nice victory, third solution also by PW, victory in 30th move, even faster. Another one by Armenak, but checkmate in 34th move, and time-out. Nobody sent in the author’s solution. This day belongs to two players.

Congratulations and see you next Thursday.


Problem 1
Checkmate in 38, meticulous game of whites. US$ 250 to win. A lot of solutions, first by Armenak checkmate in 37th move, second by Paweł Weichhold checkmate in 37th move with the queen captured, third by Armenak again, checkmate in 36th move with capturing of the queen and this solution in awarded. Among the others we want to give a distinction to GM Gianni for a checkmate in 32 moves. The prize for non-author’s solution we split in US$75/$50.
Problem 2
For the third time in Non. We added another move to the position. And no solution has been sent in.
We will have an extra game on Sunday, 10.00 a.m. CET
Congratulations for the winners



In both problems the participants have to make 10 moves.

Problem 1. This one is easy, therefore the time limit is only 5 minutes, or to tell the truth it is as much as 5 minutes, which is a lot. US$ 150 to win. No author’s solution. First solution from IM Paweł Weichhold. Timing: 3.30 minutes. Checkmate in 28 moves, forced in 5. Two checks missing. Armenak is the second, checkmate in 27th move, forced in 2 (?). We still wait for the author’s solution. There is none. And, there is no checkmate with a bishop. So  only distinction for IM Paweł Weichhold.

Problem 2. The prize amounts to US$ 250. A Petrosian’s game form the previous edition. We added two moves to the former positon. Only the author’s position may win. Is there one or not? Let’s see. 17:15 and we get a solution. Krystian Jacek, the winner of the previous edition of this problem is first again. He sent in a checkmate in 33th move – f5. But we were waiting for a victory in 34 moves. Next one is Alex Nurijanyan with a checkmate in 37 moves, forced in 6th. Both solutions are very good-looking but missing the point. The victory in 34th seems to be a difficult task. A little distinction for Krystian for his checkmate faster by one move than the victory that we were waiting for. US$ 50 goes to him.

And that’s all. See you next Thursday.


3. 凭免费证书的,旋转木马试用期参与,获奖者可高达$50。

Positions from another game of Kasparov – Petrosian
Problem 1. Checkmate in 36th move capturing the queen or checkmate in 37th move sacrificing the queen. US$ 150 prize.
Remember that the sacrifice may be accepted or not.
One solution by Armenak, with the queen captured, but after the deadline. Timing: 10:08. A symbolic prize of US$ 50.
Problem 2, v34. More difficult, the prize is US$250. From the position after 21 moves there are many possible victories in 34 moves. Therefore we presented the first move of the solution which eliminates all the easier variants. So there is no other way to win than by finding out the author’s solution. No solution at 17:21 yet. Still waiting. There is one! Krystian Jacek, time: 08:23, so he did it. Not the author’s solution, but a nice one.

Congratulations for both winning players.




Today's problems are nice, fast and easy. Both use basic position from Kasparov's games.


Problem 1


For the fifth time in Non. We have added two more moves to the position today.


We finally get the author's solution! First to send in the author's solution is Krystian Jacek. Bravo!


Problem 2. Position from a game with Petrosian. Victory in 37th move.


Petrosian seems difficult. 17:13 and we still don't get any solution. There is one! Armeniak, v36 so he is the winner here.


Feel invited to play with us next Thursday.



Problem 1 – For the fourth time in the Non tournament we want somebody to discover and send in the author’s solution. First position was after 13 moves, today we have the position after 20 moves. Let’s check out. No author’s solution. We will add more movements and present this problem for the fifth time in the next edition of the tournament. The first and the last solution was sent in by Armenak. The last one is the winning solution: a checkmate with a queen captured (we also had done it the same way during the test). This is the best one among the non-author’s solutions.
Problem 2 – Checkmate in 39th move, after sacrificing and capturing a queen. This was a test for the brilliance of the participants. What have we got there? 
No author’s solution whatsoever. However, there are many interesting and nice looking solutions that are worth mentioning. Checkmate in 34th move, a forced one, by Alex Nurijanyan, or the fastest one, checkmate in 32 moves by GM Gianni and Krystian Jacek. Krystian was just one step from the prize if only he had played his variant better. While testing his game, as we show it – we achieved a checkmate in 33rd move, but in a reverse order, by first capturing and then sacrificing the queen. In such a situation the winning solution is the checkmate in 37 moves, also in reverse order, first capture and then sacrifice, by Paweł Weichhold. 
Congratulations to both winners.
As usual we invite you to play with us next Thursday. Remember that one hour before the tournament our wheel of fortune gives the opportunity to win 10 licenses, so 10 players may participate in the tournament for free.


Non35-Blitz (September 9th) - All licenses and promo codes of Thursday, valid.
Super easy problems, therefore prizes only up to US$ 150.
Positions form the game played by the 15-years-old Amelia Leonova from Belarus and Łukasz Luba from Poland during this year’s Akiba Rubinstein Tournament in Polanica, Poland, sent for the Beauty Contest in August and awarded with a prize. It comes out, however, that the games could have been played in a completely different way…

Problem 1. Position from the Łukasz’s game. Here we play the blacks (upon opening the position in CEEC, click  Play – Play Black). Blacks played in this position R:g2+ followed by Bh3+, which is brilliant but does not lead to the fastest ending.
The task is to win in the 30th move. Some may happen to win in 28 moves, but we do not give credit for such a solution because it would be dual CEEC in checkmate variant.
Who has solved it already? Let’s see…
The creator of the first game takes part in today’s tournament. Łukasz Luba was the first to send in his solution. Unfortunately it's not the one we were waiting for. Nest two solutions do not meet the requirements, either. Only the fourth one is like the author's solution. Krystian Jacek is the winner. Congratulations!

Problem 2. Position from the Amelia’s game. The original game ends up after 31 moves. We at Goldchess get from this position a checkmate in 28 moves. But the task in Non35 is- to win in 26 moves.
Let’s take a look: first solution - Łukasz Luba again. Not meeting the requirements. I have to tell this: Four players sent in the same solutions. But it's not the author's solution. No winner this time. The reason is very simple. Non-author's variants provide for the victory in 25th move. Armenak sent in such a solution, but after the deadline. So he gets only a distinction for this problem with a symbolic prize. We show the author's solution and invite you to the 36th edition of the Tournament next Thursday.



Problem 1 – It was in Non29 before, now we try it the second time. We have shown the 30th move. We got only two solutions, both not identical with the author’s solution. Only the first one meets the 40 moves requirement. The winner is Armenak Yeghiazaryan, with the time of 2.55.

Problem 2 – For the fourth time in Non :). Players keep finding other solutions, faster than the author’s one. We have added one move. Who is going to match the author’s solution now? We review the solutions that have been sent in. No author’s solution among them. First and the best is a sprinter solution by Łukasz Łuba, checkmate in 27 moves, time 2:48. Distinctions earned by Armenak with m29 and GM Gianni with m30.
Congratulations for the winners and of course they get their Golchess ranking points.


Problem 1
Only one correct solution - identical with the author's one. IM Pawel Weichhold, time: 4.35, first place, full prize of US$250. Congratulations!
Problem 2
For the third time in Non we added and showed 6 moves towards the solution. First position was after 13 moves, currently after 18 moves. First Armenak, checkmate in 30 moves, afterwards a series of checkmates by Alex, 36 and 39. No author's solution. So we award the best solution that has been sent in. This is the last solution, checkmate in 28 moves by GM Gianni, time 9.38. Congratulations.
See you next Thursday
PS. Of course, both players also receive additional points and prizes in Goldchess ranking.


Non32, 17-08
task 1 – Winner Alex Nurijanyan, Armenia
task 2 – winners Krystian Jacek PL, Armenak Yeghiazaryan Armenia
we invite for next week


Non31 - Armenak day
Problem 1 –m48, piece of cake. It was the same as v41 in Gold 0, just change 1 move and checkmate. This is really a task for a fast and well-oriented player who sends in his or her solution first, because anybody can solve it. The winner is Armenak Yeghiazaryan who shortened the author’s version by 3 moves! And the time: 1 minute 21 seconds! Bravo! The second place for Łukasz Luba. The same solution, time – 2:30. We split the prize: US$100 for Armenak, US$ 50 for Łukasz Luba
Problem 2 is a different story. Difficult. Anybody manages to solve it? Let’s see. Armenak first again. 7 moves ahead of the author! Time – 1:54. We have given an early position, after 13 moves. Too early. So Armenak found another, faster variant. Let’s wait and see if somebody sends in the author’s version.
Armenak is the winner for both problems. That’s his day! No author’s solution sent. But there is a distinction. For Krystian Jacek and his m29, beautiful and reckless game played with a great style. I have to be objective, though. Both solutions are not like the author’s version, so two prizes of US$ 100 for each. Congratulations for the winners. Kasparov is really inspiring! As for the problem 2 – we will change the position and come back with it in next edition.
Feel invited.
PS. Of course, both players also receive additional points and prizes in Goldchess ranking.



Today is a day for Great Chess. Both problems use positions from Kasparov’s games, namely games number 61 and number 223 from the Kasparov’s games collection.
Problem 1 – Checkmate with a pawn. Sorry the position for Problem 1 was given incorrectly. We will repeat this problem during playoff on Sunday 10:00 CET. The licenses you bought to play in the tournament will remain valid.

Problem 2 – Checkmate possible in 29th move. The prize will be US$ 50, as the task is simple and easy. For the checkmate in 34th move, forced checkmate in 7 moves, or a beautiful game we have the prize of US$ 300 because it is worth discovering a game that reflects both styles: the Kasparov’s concert style and the Korchnoi’s glutton style. In the shown position Kasparov moved 21.Sg5, probably instinctively and without a well-designed plan… and he lost. So at Goldchess, if you want to win you have to play in a different way.

Let’s see the solutions. Only one so far. Checkmate in 32, that’s not what we meant. Another one, checkmate in 35, forced in 6, not what was required. The rest of players – time out: the third one: checkmate in 33 and forth solution: checkmate in 30. A modest distinction for the solution number 2, checkmate in 35, forced in 6 authored by Alex Nurijanyan. Nobody has discovered the Korchnoi’s style.

Feel invited on Sunday to solve the Problem no. 1.


Non 29 – the Kasparov show 

In the Non Stop Tournament, we continued solving problems starting from positions from Kasparov’s games.

Problem 1: Kasparov vs. Anikaev. A checkmate in 40 moves.

Today we continued after a break. Probably the time was unsuitable, as there were very few participants, and nobody sent in a correct solution. And the brilliant players were missing. :)

Dear Players. Problem 2 was a beautiful game. We could admire CEEC, as our little educational computer managed to play exactly in Korchnoi’s style. But Kasparov played in… Kasparov’s style. And the result was 1:0. :)

Here, however, no solutions were submitted at all. The players did not manage to handle Korchnoi’s style. :)

Join us on Thursday. We will be back with the Tournament starting  at 5:00 p.m. CET.


Non28 – 

A Kasparov show, as announced. Position from world master's game. Just keep the style and win. We start from the same position in both problems.
Problem 1 - it is easy to win while keeping the queens, therefore our Problem provides for the exchange of queens. 10 solutions but none of them complying with the requirement. Everybody preferred to keep their queens. So we distinguish the nicest solution, by GM Gianni.

Problem 2. Checkmate with a pawn, Goldchess classic. Here the response is a modest one. Only two solutions received. We distinguisch the faster one. Checkmate 33. Armenian Yeghiazaryan

Poland – Armenia 1:1 :)
The next Non 29 tournament on 27 or 29 of July. Holidays. :)
See you when we come back.


hi, on Thursday, 13th, in Non tournament- positions of the tasks from Kasparov games.   :) 
we invite all Kasparov fans   :) of this chess player
Goldchess team


Non 27 报告
棋题 1
获胜者:Armenak Yeghiazaryan(亚美尼亚),完美原创答案,时间:1.52。 
第二名:Paweł Weichhold,相差两分钟。两位都激动地王后将死到h8,但将死已经在前一步:h7。
1. Sargis Manukyan
2. Łukasz Luba
3. Armenak, 13.31 timeout


Non26. Description

Problem 1. Only five moves to luck!
There is a lucky guy! Paweł Weichhold. Not author's solution, but a nice one. Second one, GM Gianni, only two seconds behind!
The same solution, only one-last move is different. Therefore Paweł is the winner, GM gets a distinction and a consolation prize of US$ 50. Congratulations!

Problem 2: We play until we get a proper solution. Today we continue with the problem that has not been solved during previous editions. Position after 16 moves and then after 22 moves.
Now we add 4 more moves and the players have the position after 26 moves. Piece of cake. And by the way, why all the players insisted on playing 25.Nd4 and not 25.f5 and 26Nf4 as in the position that is currently presented? Not even one player from the brilliant participants of Non25 has not discovered this variant? Very obvious, in our opinion. All right, let’s look for a correct solution.

 Alex Nurijanyan is the first. 4 minutes 27 seconds. An interesting solution but not meeting the requirements. You were to win and sacrifice a queen. Who else will send in his or her solution? Nobody? Then Alex gets a distinction and a consolation prize of US$ 50.

Congratulations and let’s meet on Thursday. New tasks, news challenges.


Today all the players have failed to meet the challenge. 
Nobody has sent in a correct solution for Problem no. 1, from the position after 16 moves. Nobody has managed to solve the Problem no. 2 after 22 moves, either. For Problem no. 2 five chess players have sent the same solution, but no solution has complied with the set requirements. Therefore nobody has won the prize. There is one exception, though. Sargis Manukyan gets a distinction for his solution of the Problem no. 1.
We invite you to participate in the tournament next week.


Surprise in Non25:

In this edition we teach and show how to play in Goldchess. The task is to checkmate in 35th move after winning and sacrificing the queen. The positions comes from a game played by Indian chess players Shete vs. Bajerani during the World Junior Chess Championship in 2014. Original position after 10 moves. In Goldchess problem no. 1 we show the position after 16 moves. We have shown 6 moves leading to the solution, to make it easier. US$ 250 prize to win.

If nobody solves the problem properly, there will be an opportunity to continue the same as Problem no. 2. We have added 6 more moves so the position will be after 22 moves. Here you can almost see the solution. The prize comes down to US$ 150.

If any of the participants solves the Problem no. 1, the prize for solving Problem no. 2 shall be decreased to a symbolic amount of US$ 50, available of course to any participant except the winner of the Problem no. 1

Feel invited.

Non24 - description
Problems to be solved required average capabilities of amateur players.
Problem 1: Witty elimination of defenders with a bishop. Only one requisite to be met: winning a queen. But in this variant the Blacks offer it as a gift.
One correct solution by Alex Nurijanyan so he is the winner. Full prize in the amount of US$ 150.
Problem 2: After several simple and logic moves a checkmate grid can be created which allows to checkmate the black king with three different pieces! In this case only GM Jasto have achieved the position that makes it possible. However, due to some inaccuracies in the Grand Master’s variant we cannot regard it as the author’s solution, therefore the prize is US$ 150.


Non23 description:


Problem no. 1 - First and correct solution, checkmate with a knight. Time: 2.41. GM Gianni, full prize.

Problem no. 2 - No author's solution. Only the sixth solution complied with requisites: checkmate in 30th move winning a queen. Krysitan Jacek is the winner. Checkmate in 29 moves sent in by two players deserve distinction: GM Jasto and Łukasz Luba.

That's all, folks. See you next Thursday.



Non22-play off
Play-off always takes 3 days, from Sunday till Wednesday. We invite


This was the easiest way to win US$ 500 in the whole history of Non tournament. The US$ 500 prize for the solution of two problems combined: victory in 25
th move and checkmate in 25thmove, both with sacrificing a rook and winning a queen. Nobody has sent in 2 solutions, nobody has sent even one correct solution. Therefore we announce a play-off on Sunday at 10.00 a.m. CET. The award will be only US$ 150 for both solutions together. Why only US$ 150? Because now the participants have 3 days for solving. The first one to send in both solutions shall be the winner.



Non21 Report
Today we continue with the unsolved problem from the previous edition. This time we have extended it into 2 problems: First: from the same position victory in 25 moves; Second: checkmate in 25 moves. Both problems have the same condition: you have to sacrifice a rook and win a queen.

One task – US$ 150 prize. But…Attention! For the solution of both problems sent in by a one player the prize will increase up to US$ 400!

The problems are witty and ingenious, and they differ by the first move.
Let’s have a look what has been sent.
No one sent two solutions. Nobody did the author's solution. Nobody sacrificed the rook.
Winners- GM Jasto-victory, Lukasz Luba-mate.

Congratulations, we invite on next Thursday


"Ranks and titles lose their power at Goldchess. All are equal and have equal chances"

Stress less with Goldchess

Chess is a beautiful game, but chess tournaments mean strong emotions and… plenty of stress. Or rather they did until Goldchess was invented.

Our tournaments are stress-free. If you don’t win in your first attempt playing in accordance with the Organizer’s guidelines, don’t worry. You can try again starting from the initial position.If you don’t win within the time limit set for a given game, that’s not a problem, either. You can win next time.You haven’t won, that’s true. But you haven’t lost, either, and we will never let you experience a taste of defeat.We guarantee full psychological comfort.

Goldchess, anti-stress tournaments.

Join us!


Non 20
First one to buy a license was a U.S. player. Receives a bonus: free license for Non21. Welcome among the participants of the Non tournament and we wish you good luck. And to all the others, too, of course. :)
Today the we have a very international group. The core is made of Polish, Armenian, Chinese, American, Russian and French players. Quite a lot of “peepers” form other countries, but still not decided to play.
Today we have 2 problems to solve and a lot of fun.
Problem no. 1
Very easy. Simple position, endgame, checkmate with a pawn. We have given as much as 9 minutes, who’s first?
We have the first one to finish. It’s Łukasz Luba, best time but incorrect solution, v33. We are waiting for another one to finish. GM Jasto! Sending in the exact author’s solution, as required. A checkmate with a pawn, after beating all the black pieces. Let’s see. Time 1.57. Third is Alex Nurijanyan, a chess player from Armenia. The solution is correct, time 3.06.
GM Jasto is the winner. Congratulations!
Problem no.2
Less time, but still much too much. :)
Only 8 moves to make, but in this variant you have to sacrifice a rook and beat a queen.
Unbelievable! Only one solution within a given timeframe! Polish IM Paweł Weichold. Not an author’s solution, a rook has been sacrificed but the sacrifice has not been accepted. Nevertheless, it has been done, so that is OK, but the queen has not been beaten! Anyway, we shall award a prize for that effort and congratulate the master! :)
And that’s all for now.
Feel invited to Non21 tournament next week.



Rapid tournament. 2 problems to be solved starting from the same position. Time for solving: 4 minuts and 5 minutes respectively. First: victory in 23rd move. Remember that CEEC, our chessplaying computer has to display: resign.

Second: victory in 25th move, taking a queen.

Problem 1: We have the first solution. Polish Grandmaster Gianni. It's not like author's solution but accomplished in 23 moves. Time: 2.25!

Second solution - more than 9 minutes. Timeout.

For Problem 2 we have three solutions. First V23 with the queen taken. GM Gianni. The sceond one - checkmate in 24th move - that's missing the point. Another one also checkmate in 24th move. There is nothing more.

Mayby it was too fast? We will give more time for solutions during the next Edition.

Feel invited to participate in Non20. May 18, 17:00 hrs CET.


Non18 tournament postponed. $ 3500 prize pool. We will inform.


Non17 Relation
Three indisputable winners, although nobody submitting exact author’s solution. Therefore we will be presenting all the three author’s solutions.
Problem no. 1. Here the prize worth US$150 could have been won easily. The author’s solution consists in sacrificing the queen, but we did not impose it as a requisite because than the solution would have been a piece of cake. Nevertheless, nobody came up with the idea! The winning solution is that submitted by Paweł Weichhold, victory in the 38th move, without sacrificing the queen, so it was faster.
Problem no. 2. The most difficult of the whole set. But the players manager to solve it. The winner is GM Gianni, 4 moves faster.
Problem no. 4.
In the last moment we added the Problem no. 4 that has not been solved during Non16, checkmate in the 30th move. After the first move the solution is clearly visible, so the first move is the key. Who will find out? Position after 20 moves. Let’s wait and see.
Unfortunately nobody did. But this one is simple and efficient. Mate in the 28th move leads to a victory. The winner is GM Jasto.
Congratulations to all the winners. Have a look at the author’s solutions as well.
There will be no play-off today. Join us next Thursday during the American Week starting on 23:00 hrs. CET with the prize pool of US$ 3,500


Non 16 Play Off
In Task 4 nobody showed the author's solution in which m30 is possible; neither has anybody submitted another m30, hence, no winner. In Task 1 no author's solution either, however here Manukyan's solution gets a distinction due to a conceptually interesting attack and ... one move earlier. In Task 4 we also give distinction for move 27. Ne7, same author, Sargis Manukyan. 
We invite everyone to the second Non edition based on the same game.


Non 16 Report
A little introduction. Goldchess is also about a correct showing of the position, meaning, that a moment needs to be selected when the solution variation is not immediately apparent, starting with a difficult and unusual move. But here there is also a trap, as then there are many moves and players discover other lines, also unusual and as it happened today in Task 1, as many as 5 moves earlier than the author a solution was delivered. There are 2 such solutions; winning GM Gianni, first time, and distinction for Krystian Jacek. 
Task 4.
Similar to Task 1, no author's solution was found, players had too much of a choice for selecting the variations. M29 by Sargis Manukyan is a clear winner, involving a queen sacrifice. Distinction goes to GM Gianni for m28. Hence, there will be a Play Off of both games, obviously, upon having added a few moves of the author's solution. We want someone to discover those variations. 
Play Off,
Sunday 10.00 CET
Everybody is invited!


Non 15 Report

Task 1.

First solution by Lukasz Luba, m20. Unfortunately, the topic unfulfilled, instruction was to find v17, morever, from this position on there is m18! Second solution in order by GM Gianni, time 2.33, exactly author's solution, and it wins! congrats to the Polish GM! No more search.


Task 4.Here involving a queen sac, Tal's trick, did someone make it to solve? If not, play off is waiting. 

Let's check. So far I only see 2 solutions. First time, Armenak 2.15., m22, but without queen sac. Second, 4.11, Lukasz Luba, m27, but also without queen sac. Let's keep waiting. Here the time for solution is 8 minutes. Twice as long as in the first one. We remind, that the task's instruction was, m25, with a queen sac. Without sac we have in Goldchess in this task m21. Two extra solutions came in, after time, 8.44, Pawel Weichold, let's see. Unfortunately, the same solution as Lukasz Luba, time 13.20, unfortunately v21. 


Feel invited!


Goldchess Team


Non14-1, 加时赛

1. Lukasz Luba
2. Sargis Manukyan
見 -Winners


Non Stop14-Fun
第2棋题,最好的时间:1.27,Krystian Jacek,宾果!原创答案,冠军!
咱们下周见 :)



Play off就是3天的时间。周日到周三。Non stop 13 竞标赛的 play off,还是没有人发来原创的答案。但是看来,各位棋手们慢慢的开始了解,Goldchess是怎么一回事。第1题,我们奖励Armenak Yeghiazaryan的解决方案。虽然它并未不符合条件,但22步骤的牺牲两个车子的将死,比我们的还快三步棋。因此,我们展示原创的答案。
第5题,有同一位棋手的两盘棋使我们特别喜欢,也想要奖励他。我们再一次提醒:第5题的内容,就是还牺牲4个棋子的31步棋f4子将死。发来的第一盘棋,完全未符合其条件:33步棋将死,不是通过子实现的,且还牺牲5个棋子!第二个,31步棋将死,g4子,是旁边的,但又没牺牲任何棋子。当然,这位棋手有些勉强延长这一盘棋(我们测试中,这种情况下29步棋就将死了),但其目标就是通过子实现将死,不得不承认,有些合理。事实证明,在同一当中满足这几个要求确实不容易,不过我们还是奖励:来自亚美尼亚的Sargis Manukyan!



Non Stop 13 – Report – There will be Play off!!
13th edition stopped the players! And we warned! Even though the authors of Goldchess are not infallilble, this time though their predictions did come true. All the immortal games defended themselves. Nobody solved any of the 5 problems. That doesn't mean there will be no prizes though. Poor ones, but still.
From the 14th edition on there will be a new Goldchess formula introduced. Fun-easy games. Lesser prize funds, but easier problems. For the players to start winning regularly.
Task 1. m22 involving winning the queen on c4. We agree, tough one, 7-8 on a scale to 10. Solution we may otherwise award, this time no award, as another player sent a dual solution. They think the same, or they have the same computer program helping?
Task 2. Checkmate on c4, nobody sent any mate. No prize.
Task 3. Checkmate involving queen sacrifice. Distinction as well as awarded. Pawel Weichhold involing sac-ing the queen. And 6 moves faster than us. $200. 
Task 4. Checkmate involving sacrificing and winning the queen. Nobody fulfilled conditions. But there is one which we would like to award, Lukasz Luba, reverse order, first winning and then sacrificing. Checkmate not on 29 but on 31. But a gem. Best solution of this edition. $250. Congratulations!
Task 5. m31 with f4 pawn, with sacrificing of 4 pieces. Transcendental problem. Just as we wrote, chessplyaers won't solve this until in 600 years. Without a prize.
General thing. Players submitted a ton of the so-called “doubles”, same solutions with different move orders, which may suggest that strong computer programs assissted the players. And those “assissted” solutions are not awarded. But as we say from the start, strong comps don't help anybody. That's because Goldchess problems are not susceptible to them. :) The program may deliver some solution, but not involving the conditions.
Thanks Everyone for numerous participation. The $5000 prize fund was a great magnet. And the participation in our great tournament. 
We invite You All to next edition, and the Play Off! On Sunday!


Non Stop 12 – Report 
Solutions of problems that were downloaded after the time of the given round has passed will not be considered!
Due to technical reasons, this edition set off with a 1 minute delay, for which we apologize.
Task 1. Time 3 minutes, but only 5 moves to make. The first solution was IM Pawel Weichhold's, exactly that of the author. One problem though, the time allowed was crossed. However, due to the little mess with the time at the beginning of the round, which should not let the player not make the time limit, we will find some space to award this solution. Another solution, downloaded during the time of the 2nd round, and not author's, will not be awarded. Rest of the solutions made in more than 17 minutes. 
Task 2. No author's solutions, no conditions fulfilled by any of the submitted solutions. Best was Krystian Jacek with m32, forced with a bishop in 7 moves, and Alex Nurijanyan, m32 forced in 7 moves. 2 x $100.
Task 3. v39.f6, no winner. Nobody played 24.Qf4 like the author, with a queen sacrifice. In Tasks 3 and 4 we purposefully didn't reveal the extra condition, queen sacrifice, as the problems would be too easy then (sacrifice already on move 2!), and to finish in 1 minute. Too bad nobody has conceived of that. In Task 3 I can understand, but Task 4 is Tal's corner, and it's clear that fireworks are to be expected. Krystian Jacek was close, but he missed it too. Two distinctions, GM Gianni, v31 and GM Jasto, v35 forced in 8 last moves. 2 x $100.
Task 4. Tal's corner, we know it. We have a beautiful queen sacrifice, but no solution features it! And no conditions fulfilled. 2 distinctions for Pawel Weichhold, 1st, and Krystian Jacek, 4th, for solutions closest to Tal's style. Here also Krystian missed a queen sac on the 2nd move. 2 x $100.
Task 5. No solutions submitted in the allowed time fulfils the condition of queen sacrifice, except for the 3rd, by Alex Nurijanyan, m35. This solution would win among the non-author's solutions, if he had submitted m34 winning a queen, which actually was possible, as we have found it. Another distinction, v36 GM Jasto almost winning the queen. 
Russian week, but players from Russia were few and unsuccessful. No player submitted a solution, not even in the allowed time. Altogether, a weak and perhaps the worst edition from the side of the players', solutions without conditions fulfilled, hence very tough to evaluate from the awarding standpoint. Hence, not many prizes. Under a big questions mark is now the next week's edition Non Stop 13, with prize pool of $5.000, but much harder problems than this edition. Here there were problems like thunder, but only a little rain came. Under the Winners tab, we show all (except for 1st) author's solution of this edition. This was supposed to be a brilliant edition, based on games of Karpov and Kramnik, games at their level. Well, too bad.
Thanks Everyone for participation! 



俄罗斯周——Karpov Day,3月25日,奖池 $3000。
Goldchess俄罗斯周,Non Stop竞标赛有两盘Karpov的比赛:2006年 Karpov-Akopian 和2016的Karpov-Edouard,两者都是白色失败。但是,在Goldchess,Karpov是不会输的。两盘都是白色胜利。这就是给棋手们的任务。赢得Karpov的位置。
我们揭开一下神秘面纱吧。第1盘,最适合迅速下棋的高手们。仅有5个步骤,时间限于3分钟。第4盘,适合国际象棋大师,因为在这里需要变成Tal。第5题,是真正男子汉的象棋。在这里,赢得要坚决果断。这一盘,奖金 $1000,还有国际象棋的泰坦(Titan of Chess)之称。 
这一届竞标赛,来自俄罗斯的棋手们有50个免费许可证。许可证由“64”编辑部发(请通过goldchess2017@yandex.ru邮箱地址申请)。第12届Non Stop,就是专门针对来自俄罗斯棋手们的比赛,但如果其他国家的棋手们不怕与他们竞争,每个人都可以参加。Goldchess网站的俄罗斯周——Karpov Day,3月25日,奖池 $3000。 



Non Stop 10 – Report
Task 1 – First 3 solutions, all author's. First time 3.35, second 6.15 (Polish player). The winner (receiving the whole prize of $200) is Levon Hambardzumyan from Armenia. Congrats!
Task 2 – Only one solution, GM Jasto. Not author's, but involving a queen sacrifice, prize of $200. 
Task 3 – Nobody submitted a checkmate with bishop solution. Hence, we award the first, m22, and second – faster, m19. GM Jasto PL - $100 and Alex Nurijanyan from Armen ia - $50.
Task 4 – only submitted by GM Jasto, m27, forced, with bishop. There is no bishop requirement, it is forced in 8, but in 23 actually. Our test lowers the prize as there is a faster solution possible than that of the GM and we win a queen. Pize of $100. Second solution, Pawel Weichhold, m22, forced in 7, but it does involve the bishop mating. It's prettier, hence the same prize of $100.
Until now, only Task 1 features author's solutions. 
And they a bit forgot that it is the Tal's corner. We will also show author's solutions.
Task 5 – many solutions. The first one after just 1.56!!! By Lukasz Luba, PL, but it was m28, and the task was to find v27. Let's see on. The second one by the same player, v24, better. 3.03. Next, GM Jasto m24, 4.04. Also not fulfilling the theme, but it's very fast. Another thing is CEEC made a double solution here, it played 17...Rf7 to the author, and in the solution, 17...h6 was played after 17.e4. This rarely happens, but here we go. Hence, we will award. The rest of the solutions do not complete the theme and are much worse. 
Prizes?? It's hard to decide. We will apportion $300 from the Non-author's pool price, Lukasz Luba - $200 and Jasto - $100. We will also show author's solution.
And … with great sadness, we acknowledge, that players from India did very poorly. In Task 5, the 8th player, Rahat Mhatre, v25, then 12th – Rakesh Ramakant, also v25, and 16th, Shubham Ved, m24, the same as the awarded GM Jasto. Did he peek? ;) 
Today, in Mumbai, a Goldchess Mumbai Open was organized, and it was won by a 9-year-old boy, rating 1400 ELO only!. Right after the tournament, the players sat with Non Stop 10. As we can see, without any results. And Goldchess is soo simple, even for amateur players. Please take a look at the Analysis medal – We learn Goldchess. It contains the key to understanding Goldchess, as well as a receipt for … winning! :) Plus our book, “How to beat a computer in chess”. Good luck!
Goldchess is joy. We are happy when the players submit author's solution, we are also happy when they bring us better solutions, prettier than those of the author. And we award.
Goldchess is joy. We are happy when the players submit author's solution, we are also happy when they bring us better solutions, prettier than those of the author. And we award.
With cordial greetings,
Goldchess team


Pawel Weichhold bought today license No Limit as the first.
Receives a bonus, license No Limit for the next week- to Non Stop 11.


Bonus - free license - promo code for Non10 tournament received Alex Nurijanyan (as a player which did nothing)


Non Stop – Edition 9 – Report
Looking at a non-author's solution, I am never sure, who plays by themselves and who uses a strong engine. Archimedes :)
Task 1. Appears difficult, 21 moves to make. However, in the solution, the capturing of the queen is immediately apparent in the first 3-5 moves, and the rest is just a matter of an effective technique. However, due to the striking 21 moves, we gave as much as 15 minutes here for the Tas.
And there is the first solution! Not author's solution. It's a great surprise. The conditnions, capturing the queen and last move Qh6# all observed. And to that, checkmate on move 22, whole 6 moves ahead faster! Incredible, but also obvious, a GM solved it. Congrats to GM Jasto!
However, there is also the Time-Out! (15 minutes, 31 sec.) Pawel Weichhold's. Unbelievable solution and we decided to make an exception off the regulations, and award this solution. $50.
And, Sammed Shete, India, 2 hours 50 minutes. Timeout, knock-out. But, as the only player, he managed to win the queen, like the author. Distinction and $25.  
Task 2. funny hint of Goldchess here. And also an IQ test as well as attention test, as knowing our site as well as where to find past solutions was crucial here. The position comes from the previous edition, where we asked the players to find a checkmate on move 27 involving the sacrifice of two rooks for a bishop. The solution is shown in the Non8-4 Play Off. And now it was just a matter of changing move 26, and the solution remained the same! $250 to take! And and … incredible finish! Levon Hambartsumanian of Armenia surpassed another player, the Polish Lukasz Luba by 17 seconds! And he is the winner. Both solutions almost author's solutions!
Task 3. How to find a prescription to trick CEEC? Dear players,.. what an incredible day! One non-author's solution, and Armenak Yeghazariyan of Armenia managed to Upload it … 3 seconds before the time passed! 
Task 4. This is Tal's corner, traditionally … Tal's soul! One solution, non-author's, Pawel Weichhold, there is a bit of Tal here... but not enough.
Task 5. Also a surprise, Task from previous Saturday, position from Vidit's game, which the players managed to solve a whole move faster than the author. Now, the author gave 4 extra moves hint, and let's see … $1.000 prize is waiting. :) 
It's 18.14 CET, and … no solution of 5th Task submitted... is it coming, or not? Our Team also has adrenaline flowing through its veins. :) Conditions, instructions: checkmate on move 42, involving the capturing of a queen. And there is a solution! But... it's m44, unfortunately! Out. Too bad. $1.000 has passed by the players' noses this time.
Among the players who did not win a prize this time, we will randomly draw a free license for next week's edition. Thank you for Your participation!
Overall, Poland-Armenia 2:2, with a tiny bit of favor for Poland :) 
We announce Play-off!
Goldchess Team


Dear Players

In non8-4, play off, your task was to checkmate in the 27th move, with an exchange of 2 rooks for a bishop. You submitted your own variants, with a checkmate in the 25th move. One solution was a checkmate in the 24th move.

Nevertheless, none of them was awarded a prize, as the Goldchess author tested the solutions and shortened one of them to a checkmate in the 23rd move.

Therefore, it is the only non-author’s solution that would qualify for a prize.

The author’s solution and a test-checkmate in the 23rd move are presented in Winners-Non8-4.

author's solution



Non Stop 8 – Report


The Indian week. Here we had a dilemma. To keep the level of problems at its current level, or lower it to that of 5-year olds? We have naturally concluded, that India is a country with deep chess tradition with tremendous intellectual potential, and that Goldchess problems are definitely within the reach of chessplayers whose range goes from 1500 FIDE, even including some talented complete amateurs. Hence, there is no need to make a special, easier, edition.

Besides, the problems are composed based on the games of GM Vidit and GM Grover and the level of difficulty comes directly from the particulars of the positions. Of course, Tasks 4 and 5, $750 each, are more difficult according to our estimates, but with this sort of prize, they need to be so. Whether they actually were more difficult or not, however, will be decided by the players.

We only changed the awarding method.

1.           We increased the prizes by raising, for this particular week, the prizes for non-author's solutions above the usual half-prize level.

2.           In Non 8, 2-3 players will be rewarded. And so, if an amateur Indian player submits a solution first, and if a professional Indian player submits a solution as second in order, they both get the prizes, 1st and 2nd respectively. If, however, a non-Indian player submits the solution first, and then both an Indian amateur and Indian professional submit their solutions, a total of 3 prizes will be awarded.

Let's start the report!

Problem 1 - v39 was the requirement; Krystian Jacek clinches the task, v34 submitted and as first to that.

Problem 2 - no author's solution. Two solutions, m39, but only one fulfills the Qb5 conditios. GM Jasto takes it all. The most beautiful solution to the 8th edition. II prize-distinction, Sammed Shete, India.

Problem 3 - requirement, m25. One non-author's solution, GM Zaven Andriasian from Armenia, but after the time limit. In this special situation, the famous Armenian GM does get a prize of $100 though.

Problem 4 - here the players totally mishandles the problem, nobody submitted any solutions. The requirement was m27 with the extra conditions that two rooks be sacrificed for a bishop. The best, m29, did not satisfy the extra condition. No prize.

Problem 5 - better situations here, required m42, two m41 solutions submitted. Three consolation distinction prizes for Maria Gevorgyan, Sargis Manukyan i Łukasz Luba.

Ladies and Gentlemen, sadness struck us. We organized an Indian week, we granted 50 licenses to the Indian players via our Patron Vidit, and… only one a correct solution, by Sammed Shete. Goldchess so far away... And so far away from Goldchess...

The heroes of the Indian week  were... Polish players. Their solutions, games 2 - GM Jasto and 5 - Luke Luba, are the pearls of chess, and pearls of Goldchess.



Goldchess的2月,Non Stop比赛,有印度之周。接下来为,俄罗斯的三月,美国的四月。在这之际,来自这些国家的棋手将免费获得Non Stop比赛50个允可。
在印度由我们的合作方GM Vidit Gujrathi分配许可,在俄罗斯则由国际象棋杂志64,且必须通过邮件


Non 7, Play-off:
Many solutions, so what do we get?
in Problem 1, one non-author's solution, not a "clean" queen capture, black gives away the queen himself. We naturally accept these captures too, however, in the author's solution, a more "clean" capture is shown, where white actually wins the queen.
In Problem 4 two solutions with m25 have been submitted, as well as one m24. It turns out that CEEC truly is like a little boy sometimes, and can be easily “fooled." We are proud of those solutions, but Tal, not so much. The checkmate comes on move 28 in the author's solution, which is a long stretch from m24, but there is the Tal's beauty, which doesn't show in the submitted solutions.
Besides, in the Play-off, in general we will be rewarding only author's solutions, others in exceptional situations.
Hence, we still wait for someone to solve Problem 4 in Tal style to score $250.


Non Stop 7,2月18日
今天 第7场的2个精彩。Ananda 和 Vidit Gujrathi。原来,两场都是平局结束。在Goldchess,我们为它们找到了白色获胜的演变。这就是给棋手们的人物。Vidita这一场,在第4题,也就是Tal寥落;Anand的这一场在Great Masters room。世界冠军的对手,是波兰棋神Jacek Stopa。第4题,得要以Tal的风格胜利,才能获得$750的奖金和荣幸的Goldchess Tal称号。

Let's begin our Report:
Problem 1 - nobody submitted the author's solution, v40 involving winning a queen. Many solutions v39 have been submitted, one v37 and this is the one to receive a consolation prize. The task will be active with the prize of $100.
Problem 2 - one solution by Alex Nurijanayan, m28, really nice, but missed the theme and the time was up anyway. There would be a prize here had the player gotten the solution faster
Problem 3 - one solution submitted, by Manukyan, one move faster than us. Full prize for non-author's solution of $100.
Problem 4 - excitemen! position from the game of our Patron, GM Vidit, $750 prize, Tal style problem. Unfortunately, no Tal of Goldchess has appeared, nobody submitted any solution m28, one v24 shown. The task will be active with reduced prize $250. 
Problem 5 - one non-author's solution submitted. Effective destruction of CEEC, prize of $250.
In the play-off tasks 1 and 4 are active. Feel invited!
Goldchess team


Non Stop 6 - report

In the Play-off of Non Stop 5 Tournament, Lukasz Luba of Poland sent author's solution on Thursday. This resulted in the players' scoring a total of $1350 in the 5th problem of Non Stop 5!
In Non Stop 6, with a prize pool of $2100, and 4 easy games, only one tough task. 
In Non Stop 5th edition we treated the players in a slightly lenient way in the 5th problem, giving only one condition, that the queen be sacrificed. And 3 players submitted their solutions, none of which was the author's solution. Hence, today the task was back in play! We added an extra condition this time, that the queen be captured too, raising the bar of the task. Hence, the position from the game Wojtaszek-Caruana is back, checkmate on move 33, with both queen sacrifice as well as queen capture. Since the bar has been raised, so was the prize money, all the way to $1.500! 
Task 4 is Tal's corner, where we try to put up brilliant games. In Task 5 we gradually develop the Room of the Masters. In the next edition, a game played by the former World Champion, Viswanathan Anand, will be featured.

Let's start the report!
Problem 1 – Nobody sends author's solution. The first player to submit is Manukyan of Armenia, but the solution missed the theme, as it was m21, but still the best, as the competition sent m22. The task was to find m22, however, and the first player to have done it was Pawel Weichhold. Hence, Pawel gets $50, and consolation prize for Manukyan of $25. 
Problem 2 – nobody found the author's solution, however, this problem was a great blackout by Goldchess, as GM Jasto from Poland found a solution in only 2 moves, v17 instead of v24! Indisputable win of GM Jasto.
Problem 3 – Nobody submitted any solution, the Play-off is on!
Problem 4 – one solution, and author's to that! Pawel Weichhold wins full prize.
Problem 5 – no author's solution. The first two solutions have average quality. The first, GM Jasto, gets $400, second, Manukyan, $100 consolation prize. Author's solution still unshown. 
The Play-off will hence feature Problem 3 and we await the author's solution. 
We invite Everybody to try and solve Problem 3; new license needs to purchased beforehand. 
With greetings to Players!
Goldchess Team


Non Stop 竞标赛许可证、所有游戏Non Limit许可证以及单项许可证,可提前购买,但不迟于比赛开始前一个小时。

Licenses for the tournament Non Stop, No Limit - for all the games, and single, can be purchased in advance, at least one hour before the start of the tournament.


Non Stop 5 – 报告
今天是欧州一周。印度和亚美尼亚棋手不参与。但有很多别的优秀的棋手,其中Krystian Jacek为最出色!
第1棋题:两位都发来原创答案。时间:5.13 和 6.33. 冠军:特级大师Jasto,亚军:Krystian Jacek。
第2棋题:第一名棋手的时间:3.57。而且,只有一个解决方案,是Krystian Jacek发来的。但是,没赢得皇后,而这是条件。未获奖励。
第3棋题:前四个解决方案都一模一样。第一个答案获得了非原创答案奖励。冠军:Krystian Jacek,时间:2.17!
第4棋题:让我们高兴极了;只有一个解决方案,可是原创的!冠军:Krystian Jacek。
最快的,并获得冠军的是特级大师Gianni. 综合性思维,有效地解决方案。意外的奉献女王。
Sargis Manukyan,独创性奖。
这一次就这些。欢迎大家参与下一场Non Stop竞标赛。


Problem 2 is still active for players; new license need to be purchased to continue solving this problem.




A short account of Non Stop 4 Tournament

We are impressed.Beautiful solutions, new, efficient, creative and brilliant players, GM Sahaj Grover from India and Levon Hambardzumyan from Armenia. Yet, the tournament was won by the old players.The new ones could not understand the meaning of victory.It is explained in multiple locations on our website, so it was not our fault.But let me provide some additional explanation.A victory is a win where the computer surrenders and displays a –resign- message after the last move of the white.A winning position is not enough.

Let me also remind you that as a maximum a half of the prize is awarded for solutions other than the author’s one.

Now, let’s discuss the fourth in this year edition of the Non Stop 4 Tournament.

Problem 1 - only four moves to make. No correct solution was provided.

Problem 2.

In the previous edition of the Tournament there were 3 problems to solve: capture the queen in the 20th move and, starting from that position, achieve a victory in the 29th move and a mate in the 33th move.Nobody managed to find out how to capture the queen in the 20th move, so today we’ve shown the solution and continued with the v29 and m33 problems.

v29 – Problem 2.

Sahaj was the first to submit a solution. Unfortunately, it was an incorrect one, a certain position with no –resign- message displayed.

Manukyan from Armenia submitted a solution as the second player. Nevertheless, it was an irrelevant one - a mate in the 29th move.But it was a good solution to Problem 3.

Only the third solution was correct. It was submitted by a brilliant player from Poland, Krystian Jacek, who is the winner.

Problem 3. A difficult choice amongst many nice solutions.However, only 2 of them fulfilled the prerequisite of capturing the queen in the 20th move.And it was so simple.Just 2 moves… The undisputable winner would be Łukasz Luba, as he had the best, unbelievable time of one minute and six seconds. But he captured the queen in the 21st move, so no prize could be awarded.The authors of the 2 solutions in which the queen was captured as required are the winners.

1. Krystian Jacek – the most beautiful game, a forcing mate in 8 moves.

2. GM Gianni – a mate with a knight in 32 moves.

An honorable mention went to Sargis Manukyan, who was the fifth player to submit a solution. His solution was the quickest one, with a mate in the 28th move, but he captured the queen only in the 26th move.


Problem 4-v27, a position from the Wojtaszek-Caruana game. Nobody managed to solve it.We received two incorrect solutions. But we would like to mention Levon Hambardzumyan, whose solution included a mate in the 29th move, last 5 moves are forced. A nice solution.


And the hit of the Non Stop Tournament - Problem No. 5.With a prize of $1,000 for a solution identical with the author’s one.Nobody submitted such a solution, but we chose two solutions and awarded prizes for their beauty. You must see them! Medal Winners-Non4-5.

As an exception, we would like to show also an unsolved author’s problem, as the two rewarded solutions impressedus very much and we would like to show that we can play chess, too.J


It’s amazing that nobody managed to solve Problem 1, which required only 4 moves.So, we leave the Problem available for solving. The person who is the first to submit a correct solution will be awarded the full price.New players can try to solve Problem 1 as well. Entry fee: $2.
Feel invited to play

Non4-4 Levon Hambardzumyan



In tournament Non Stop 4 play on Saturday the games of the great masters, the position of the game  Wojtaszek - Caruana 2015, task 4, prize of $ 400, and Capablanca - Bernstein 1911, task 5,  prize of $ 1000.



Non Stop3竞标赛报告





第1棋题:Levon Hambardzumyan毫无疑问夺冠。这一位来自亚美尼亚的19岁青年,最快(第18步)他赢得了王后。





但并非总是如此,不能说,非原创解决方案不如原创的。古国确实更好的,我们也会承认并给予奖励。甚至双奖励都有,如Gold 0第3棋题,我们给予Goldchess超级天才的称号,并自愿給予双奖。你们自己看看Hayka Yeritsyana的这个解决方案,马上就会明白在Goldchess什么是最重要并价值最高的。

总之,Non 3的奖金总额$2,100的奖池,这一届各位棋手仅赢得$375。你们都得承认,这并不是个好结果。但是我们必须乐观地展望未来。将来会更好。我们也祝你们如此。真的,因为Goldchess就是创造国际象棋之美的游戏。我们希望大家一起去努力创造这个美,也希望大家获奖。
Goldchess team




The next Non Stop 1 - tournament, January 7, 2017, 24.00北京时间 . 
The prize pool of $ 2,000 (4 x $250, 1 x $1000)


The last week of the year, a black week for the players of the saturday's Non Stop tournament.
They solved only one of the 5 tasks.
We wish you better results in the New, 2017 Year.
Goldchess team


這是今天 - already you can make tournament fee into all the games - to panel of purchase the game 5 enter other game 1,2,3,4

圣诞节日 Non Stop比赛
12月25日,17:00 CET,特别的、圣诞节日 Non Stop比赛。 
双倍 - 三倍奖金,每局5 $2000! 奖金池 $5000!
另请注意,圣诞节日 版Non Stop比赛只持续70分钟(1 局-10 分钟, 2-10, 3-15, 4-15, 5-20)。
第第4局将在比赛第35分钟,约在17:35 CET后公布。
第五局将在比赛第50分钟,约在17:50 CET后公布。
在18:10 CET关闭下载任务,在18:30和19:00 CET之间将公布结果。


Non Stop10 - 偉大的球員慘敗, 看到-Winners-Non Stop


1. 超时。
2. 如果Goldchess控制方显示改善测试类型,或缩短提交解决方案的步数。
a/ 玩家类型
b/ 改进的类型
c/ 缩短一步的解决方案。




是這樣的:GM Artur Jakubiec



優勝者NON STOP4-Winners(獎牌)
NON STOP 4場比賽4 - 馬里亞姆Gevorgyan,亞美尼亞 - $500強



結果-Winners 勳章
2任务, Jasto



Non Stop top
啟動15-10-2016小時。17.00 CET
Non Stop top 3, 4, 5 - 解题必须是原创

Non Stop比赛第一周汇总
第一周的英雄榜为Paweł Weichhold, Grosmaster。他们给出了所有的解决方案。
Non Stop 1
Non Stop 2
Grosmaster – 比作者更好。胜利victory 26,计划完美和最后一步,时间为3.52
第二位选手Tomek Maszkało时间为 4.07,仅差15秒!而错失良机。
Non Stop 3
Grosmaster- 比赛中最好的解决方案。和作者的不一样,但完美给予认可。漂亮、漂亮、非常漂亮。请欣赏。 
他获得两个奖项,第一和最快。称号 - Champion Goldchess.
Non Stop 4
Grosmaster, 29步将死,非原创。一半奖金/250美元/ 提示: 27.We8 将死
Non Stop 5 


3-非原创解决方案,不予认可。无胜出者。2 获奖游戏. 2 x $100
Grosmaster, Non Stop 3



联赛 – 2019年世界国际象棋业余赛和世界国际象棋职业赛,

World Goldchess League 2019

计划开始时间 - ?


No information yet.


Nobody solved tasks 3, 4 and 5. Therefore, Gold5 is temporarily closed; instead we have prepared Gold0 where there is no license fee and the tasks are easier.


The first task in Gold5 was cancelled due to technical problems.

The second one made gelu1001 the first Goldchess winner in Gold5; he also won the Chess Elite Game on the Chess Festival in Rewal in 2011.
The ceremony of awarding the $ 500 prize by the Grandmaster will be shown in a video.
Piotr has won the game one move earlier than the author.

Author's variant: mate in the 27th move and gelu1001's solution: mate in the 26th move, as well as the starting position, are enclosed.



The game finished.
In the III Edition nobody won the main prize of $ 10 000.

In preparing IV Edition Gold13.


Gold13 III Edition - from 31-08-2013 to 01-02-2014
$1000 - $3000 - $10 000 wait for the winner!
Player license - $50

You think you're strong in chess?
Win a move ealier than Goldchess 3 of 13 chess games and win $ 10 000!


II Edition Gold13
$ 10 000 prize captured! Grosmaster&s time!

Player Grosmaster made a total of 2 parts, 5 and 6, / listed / and won above prize and the title Silver Brain Titan!



II Edition Gold13
13 games. Win a movement faster than the author.
Winning a game of chess-for one-$ 1000 for two - $ 10 000, for three - $ 100 000!


11th task has been resolved a second time. Player Pepe 11N did it one move faster than the the author.

He won $1000 and the title of Bronze Brain Titan. Task has been replaced. Here's the player's solution .



Sensation in Gold13!

$ 10 000 in Goldchess!

gelu1001 is the player who solved two tasks, the 8th and 11th, one move earlier than the author did, and sent both the solutions in one mail. Thus, he complied with the provisions of Gold13 Terms and Conditions and won $ 10 000!!!


All in all, 6 games have been solved in Gold13. 2 of the above together and 4 one by one. The players have won $ 14 000! It is a huge success.
The tasks were exchanged for new ones; there still is a full set of 13 games, and the main prize of $ 100 000 for solving 3 tasks and sending their solutions together is still waiting for the winner.

Ps. Statistics. Definitely the tasks of even number resist, and... no. 13, since 2, 4, 6, 10, 12, 9 and 13 have remained from among the previous tasks. Will the new exchanged tasks of odd number (1, 3, 5, 7, 11) and even 8 be an equally easy prey for other players? Immediate future will tell.

In attachment-Files there are games 8 and 11. Position, author’s game, player’s solution.



And again, our player gelu1001 won the task one move faster than author and won the prize.

Author's variant, gelu1001's solution, as well as the starting position, are enclosed.



We have another win in our Gold13 game! Our player gelu1001 won the task 1 one move faster than author in the brilliant style.

Author's variant, gelu1001's solution, as well as the starting position, are enclosed.



We have first win in our Gold13 game! Player of International Chess Festival Rewal - gelu1001, have resolved Task 5, one move faster than author and won 1000$. This task was replaced and still 13 tasks waiting to be resolved one move faster than author.

Author's variant: mate in the 22th move and gelu1001's solution: mate in the 21st move, as well as the starting position, are enclosed.


No information yet.


Currently, the players can play Genius1 test game. Play like Capablanca and become fond of CEEC determination of defense!

This game can normally be won in 49th move. Yet, you will be given the title of Goldchess Genius only for the second solution. Find the continuation with a brilliant Capablanca-style move and force CEEC to surrender in the 55th move-mate.

Title - Silver Genius



The game is over
Through 40 weeks nobody did our task
Prize - $500 - nobody won


Last week the game
Best3 currently on – 39 weeks nobody solved task

Prize $500!


Anand - Carlsen match replay.

In this year on the website in The Best game, we’ll Anand - Carlsen match-replay. With us - all chess games are won! Without draw. And all Carlsen wins! Except for one.

For solace, for the former world champion, we show that a chess game IX is very easy to win with our computer of / CEEC is not Carlsen :) / both, after 28.Bf1 and 28.Nf1.
See for yourself.



Best1 No one has done the task.
Best2-This week the same 2 tasks.
Prize $100
Winner Grosmaster



Round XIV

Nobody expected that!

Carlsen - Svidler: 0-1. Carlsen loses the second game playing white! Incredible. Until recently, among Grandmasters there was a recipe for winning tournaments: win as white and draw as black. Here the world turned upside-down.

But…Ivanchuk - Kramnik: 1-0

Carlsen is first. We have the pretender.

Let's show Carlsen how easily his 14th game could have been won.

Mate in 26

As white Carlsen earned 3.5 point, as black he earned as many as 5!

What will Anand's strategy be? Win as black, draw as white.

However, with Carlsen it won't be so easy...
Winner - Grosmaster



Round XIII

Phew! Radjabow - Carlsen: 0-1

Kramnik draws with Gelfand. Equally. Speculations are running rampant. Who's going to be the pretender???

A strong and brilliantly played game by Carlsen. It's hard to win it, even with CEEC. But try.

Victory in 43 and mate 41
Winner - Gelu, Poland


Part 4 - Round 12

Sadness. Carlsen - Ivanchuk: 0-1

You need to fix it. :)

In Goldchess: mate in 36.

Goldchess supports Carlsen, but here we have 2 rounds until the end, and... Kramnik is first with a half-point advantage. What's going to happen?
Winner Grosmaster title - Brain Titan the game - The Best



Game of Round XI

Grischuk - Carlsen: draw in 24.


You need to find a weak point. Here from the position found by Goldchess CEEC lets you beat it like a child.


Game of Round X
Carlsen-Gelfand 1-0, in the original - victory in 48 move
Amazing party. In Goldchess, checkmate at 22


Now game of Round IX - difficult
$200 + Title – Iron Man of Goldchess

Kramnik-Carlsen – draw
In Goldchess - Kramnik's victory in the 28! And mat in 31, forceful in 5
Winner – Grosmaster-featured game



Round VIII - resolved
Winner Grosmaster - see



14 rounds Carlsen! Each at $200! Part III
Currently, from 25-05-2013 - four games of Rounds VIII, IX, X, XI
4 x $200 ! - Player license - $20
Original game of Round VIII



VII Round - Task 7
Task copyright is not resolved, but Grosmaster sent an ingenious solution and won.



ROUND VI-Gelu is the winner.  
He sent his solution 2 minutes before  Grosmaster which was solved one move faster  than the author’s one.



11-05-2013 VI round
This is going to be hard to win white. But, nothing is impossible.
Mate in 30!

Prize $200
Original game - Swidler-Carlsen 0-1




Round V
Ivanchuk-Carlsen, draw.
Turn Silver into Gold.
Victory in the 29 + clear all figures black and give a mate in 40.
Prize $200 /$100+$100/

The original game of Round V



Winner - Grosmaster. Here are his solutions. v29



mate 40



Round IV
This task was at Gold0 as forceful mat at 6, in 32-nd move.
Here more difficult. J
Carlsen won with Grischuk in 37 motion.
Be faster.
The task - to get all the black figures and give mate in 28 move.
Prize $200
The original game of Round IV



On Saturday 20-04-2013 - Third Round.
Carlsen, playing black beat former challenger Gelfand.
Change defeat to victory.

2 tasks.
Mate in 34 or less, plus a mat forceful in a six moves, in a 37 movement.
Reward: $ 200
original game of III Round


*The Best - 14 rounds Carlsen!
Currently, four games Round I, II, III
Awards - 3x$200. License player - $ 20
All games play white

Sensation in the Third Round!
Player Grosmaster made mate ​​forceful  at 6, six moves faster than the author!
Title - Silver Brain Titan The Best
Let's see how he played, from the position after 19 moves




The second round and $ 200 won Gelu. We show the original solution goldchess.




Nobody did the task of the Round I

Round II
Carlsen-Kramnik, a draw at 30
But, your opponent is not Kramnik, only CEEC.
2 tasks. In 9 Goldchess changed chess move.
Task 1-Victory in the 21 - item 1, after 8 moves.
Task 2-mat in 26 moves, position 2, after 18 moves / Goldchess here to facilitate shows 10 of his chess moves /
Prize $200
original game of II Round



Round I
Carlsen playing black builds an impregnable position. But can it win?
Of course. In a world of fun-Goldchess, anything is possible.
Play and win.
Prize $200                                           Mate forceful at 5, in 32 move
original game of I Round



The Best - 14 rounds Carlsen - Part II
Currently, from 27-04-2013 - four games of Rounds IV, V, VI, VII.
Awards - 4x $ 200 License player - $ 20
All games play white


Game 1/11th


Game 1/10th


Game 1/9th
Currently playing a $ 50 prize, plus a title - Young Talented.


Game 8 th
The same, eighth week. No one has done the job.
Currently playing a $ 50 prize, plus a title - Young Talented.


Game 7th
The same, seventh week. No one has done the job.
Currently playing a $ 50 prize, plus a title - Young Talented.


Game 6 th
The same, sixth week. No one has done the job.
Currently playing a $ 50 prize, plus a title - Young Talented.


Game 5th
The same, fifth week. No one has done the job.
Currently playing a $ 50 prize, plus a title - Young Talented.


Game 4th
The same, fourth week. No one has done the job.
Currently playing a $ 50 prize, plus a title - Young Talented.


Game 3rd
The same, third week. No one has done the job.
Currently playing a $ 50 prize, plus a title - Young Talented.


Game 2

No one has done the job.
Currently playing a $ 50 prize, plus a title - Young Talented.


Currently playing a $ 30 prize, plus a title - Young Talented.