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Gold Immortal 2, October 30.

The Gold Immortal tournament took place. With only one player, ($10 pot collected), but we wanted to show you our unusual variations and game plans.  Every chess player can learn a lot from us. This tournament in our ambitious plans to reach one million prize pool. Today we were short of 99,999 players to reach such a pot. But we are of good mind. We will gradually reach the million dollar prize pool.
 Task 1, mate in 31st Armenak played simply and effectively. But, see the Goldchess variant. Armenak's second solution is also different from ours. We show both. Task 3. Armenak to the pain effectively and... 3 moves earlier than us! And good quality, mate with a bishop But our solution also has its charm 22.Bf6, the untouchable bishop. We invite you to the next edition of this tournament in which, we repeat, the prize pool is created by the players themselves. 100 players means $1,000, 10,000 players means $100,000! You decide the amount of the prize pool yourselves.


A tournament in which it is enough to win 3 games to become the winner and get the top prize.

Gold Immortal is already a serious tournament.
The parties of the first edition are the showcase of this tournament and the Goldchess style.
Those who have not understood it so far will now understand what it is and what beauty Goldchess brings. See for yourself. (in –Winners-Immortal)

The Gold Immortal 1 tournament has been moved to 25 September due to technical reasons. Apologies.
Gold Immortal 2 - September 25 - 17:00 CET (11:00 am Saint Louis time)

Who will beat Armenak in this tournament? In Fide Armenak is the IM, in us, Goldchess GM.


Results - Top Daily - every Saturday at 18:30 CET. $100 prize for 20 participants.


Top109 - No one solved. The task was mate on the 29th move with the condition - without/no queens. Please read carefully the hidden content of the task, available when downloading the item. Thank you for your participation

Top108 - Only 3 players managed to solve this problem. But the solutions are beautiful. First Arman, 2 solutions, mate 27, time one minute and 23 seconds, second solution mate 29 with pawn, almost 4 minutes. Third Vitaly, but not mat only v24, and later m27 the same one what Arman sent, but he downloaded position after the tournament time. Armenak sent as fourth m27 with sacrifice of queen by.... black. On the other hand no one sent an author's. We'll award Arman and Armenak, both $5. Congratulations, exemplary games. They will go into Goldchess history.

Top107 - Today the players sent in some remarkable, brilliant solutions. The first Armenak, v26 with the sacrifice of the queen. We will add to the remarkable Goldchess games. Arman's two solutions (2 and 3) also outstanding. V24, 2 moves earlier and v25. Both showed world class chess today. The next one, Damian, sent the author's. Today they all deserve high prizes, which unfortunately there are not due to too few players. We hope that by the end of the year the turnout will improve and players will be able to win big prizes. The rest of us didn't send anything, but we thank everyone for participating. As for the prizes, we add $5 and everyone gets $5 each. Congratulations, you are playing spectacular and real chess. Bravo!.
ps. The solution v25 was sent last by Vitaly. Also an honorable mention.

Top106 - Paul's brilliant solution. 2 moves earlier than us. Congratulations.
Armenak sent v26 different to ours and after time. Thank you for your participation.

Top105 - Only Armenak sent the correct solution. Their own variant, different from ours. Pity it was two minutes behind schedule. But the prize is there, entry fee to Top106. Congratulations. We show both variants.

Top104 - Today in Top the best Goldchess player played alone. 5 moves, time 5 minutes. Armenak sent the solution 40 seconds too late. But he sent a different one than ours, in Armenak's style, nice, but without winning the queen. However, we will reward originality with an entry fee to the next Top tournament. Congratulations

See both, Armenak style and Goldchess style. Position after white's 31st move. We play with black.

Top103 - Winning and mate.Armenak's best time was 1.42 and he is the winner. $10 and congratulations. Thank you all for participating.

Top102 - We have 2 effective but simple solutions for moving faster. The first Armenak $5, the second Damian, $5. Obviously both not authored. However, this is not Goldchess. Our solution although a move later is really nice. Not without a reason we wrote in the text: the art of matting. But congratulations to the winners.

Top101 -  It was possible to win on move 51 in 4 ways. 2 correct, different solutions were submitted (45.Ra3, 45.Rc2). Our 2 variants still different. Arman wins, time 5:25. Ellina showed the winning position after the 51st move, but there is no computer pass (resigns). Thank you all for participation.

Top100 - It was a Daily24 task, only more difficult, the mate with bishop. Nobody solved.
                  We show it in Winners. Welcome to Top101.

Top99 -  Position from the 27. 27… Qe5 it is weak move. After 27… Kh7 black wins. Today, faster solutions than ours.                           Armenak, 2 moves, mate 35, second Arman, 2 seconds later, 3 moves faster, mate34. We split the prize, Armenak                  $5, Arman $5. Third Vitaly, also mate34. Congrat to all.

Top98 - Nobody solved our task. We invite to next Top tournament.

Top97 - Only 3 correct solutions. Armenak, mate 19 and 20 (the winner, $10 prize) , and Vitaly, mate19. Zawo and Pavel, sent mate 22, move later. Additionally Vitaly wins the entry fee to the Win Faster. Thanks to all participants.

Top96 - Today the first is Armenak, mate 36, move earlier, $10. Second Zawo, third Jan Temel. Zawo (Жавохир) won the entry fee to Win Faster. Thanks to all participants.

Top95 - one winner - Armenak, $10 the prize Regards to all


Top94 - This week's emphatically won Жавохир, a 13-year-old from Uzbekistan. Congratulations. Thank you to all the participants. 

Top93 - 2 winners.Armenak, $10 for v33, a move faster, and Vitaly for mate 32, he receive a distinction, an entry to Top94.

Top92 - July10. The idea of Goldchess was to allow black to make up the second queen and win, (give mate) with two black queens (on the chessboard) The problem was best solved by Damian and Armenak capturing both hetmans. In our solution the 2 black queens stand idle while we mate forcibly. Today the winner is Damian who sent his solution earlier than Armenak. Congratulations.

Top91 - July3. Goldchess and our players are changing the face of chess. Today, Armenak's brilliant game and mate move faster. We will put Armenak's game in the most beautiful games of Goldchess.
See for yourself. Congratulations and a prize. Nobody has found our variant. Other solutions, - Vitaly sent the win, Zawo mate 32, move later. Thank you all for your participation


Top90 - June26. No one has solved

Top 89 - June 12. Today in Top the fierce competition of the best Goldchess players. All sent correct solutions. The best third Armenak, mate 25, move earlier, and eighth Arman, also mate25. The $10 prize is won by Armenak.

Top88 - June 5. Today there were only 4 moves to be made. Vitaly has sent a mate. Arman and Armenak have solved in concert way. Both receive an entry into the Top 89. Congrat

Top87 - May 22. Problem from previous edition. New position, a move  more. Only Armenak solved, congratulations and $10. Our variant, but the move faster. He played more efficiently, we played nicer. See both solutions. They differ in the ending.
Top86 - May 15. A chess diamond to discover. A mate in 33 with the capture of the queen. Please visit. You are welcome to participate. Armenak plays Goldchess style, often at a better level than us.  Today he did the mate 3 moves faster than we. Very nice solution to the this position problem. Our problem goes to Top87 with a new position.
Top85 - May 8. Tournament cancelled due to incorrect position. 
Top84 - May 1st. Today's task could be solved in 20 seconds. First Lukasz, a variant move faster, 3 minutes 15 seconds. Lukasz's second solution, the author's, after time. As well as further, sent by Armenak and Vitaly. There was no minimum of 10 players today, hence the symbolic prize, $10 for Lukasz. Congratulations. We show both solutions of the winner.

Top83 Saturday 10 -
First Damian, not correct, m35. Second Yuri, author's, $50. Great congrat. After time Armenak sent an interesting solution, distinction. Thanks to all participants.
Top82 Saturday 3 -  The Hero of the day is Damarka. She sent the correct solution with a queen sacrifice as much as 3 moves faster than us (mate22). $35 and the title of Gold Top Hero. Second Yuri, mate23, $15. Vitaly mate move later and out of time. Happy Easter to all our players

Top81 Saturday 27 -   
First Yuri second Armenak. Both sent the same variant. An effective attack idea. But, not the author so half the pool to share. Yuri $15, Armenak $10. We will show the author's solution to the problem. Thank you all for your participation. Ps. Yuri sent also m31, 2 moves earlier, we will show it, Armenak m32- one move faster. Thanks to both.
Top80 Saturday 20 -  In the tournament first Vitaliy, mate 21 with queen capture, $15. Second Armenak, mate21, $10. Third Damian mate22 with queen capture, $5. Only after the tournament Damian sent mate24 with queen sacrifice. This mate will go down in Goldchess and chess history. Congratulations to all.
Top79 Saturday 13 - No one sent in an author. We show in Winners. Today's winners: Armenak and Alex $10 each, both sent the same solution. Damian otherwise finished third, $5. Congratulations
Top78 Saturday 6 - The task from the previous Top tournament. New position. Who will find our variant? - We can't believe it, but Armenak sent an authorial solution. A big round of applause! And $50, of course. Important.  See the Top78 game in Winners. The position after 20 moves. On the 22nd move black could have taken a rook or a bishop. After taking the bishop white would have been left without compensation for the lost figure. However, the computer, following mathematical logic (rook 5 points, bishop 3), took the rook. In his excuse we can say, that at this moment white's mate combination was not visible for him. --- White was obviously taking a risk, but in Top 77 you can see the same game won convincingly.

From today only on Saturdays at 18:30  with a specific duration

Top24-16 (77)Wedn.3 - Today Armenak took all. 2 solutions, m28 and m27, $25 for him. For Alex entry fee to next Top, he has sent correct solution, but after time.
Top24-15 (76)Tuesday2 - 
Today Alex is the winner. He found and sent our mate 23. $25 and great congrat
Top24-14 (75)Monday-March1 - 2 moves to do. Only 2 moves to make the computer give up, but it's not that easy. Check out on screen the  times of our top players. Alex's best time, 1:33. Today 3 winners. Alex $15. Yuri $5, Armenak $5. Thanks to all participants.
Top24-13 (74) Saturd.27 - 
Mate with the sacrifice and capture of the queen. A modified variant of the win, sent earlier by Armenak and Sargis. We have 2 others solutions. Which will find players? Nobody found. But, chess is unfathomable. We have 2 variants, Sargis showed the third. $20. Armenak sent a variant with only sacrificing the queen, $10. Big applause for both masters from Armenia. On Monday victory, only two moves to do. Who will solve-sent first?

Top24-12 (73) Friday 26 - No one has sent an authorial solution. Armenak's best, m23. Only, in this variant we have mate in 22 and only such a solution could win today. Therefore, today, no winners and no prize.
Top24-11 (72) Thursd.25 - It turns out that from a position after 18 moves winning was very easy, even 5 moves faster, while after adding 6 moves and from a position after 24 moves, very difficult. Only Armenak did one of the two tasks, but after time. Consolation prize, entry into Top24 .
Top24-10 (71) Wedn. 24 - The idea of Goldchess was 19.R:f5. All players played 19.Rc1. The best solutions in the 26th move. But in the variant 19.Rc1 we have a win in the 25th move. Therefore today we will not award anyone. The prize could have gone to the v25 solution. Tomorrow a new chance. Thank you all for your participation.
Top24-9 (70 Tuesday 23 - All prize for Sargis. He is first and won 2 moves earlier. Congrat. Other players sent in their solutions after the time.
Top24-8 (69) Monday 22 - Today we have two winners. Alex and Armenak. Both at $12,50. Congrat from us.

Top24-7 (68)-Saturday 20 - 
Only Sargis sent 2 correct solutions, $25. Alex for one, $5. Congrat
Top24-6 (67) Friday 19 - Today only Armenak and Alex solved the problem. Armenak first, but Alex solution, 2 moves faster, better. Both at $12,5.  Congrat. 
Top24-5 (66) Thursday 18 - All players found other variant. Dear players. In your variant there is mate28-f5. Only Przemek sent this solution, $15 for him. Sargis and Armenak consolation prizes 2x$5. Thanks for all participants. In Top24-6 the same game with new position (+2 moves)
Top24-4 (65)-Wednesday17 - Today among the top players the best Armenak, time 10:37. Armenak $15, Sargis $10. Third, Alex’s solution, timeout. Congratulations

Top24-3 (64)-Tueesday 16Only Sargis found our variant. $25. Great congrat

Top24-2 (63)-Monday, 15. Who will win?Unbeaten Armenak found our solution today. $50 and congratulations

Top24-1 (62) Saturday, Febr.13 - Game of month. Sargis Manukyan's brilliant solution wins. Simple, effective moves, that's what genius in chess is all about. A different solution from ours. However, in this case we will break our rule, half prize for a solution not authored. Sargis receives the entire prize, $50. Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig congratulations!

January 16

Top 61 Hiper - $250 prize. It was hot! Only the players from Armenia showed a high level. But, 6 solutions and none of them original. Armenak sent 3 solutions, Alex 2 in the allowed time. Alex's mate on move 28, a late move and sent after time, we will show in the winning version. Brilliant! In task 2 Alex knocked out CEEC, he gave a mate in 22, 4 moves faster!

Armenak's task 3, did the opposite, first sacrificing then capturing the queen. Also brilliant. So half a pot to share. Armenak $80, Alex $45.
January 9
Top 60 Hiper - $250 prize. Tournament postponed to next Saturday, 16 January. 

January 2nd
Top 59-Hiper-$200 prize. A brilliant mate with sacrifice and getting a queen. We also require the reverse variant, with sacrifice and capture. No one has sent 2 correct solutions, no one receives a prize.  See our solutions for $200.

Christmas Hiper Top tournament with $300 prize (for 3 correct solutions. For two solutions or one, a prize at Goldchess' discretion). We will award 3 players. If two players send the correct solutions, $175/$125. If three, $150/$100/$50.

Top 58 Saturday 26 - $300. 3 tasks from one position. 21 minutes for solve.  Again, as in the Daily, faster than us. Winning 1 move, and mate 2 moves earlier. But nobody sent 3 solutions for $300 prize. Nobody sent original solutions either. In that case, only the consolation prize for Armenak, $40. The third task proved too difficult today. Welcome to Hiper Top on New Year's Day.


Next // Editions 52-57 –November 23-28
Individual winners:
Monday –       $100 - Task not solved earlier. Nobody found our first move, we show it today. 1st Yuri, authorial, $80. 2nd Sargis, m23, dist. and $5, 3rd Arman, after time, but authorial, $15. Congrat for winners
Tuesday -       $100 - No one has discovered the author. Almost all players sent mates in 26, 2 moves earlier from us. We will show authorship. Today they were awarded: 1st Sargis, missed, m27, $10. 2nd Armenak, m26, $20. 6th Arman, another m26, $20. Thanks for all.
Wednesday - $100+$50 for the player who first will send a solution for a move earlier. Wow! No one has won $50 an additional prize. No one has sent a solution with the condition, to get the queen. We will award and reward the best, v19 by Armenak, $20. Plus Alex, $20, Yuri, $10, armenak $10, Sargis $10.

Thursday-      $100  Authorial there is no. 1st and best by Armenak, $35. 6th by YUri, m26, $15.
Friday-            $100  For heroes. Precise playing. I don't believe it. Seven moves. No one has solved. Armenak nicely cheated the computer. $15
Saturday-       $150 - On Saturdays, a higher prize. Nobody solved with sacrifice a queen. Without prizes. Pause for 2 weeks.

Weekly countries ranking  
1. Cuba      1,5
2. Armenia 2         
3. Poland   


Editions 46-51 –November 16-21
Individual winners:
46-Monday –      $100 - After the euphoria in the Daily, sadness in the Top. No one has found an option with the queen's sacrifice. Distinctions and symbolic awards for the best solutions, by Yuri, m31-$10 and Armenak, m31-$10.
47-Tuesday -       $100 - Noone sent author's. But, there are beautiful solutions. Yuri sent the mate 27, 6 moves faster! He wins, prize $50. Armenak, m33 and m32, $25. Great congrat!
48-Wednesday - $100 - Nobody sent authors. We will show in Winners. Today 2nd solution by Alex wins, $50. 3rd Yuri, $25.
49-Thursday-      $100 - Chess is an art. It is not enough to simply win at Goldchess. Nobody has found our variant with all black figures. We will award the first and best m32 by Armenak. $25.
Others have also sent the same solution, but we do not reward two of the same, except the original one.
We show our solution

50-Friday-            $150 - Jubilee. Who will win? Nobody sent correct solution. Tomorrow the same task with new position.
Today awarded: 3th Armenak, $35, and Alex (sent out after a time), $15
51-Saturday-       $150 - Position18. 2nd, Armenak sent mate with sacrifice a queen, $25. Rest for great today's winner, Alex, $125 for author's solution. Great congrat.

Weekly countries ranking  
1. Armenia  2,5
2. Cuba      1,5    
3. Poland   

Editions 41-45 –November 9-14

Individual winners:
41-Monday –       $100 - Nobody sent an original, so the 2 best solutuions win. 2nd by Arman, v37, $25, 4th Armenak, $25.
42-Tuesday-        $100 - Find Goldchess variant! Nobody sent author's. That was yesterday's position. Yesterday everybody played 12.Rb3. Today only Yuri played 12.Rb2, so $25 for him. Second Armenak, m21, $15. 3rd Arman, m22, $10. $50 we add to Saturday's prize.
     Wednesday - $100  We celebrate in Poland. In the Top Daily tournament - rest day
43-Thursday-      $100  Today was the task mate22Rb8, without get Q. Nobody sent author's. Winners: 2nd and 4th Arman, $35. Both mates in 22. 1st, Armenak, m22 but with getting a queen, $15. 
44-Friday-           $125 1st Armenak, m19, $25. 2nd Yuri, author's, $50. 3rd Alex also author's, an also $50. Great congrat!
45-Saturday-      $150 - Meet Goldchess techniques. 3 solutions only. $150 prize, but difficult task. Nobody solved. The content of the task was: from position 11, mate 22.Rb8 with getting a queen and don't play 12.Rb3, 12.Rb2. Yuri played 12.Rb3, we do not accept. Armenak's second solution is mate 1 move earlier, 21.Rb8, but with exchange queens, not getting, $50. For everyone, a nice weekend, until Monday.

Weekly countries ranking  
1. Armenia 6 
2. Cuba      2
3. Poland   


Editions 35-40 –November 2-7
Individual winners:
Monday–       $100 - On Saturday, the players sent in a variant with the exchange of queens. Today, as a task, there is such a variant. Nobody solved authors, so $50 goes on tomorrow,  New position and $150. Today, the best correct -Arman's, m37, but after time, $10. 1st, Armenak, mate 38, $25. 3rd correct, by Yuri, $15. We invite for tomorrow.
Tuesday-       $150 Today 5 Top Goldchess players .  Nobody sent authorial. 1 solution in given time . Armenak, $55. 2 distinctions, for other solutions after time, Yuri, $10, Arman, $10. Tomorrow the same task with new position. 
Wednesday- $75 - Another philosophy of the Goldchess attack.  Who will discover our variant? Arman found only, but after time. So half of the prize, $37,50. It was 3rd day of this game. More move in position, more difficult to solve. It is Goldchess.
Thursday-     $100  - No one has sent mate 26 with pawn. There are no winners today. 
Friday-           $100 - Today a beautiful sporting fight. 4 solutions within the time allowed. Sargis returns to form and leadership position. 1st, mate 35, less than 2 minutes, $50. 2nd and 3rd, Alex, $35. 4th Yuri, $15. The top three players Armenak, Arman and Damian sent after time.There is an interesting solution by Armenak, mate 35, the fastest one today. Thank you all.

Saturday-      $100 - Saturday Night Fever smiley A lot of conceptually nice solutions. Thank you all. Today we awarded: Yuri $50 (v35, v32). 5th Armenak $35, 6th Damian $15.

Weekly countries ranking  
1. Armenia 4
2. Cuba      3
3. Poland   0,5

Editions 29-34 – October 26-31
Individual winners:
Top29-Monday 26–      $100 - The task has proved difficult. Yuri, 7 seconds before the end of time. And, 1 move too late. But we will reward the Cuban grandmaster. $25. Tomorrow, new position and accumulation! We cancel the accumulation. After 19 minutes, Arman sent his own solution. After this time, we are not awarding, but here, exceptionally, $50.
Top30-Tuesday27 -       $100 - Nobody solved in given time, and after. Tomorrow new position and accumulation
Top31-Wednesday28 - $125 - Nobody solved. But, there is one solution by Arman, one move earlier! $50. 1st, Armenak, one move later, distinction and $10. Tomorrow new position and the same game.
Top32-Thursday29-      $100 -   there is no authotial solution. Both players sent the same solutions. 1st Armenak $50, 2nd Damian $25. We invite you to come tomorrow.
Top33-Friday30-            $100 - Nobody sent authorial. 6 marked correct solutions, 3 after time, without prize. Award winners: 1st Alex, m34 (!) $50. 2nd Armenak $25. Tomorrow the same task with new position. We will found authorial.
Top34-Saturday31-       $125 - No one has sent our solution. However, Goldchess are other techniques of playing and attacking. Today the players have shown good ingenuity and there are some nice games. Winners: best game, 10th Damian, m36, $55. 11th, Alex, m36, $50. 7th Yuri, m37, $20.

Weekly countries ranking  
1. Armenia 4
2. Poland   2 
3. Cuba     1,5
Editions 23-28 – October
Individual winners:
Top23-Monday 19-       $150 - Nobody submitted our solutions. There are only 2 Yuri solutions, who tried to solve. Mate 34-f6, $25. Mate37, first getting, then sacrifice a queen, conversely, $25. Thanks for all. Tomorrow light task.
Top24-Tuesday20-       $100 - Nobody sent authorial, but - beautifull solutions. We will show them. 1st-best v24, Arman,$50.Next, Armenak v27+get Q, $35. And 4th Sargis, v26, $15. Armenia domination. Great congrat!

Top25-Wednesday21- $100 - Nobody sent author's. 2 the same solutions, Alex $50, Arman's after time.
Top26-Thursday22-     $100 - No one has found the author's ($50). Goldchess, however, are other techniques. Winners: 2nd Yuri, $25, 6th Alex, $25. Games in Winners. 1st solution by Sargis and Arman's - cheated. These are mates. At Arman's mate in 33, so why the draw in 35?
Top27-Friday23-           $125 - Nobody found authorial. Winners: 2nd Arman, m27-$50. 1st Armenak m33-$25. 3rd Sargis, m31-$25. Thanks for all for participation. Tomorrow's surprise

Top28-Saturday24-      $125 - Nobody sent author's. But, there is a lot of nice solutions. Most beautifull, 5.Arman's, $50.  Top best. Damian, Yuri, Alex, $25 each. This task will be on Monday in the Daily, Have a nice weekend for all.

Weekly countries ranking  
1. Armenia 6
2. Cuba      2   
3. Poland   0,5 

Editions 17-22 – October 12-17
Individual winners:
Top17-Monday 12–      $100 - three winners: 1st Yuri, authorial, $50. 2nd Sargis, best-move faster, $35. 3rd Armenak, $15.
Top18-Tuesday13 -      $100 - Nobody sent  a second solution. First, with double sacrifice, only Armenak, $50 prize. We show second solution, with queen's sacrifice, with knight. Brilliant! Black queen and rook can not to kill white knight - hero! :)

Top19-Wednesday14 - $100 - The heart grows as players find our option. 1. Armenak, authorial, $50. 2nd, 3rd, Alex, $30, 4th Yuri $20. Thank you all for your participation.

Top20-Thursday15 -     $100 - Two incredible duals, that is, correct and different from our solution, were sent by Yuri. Congratulations and $50. We still have a v33 with a double queen sacrifice, by Damian, distinction and $10. Second distinction for Alex, $10.
Top21-Friday 16-          $100 - 1st-2nd Yuri, $50. We are moving $50 to Top22 and tomorrow, today's task is also topical. 
Yuri's solutions are efficiency. Goldchess is effectiveness plus poetry.

Top22-Saturday 17-     $150 - Nobody submitted yesterday or today solution. Today was mate 37 with sacrifice a queen.  
There was no Armenak, Yuri had a power failure, that is a pity. The $150 prize goes on Monday.

Weekly countries ranking  
1. Armenia 3
2. Cuba      2 
3. Poland     


Editions 11-16 – October 5-10
Individual winners:
Top11-Monday 5       $100 - Nobody found our variant. Tomorrow the same task with new position. Today wins 3rd solution by Armenak, mate 23, distinction and $20.
Top12-Tuesday 6       $100 - Nobody has solved it, but there are a lot of good solutions. Armenak sent a mate 23, and it is a pity that after a time. Today the best solution is by Yuri, mate 24, and he wins $20. Tomorrow our task continues, with a new position. Tomorrow 13th edition. Who will he be happy for?
Top13-Wednesday 7 $100 ? Only two heroes are fighting today. Armenak and Yuri. Individual Top Daily. They didn't solve it.  

From position after 13 moves we played 14.Nf3 f6, 15.B:f5 ef and then 16.Rfe1 Bc5. It is last, today's position. Yesterday Cuban Grandmaster Vidal reached this position, but played the Grandmaster's move, simple and effective 17.Ng5, after which blacks have no chance to defend their position. From the point of view of practical, tournament chess, the 17.Ng5 movement is stronger than ours. But we were carried away by the Talovian fantasy to finish the game effectively and we played 17.Re5. Of course, if the blacks don't accept the rook's sacrifice, the game will take longer, but after consuming the rook, what the blacks do, the game is childishly easy to win. Check this out. The solution in -Winners-Top.

Top14-Thursday 8     $100 - next brilliant, accumulation (?) game. For chess connoisseurs . ok. Nobody sent authorial. Today 1st Yuri, $50, and 4th Sargis, the same solution, $25. Tomorrow new position and $125!
Top15-Friday 9           $125 - Nobody found our variant. Winners 1. Armenak, m21, $50. Second, Alex 3rd solution m22, $25
Top16-Saturday 10   $150 - Nobody solved. All Saturday's players play free on Monday, they will receive promo codes. On Monday - new position.

Weekly countries ranking 
1. Armenia   3
2. Cuba         3
3. Poland     

Editions 5-10 – September 28 - October 3
Individual winners:
Top5-Monday -       $100 - today mate 58 with sacrifice a queen. Nobody solved. We show solution for $100 in Top-Winners. One solution submitted, by Armenak, normal mate. Distinction $10. See both solutions 

Top6-Tuesday -       $100 - for Armenian players. Task position from the game Aronian - Carlsen. Nobody sent author's.       Best, 2nd by Damian, mate 23, $50. The same solution sent Alex, after time, distinction-$10.
Top7-Wednesday - $100 - Nobody found authorial. 1st, 2nd solution by Alex, best, m35, $60. 3rd, by Armenak, $20. 5th, by Damian, $20 (his first was m37). Thanks for all.
Top8-Thursday -     $100 - All prize for Armenak! He was the only one to send the right solutions. Nobody more. 1st, and 5th-authorial, ours.  He receive $100 and Gold Hero of the Day title. Great congrat!

Top9-Friday -           $100 - The motto of the day: Who will win with Armenak? - It will be difficult. laugh.Today only Armenak sent correct 2 solutions, faster from us. m30 and m28. Prize of $50. $50 we transfer to next Top Daily.
Top10-Saturday -    $150 - Nobody sent authorial. 3rd, by Armenak, m25 - $50. 2nd by Damian $15. Thanks for all.

Weekly countries ranking 
1. Armenia   4,5 
2. Poland     1,5
The rest of the countries - do not exist 

Since 1-4 September 23-26
Individual winners: 
Top Daily1 Wednesday 23 - $100. Winners: 2nd, Sargis Manukyan, $50 + 10 rating points. 3rd-Damarka Migues Cuba, $35 + 5 rating points, bravo!. 5th, Yuri $15 (everyone sent the original, same solution)
Top Daily2 Thursday 24     - $100 - Nobody sent in given time. 2 solutions, both not original, 3rd Sargis, 4th Alex, both distinctions, 2 x $10
Top Daily3 Friday 25          - $100 - Top day of Armenia. 1st Sargis, author's, $50. 2nd Alex, $25, 3rd Armenak, almost author's, $25. Greetings to Armenia!
Top Daily4 Saturday 26     - $100 Task with a small trap smiley. Only 2 solutions submitted. Nobody solved. 1st, Damian m37 with sacrifice - 2 moves late, distinction, $15. 2nd, Armenak m34 without queen sacrifice. 

Weekly countries ranking 
1. Armenia   2,5
2. Cuba        0,5
2. Poland   
4. India      
5. Uzbekistan


Current score: Goldchess - World Players 7:7 (in games 28:28) - great draw!

Win Faster 15 May 16 - And again a 2:2 draw... Tasks 1 - 4 were beyond the reach of the players. Pawel won the move earlier 2 games, 2 and 3. As there was no minimum of players, the prize is symbolic, $20. Pawel won the move earlier 2 games, 2 and 3. As there was no minimum of players, the prize is symbolic, $20. Congratulations

Win Faster 14 May 9 - We want to win! No. Today the draw 2:2. Games 1 and 3 nobody won faster. Armenak sent 2 faster solutions.  But, task 2 we do not recognize. He sent mate 36, and we shortened his solution by a move. However, it must be said that he found a beautiful move here Bg8. In task 3 he used a flawless technique and won the move faster. We show his solution and our variant. Prize, entry fee to Win Faster 15

Win Faster 13 May 2 - Last time our amateur lost 0:4. We make no secret that today we want the opposite result. But no. Armenak won by a move faster in tasks 3 and 4. A 2:2 draw. Big applause for the Armenian chess virtuoso. In Goldchess you just have to show that you can play chess. Great news. After tournament Armenak found the solution 1 move faster in 1st task! So a draw, but with Armenak as the winner

Win Faster 12 April 18 - 0:4. Total victory for the players. All 4 games were winnable faster! Yuri didn't play, probably had poor internet, which often happens in Cuba. However, Armenak -Armenia and Damian Poland, provided cosmic emotions today. Task 1: First Armenak, mate 25, already a move earlier. Second Damian, missed mate 23 by playing 20.Q:f6, instead of 20.Qg7. This was discovered by Armenak in the 4th solution and he is the winner here. Ufff, it started badly for Goldchess. Task 2: They both easily found a variant that was a move faster, but Armenak was first. Will Armenak win the main prize today?

Task 3 and 4 from one position will decide. Win and mate, 5 and 7 moves to do. This is handled beautifully by Damian, finding a brilliant move 40.Nd8 in the position. This is followed by a win on 43, a move faster and a mate on 44, 2 moves faster. The amateur is taken away for resuscitation, a heart attack. :)

Armenak did not discover these variants but also sent a good solution as fourth, mate 45, move faster. A great day for the players. Both $75. Congratulations! I called the hospital, the amateur is alive, so the next Win Faster tournament will take place.

Win Faster 11 April 11 - The top 2 Goldchess players failed to beat the amateur today and win the move earlier today. Also no one sent 4 solutions for which we have an extra prize. Task 1, Yuri sent the author's. Bravo! Task 2, Armenak v25, but without winning the queen. However, no one sent task 3, mate30 without getting a queen. However, it was easier to win this position with capturing the queen. With capture we have 2 solutions, Armenak and Yuri, and ours is another. And interestingly, after time Yuri sent mate in 29, with capturing queen, a move earlier. But the solution is highly controversial, because in the test the computer twice played us differently, preventing such a solution as Yuri sent.

So 1:0 (4:0) for the amateur, and from a tie in the overall score we go into the lead. We thank our champions for a great game.

Win Faster 10 April 4 - Today  3:1 in games. Armenak solved 4th task! He receive $30 prize. In task 2 Armenak and Damian did win a move faster, but without fulfilling the condition of capturing the queen. We distinguish Armenak's game in task 4, mate with queen sacrifice. He receive an entry fee to Win Faster 11. Thank you all for the playing.

Win Faster 9 March 21 - We are beginning to believe in our amateur. Only in the second task did he manage to beat him. This was done by Damian Sliwicki and he becomes the hero of today's tournament.

Task 1, nobody sent any solution. After 58 minutes Armenak sent a mate in 26, but without winning a queen. It turns out that this was a very difficult task for the players, although we think that only from level 3-4. In our match 1:0 for Goldchess.

Thank you all for your participation and we invite you to Free Win Faster on Sunday, March 28, exactly one week from today. The prize pool is $5,000, but be warned, it's going to be tough.

Win Faster 8 March 14 - Our amateur said: in win Faster 8 nobody wins any game faster than me. The tournament is today, in an hour, we will see if it is a boast and the players will win 4 games faster like in WF7, or if it is true this time. At this point nobody knows. --------- Results - Powerful emotions.
After the tournament we can say that the truth is in the middle. In the first game of the solution move earlier sent Armenak and Damian, but without getting the queen, so no. The second game, Armenak, move earlier, bravo and $30. The third game no one sent, in the fourth game Damian sent the author, that is in the same number of moves. But, after the tournament Armenak proved that it was possible to win the move earlier fourth game! Big applause for the champion! In view of this, in match points we consider today's 8th edition a draw, 2:2.  

Win Faster 7 March 7. In this tournament the players won all the games faster. Great victory for the players from Armenia! Just a hair away from the top prize $1000. Armenak was first to win 3 games, $250 plus 15 rating points, Alex was first in one game, $30 plus 5 rating points. Big congratulations. 1:0 for players. What will happen in the next edition?

Win Faster 6 - February 21. $1000 prize pool. The great excitement of the 6th edition is behind us. Today the players have won. A big match point for players.
Only in the first game no one managed to win faster.  In game 2, first Armenak, won in 20, second Alex, he won faster, in 19 moves. That's pity, it is late.  In game 3 first Armenak, 4 moves faster than us, in game 4 first Alex. Armenak $73, Alex $30. Congratulations to the winners. 

Win Faster 5 - February 14. $1000 prize pool. Who will win? 5th edition of Win Faster is over. However, it is possible to win faster and Armenak showed that. Armenak won faster in 3 games. However, in the first incorrectly, we do not score, in the third correctly, a move earlier, in the fourth 2 moves earlier, but 5 minutes after the time. Hence the prize for only one correct solution. Only the second game could not have been won faster. After 43 minutes Armenak sent a mate in 32, the same number of moves as we did.

We invite you next week. Today amateur - rest of the world, 1:0. :)

Win Faster 4 - January 17. $1000 prize pool. Goldchess victory. In the required time nobody sent the solutions of winning a move earlier. In task 1 and 3 Armenak won the move earlier. But, after the time (task 1 his time 11:43, it was 10 minutes, task 3, his time 18:56, it was 15 minutes.). However, we will award half of the prize, $30. If he had sent in the time allowed, he would have won $150 today. In task 2 CEEC did not let himself be defeated a move earlier.
2 days after the tournament Armenak found winning move faster in task 2, the tournament Win Faster 4. So it turns out that all tasks could be won move faster and win the top prize, $1000!  A big applause for our best player from Armenia.
Win Faster 3 - January 10 - Tournament postponed to next Sunday, January 17.
Win Faster 2 - January 1st - who will win? There were four moves in the last Daily task. Players won in two, 2 moves earlier. In Top, they also won 1 move earlier, and the mate - 2 moves earlier. We see the future of Win Faster game for Goldchess in black. We think we're gonna go bankrupt. sad A New Year's tasks without conditions. Beat, kill, win as soon as possible. laugh Today positions from the previous Win Faster 1 game. No conditions, just win move faster. Who won faster?. Game 1, 2, 3. WOW! No one has solved any problem. 3:0 for Goldchess, and in big points after two editions, a draw. We are happy, but also sad.
And, because today is the New Year, we give the participants of the tournament a second chance.  The first one who sends in 3 original solutions wins the New Year's prize of $50! Time to resolve, 24 hours.
During the tournament no one sent any solution faster than us. But in overtime, with virtually unlimited time, the players have shown what they can do. $50 was won by Armenak, who sent a task 1 move faster and tasks 2 and 3, two moves faster. If he had sent this set during the tournament, he would have won the main prize of $1000. Great congratulations. The Armenak's solutions in -Winners.

Win Faster 1 - Christmas 2nd Day 2020 year
December 25, Friday - 1 Edition of Win Faster is behind us. Next in the New Year. We were not to open the game for less than 5 players. But for creative chess players from Armenia, the tournament was worthwhile. Game 1 - first and good solution, 3 moves faster, Arman Ghevondyan. Alex, the same solution, 3 seconds later!! Game 2, was later, because was the date fault. Winner - Alex Nurijanyan. A brilliant solution, m32 by Arman, but after time. We show it in Winners.Task 3 at the given time no one sent. After time, the first correct, v37 by Armenak, half the prize. All rest players sent mate. I would like to remind you that the content of task 3 was - winning in 43 with the queen's sacrifice, not mate. In this tournament, Goldchess versus chess players of the whole world, there is 2:1 for  players sad



Free Win Faster tournament-level V with the grand prize of $5000!
Amateur vs the rest of the world. Current score: Goldchess - World Players 3:1 (in games 8:4)

3rd Edition - June 27 - On 27 June the tournament will take place regardless of the number of participants. Ufffffff, the great excitement is behind us. However, chess is unpredictable. In the first game, the 13-year-old from Uzbekistan Жавохир Артиков knocked out Goldchess. From the position after 20 moves we were draw in 28, he drew in 24, 4 moves faster. Armenak drew 27, Damian drew 26. After time Armenak also found a draw of 24.

In game 2 only one solution, Damian's, a move later than us and after time. In task 3 Armenak shone. From position 25 we had a win in 29, only 4 moves. It turns out that also here it was possible to win faster. Armenak won in 27, making only 2 moves. In games 3,4 Damian sent both solutions exactly ours. Distinction. Overall in games draw 2:2. Winners Zawo (Жавохир) and Armenak, $25 each. Congratulations and thank you for beautiful solutions.
We invite you to Win Faster, July 4, entry fee $11, prize pool $1000.

May30 - Only 61 players on the list today, so we will move the tournament date to June 27.
At the same time, we do not understand why chess players who have not played and won even in Daily 24, a level II tournament, signed up for the Free Win Faster (level V) tournament. As extras-statisticians?

April 25 - As of April 23 we have 22 participants on the tournament list. Due to this low number of players we will not be running a free tournament with a $5000 prize pool on the scheduled date of 25 April. The tournament will only run when we have 100 players signed up.

2nd Edition - March28

Before the tournament
IN THIS EDITION NO ONE WILL WIN ANY GAME A MOVE EARLIER THAN ME<<< Sorry, this entry was made by our amateur as I stepped away from the computer to brew myself a coffee. But, if he wrote it, I am announcing an extra prize before the tournament. $50 for the player who solves all 4 problems in as many moves as we do, with no condition - move earlier. V level, but this is also fun, so I also increase the time to solve the tasks. 1 game - 15 minutes, 2 - 15, 3+4 - 25 minutes.
Good luck
After the tournament
Great FWF Hero is Damarka who solved correct 3rd problem. $25 and great congrat! 
There was also an additional $50 prize for sending in 4 of our solutions, but no one solved the 4 problems like we did. This prize goes to the next edition in April 25.

Game 1 - 1 solution by Damian, 2 moves later.
Game 2 - 4 solutions, all not correct. Arman and Yuri have sent m32, move faster, but without the queen's capture 
Game 3 - 4 solutions, only Damarka has sent correct, $25!
Game 4 - nobody has sent, nobody solved the 4th problem

In the games 3:1 for Goldchess. However, the Win Faster tournament, level IV, is easier. We will show our solutions, except 4th.
We invite all players on the last Sunday of next month.

1st Edition - February28. A long, hard way to win $5000! Emotion, emotion, emotion. 1 Edition finished.

A beautiful test of players' skills and possibilities of Goldchess.
Task 1.
Only 2 solutions. Arman was the first to send exactly our solution, a truly beautiful variant. The second, Armenak, his own, but without capturing the queen. Nobody sent a move earlier. In this game it was probably impossible to win the move earlier.
Task 2.
First Arman, a move... later. Second Damian, bravo Poland!Another mate, but also a move later, in 25th, so for the prize was 2 moves too many.
Task 3, mate 21.
First, Armenak, mate22, move too late. Second Arman, honorable mention - entry into Saturday's Top24, for a very nice solution, mate 21, in as many moves as we did. Ours is just as beautiful, we'll show.
Task 4 - a breakthrough here. This game was won a move earlier, It is won by Sargis who sent first, before Arman.  
In conclusion, the players have won a move earlier only one game. And only Armenia and Poland. The chess players from India did not breathe at all. All those who did not manage to win any task, we invite them to learn in our tournaments and Training Box.
Goldchess team


(Free) Daily24 Results
Goldchess is a game of equal chances and anyone can win. Look:

1. To start playing, click on the CEEC -Play-Play White, if you play  white, or Play-Play Black, if you play  black. In this case you will also turn the chessboard.  
2. One player can send only 2 solutions.



Daily265 - There was no other way to mat. The problem was solved by all players. Of the professionals the first is Armenak, of the amateurs Vitaly. And they win $5 each today. Thank you all for your participation.

Daily264 - Last edition with entry prizes. From 265th edition $10 prize. Feel invited. 5 winners today. Pawel and Wojtek sent v35, 1 move faster. All they will play in Top. Congratulations

Daily263 - After the first day we already have 2 solutions. Arman and Vitaly, v36, move earlier. Both receive entries into the Top tournament. Next correct, Marei, Armenak and Damian (best time 1.15). They will all play in the Top tournament. Good luck!

Daily262 - Amazing. Only one chess player solved the task in the time given. Pawel Jaworski, one minute 7 seconds (Armenak sent 3 minutes after the time). And there were only 5 moves to do. There were 2 possible solutions.
Ok, easier today, 4 moves. However, due to one player in Top, we are moving the tournament to next week, November 13.
We welcome new players from the entire week of November 6-13.

Daily261 - Only Arman sent the correct solution. Congratulations.

It seems that again the task was too difficult. But without the ability to solve such tasks nobody will become a good chess player. However from today we lower the level in Daily.  There will be light, easy and pleasant tasks. Fun chess. For the real ones you will have to go to Top, Win Faster and Goldchess Immortal tournaments.

Daily 260 - content of the task: get a gueen in the 26th move, position 20. Pawel got it in the 23rd move, in 3 moves and 3 moves earlier than us. Admittedly he got a lost position, but the content of the task was -get a queen, so he fulfilled the condition. Only 3 solutions. Those who could not cope with our task are invited to study at Training Box.
Thank you all for your participation.

Daily259 - This week only one correct solution in the time given. It was sent by Armenak and he is the winner. The correct solution, but after the time limit, was also sent by Pawel. Today the entry fee to Top is won by Armenak. Congratulations

Daily258 - 4 winners. The Goldchess idea in this game is the move 39.Re6+. The rook is untouchable. Only Paul made our move. Congratulations to everyone.

Daily257 - Only 3 players sent in the correct solutions. One after the time limit. The entry fee to the Top was won by: Damian, Arman. Congratulations

Daily256 - Mate in the 21st move. Position after 15 moves, 6 moves to be done, time to solve 12 minutes. A task which we thought was easy, turned out to be difficult. One of the leading Goldchess players, Arman did it correctly, but after the time limit. Arkady also did it after time, he sent a mate only in the 35th move. Vital sent victory 21 instead the mate. Player from Israel sent nothing. They solved the task without any problems: Damian (time one minute 15 seconds) and Armenak and they receive the entry fee for the Top tournament. Thank you to all participants.

Daily255 -  An unusual task this week. Lose in 3 moves. You need to know how to do that too. :). Winners: Damian, Arman, Zawo, Paul, Elina, and of course Armenak. Great congrat to all.

Daily254 - (4-11 September) - This week winners: Pawel, Vitaly. Great congrat and thanks to all participants.


Daily253 (28-4 September) - Today’s winners: Armenak, move faster, Arman, Vitaly. Congrat

Daily252 - Today’s winners: Pawel, Zawo, Vitaly, Adrian Basilgo and Armenak, Damian. They receive the codes to Top. Thanks to all participants.

Daily251 - Today's winners: Zawo, Pawel, Vitaly, Armenak, Jan. They won the entry to the Top97. Bravo!

Daily250 - Jubilee, $10 for the best, and 5 entries to Top for next best. The correct solution was sent only by Vitaly, but 13 minutes after the time. The $10 prize was not won by anyone.

Daily249 - Winners: Pawel, Armenak (they both sent the best solutions, v25 - 1 move faster). And Vitaly, Jan Temel, Zawo.- Жавохир. Congrat to all.

Daily248 - Today there are 3 winners: Vitaly, Armenak, Damian. Great congrat

Daily247 (July 17-24)  Today’s winners: Armenak, Vitaly, Жавохир. Larry from US sent mate 22.Rh8, but it is not a solution.Thanks to all.

Daily246 - (July 10-17) Take a look at the list of Daily246 participants. Various players sign up and do not send solutions. I would like to ask you in general what is your rating, because the tasks in Daily24 are mostly at 10 ELO level. cool
Results: The task is to win in 21 move, from a position after 18 moves. 3 moves to do. It turns out that you can win in 20 moves, making only 2 moves, after which our computer gives up! Paweł did it. And, Armenak won in 1 move, 19.Nc4!  Apart Pawel and Armenak the entry fee was won by: Vitaly, Жавохир (Zawo)

Daily245 The task - mate 22.Qe7, 4 moves. Everyone sent a different variant. We keep saying that Goldchess is a different play techniques. And this game shows it best. See the players' solution and ours. Codes to Top92 were won by: Paweł, Damian, Przemek, Armenak. Good luck in Top!

Daily244 -  Nice solutions and different from ours. The entry fee to Top91 is won by: Vitaly, Paweł Jaworski, Armenak. Congrat

Daily243 - This is the first time in the history of the Daily24 tournament that no one has solved the task. Not even Armenak. Amazing. We did not expect that winning this position would be so difficult. But it's certainly easier in Top. You are welcome

Daily242 - This week the best solutions, mate 29, 3 moves earlier than us, were sent by Arman, Vitaly, Pavel. And they get entry fee to Top 90 tournament. congrat

Daily241 - Three winners. They all solved faster than us. Best Жавохир Артиков (Zawo), 4 moves faster. All receive entry fee to today's Top tournament.
Daily240 - Only two players solved the problem. Arman and Vitaly. Congratulations and entry into the Top tournament.


Daily239 - Only Armenak sent the correct solution. Different from ours. Congratulations.

Daily238 - Hi. Today there are 3 winners: Armenak, Pavel Jaworski, Vitaly. Pavel's best solution, winning in 24 (1 move earlier) with the capture of the quee. All they receive entry fee to Top. The other players did not send any solution. Greetings to all.

Daily237. 2 winners Armenak and Pawel, Armenak sent a draw 2 moves earlier. They receive entry to Top. Vitaly sent 3 solutions, but a draw, not. greetings to all.

Daily235-236. 2 winners only. Armenak and Vitaly. They both receive entry to Top85. Thanks for all.

Daily234 - A beautiful task. Everyone solved it correctly. There was no other way. First Sahak, time 41 seconds, but he won yesterday. Yuri also won, so the winner is Lukasz Luba. Second prize withheld for the time being. Thanks to all.

Daily233 - In draw task Sahak is the winner, $5. Pawel won an entry fee. Thanks to all.

Daily232 - Times… Armenak 3 seconds faster than Damarka. First Armenak, and he is the winner, $5. And, big surprise. There were 4 moves to do, Sahak (3rd) and Pawel (6th) found the solution one move earlier, v22 (Armenak also found this variant in his submitted second solution). Congrat to them, entry fee for Sahak. Thanks to all.

Daily231 - First Damarka, move faster and she is the winner, the prize of $5. Second Armenak has Top entry, so third Arman receive it. Congrat to the winners and thanks to all participants.

Daily230 - Yuri was a winner yesterday, so he receives entry to Top, $5 for Arman. Thanks for all participants.

Daily229 - Level 2, fun so solution times very good. Today Yuri wins, his solution time including download and upload, 36 seconds. Big applause for the Cuban grandmaster. Second Armenak, he has entry, so third, Damarka wins the entry fee to Top84. Thanks to all participants. For players who did not send solutions, we recommend to check in Winners how you should have played.

Daily228 - But a masterful times in this tournament! Armenak, 34 seconds, Yuri 38, Arman 38, Damarka 59, also under a minute. A very special edition. But that's probably because there were only 4 moves to make. Armenak, Yuri, Damarka have already received a prize this week, so today $5 is won by Arman.  Second prize, an entry fee to Top84 for new week receive first, Armenak. Honorable mention/distinction to a new player, Dawid, who played first time and sent a different solution than everyone else. We will show it in - Winners. Dawid is from Silesian Chess Academy, we welcome the Academy on Goldchess. Thanks to all.

Daily227 - Today first is Damarka and she is the winner, $5. Second, Alex, entry fee to Top. First on the list of submitted solutions, Hrachik, sent position. Thanks to all participants. 
Daily226 Thursday - Only Armenak sent  a correct solution, other than ours, with a brilliant c4 move. The task from higher, Top level. This is how to play Goldchess. He receives both prizes, $5 and entry fee to Top83. Great congrat
Ps. Formally in Free Daily one player can win a prize only once in the week. But as there was no second solution, it was given to Armenak for the second time.

Daily225 Wednesday - Today Pawel is the winner, $5 prize. Second Yuri, entry fee to Top83. Distinction for Damarka, who in her second solution sent author’s. Thanks to all.

Daily 224 Tuesday - Today there is only one way to win. And all the players found it. Bravo to all. The winner  is Yuri, $5, an entry fee to Top receives Paweł.

Daily223 Monday -  Of the new players, nobody managed to win this position. See in Winners how the winners played. 1. Armenak, $5. 2. Arman, entry fee to Top.

Daily222 Saturday - virtuoso mate 31. Last Monday’s position. Iron chess logic. Damian, Emin, Damarka, Vitaly, each sent a different solution. The fifth, Sargis, the same as Damarka. Ours is still different. Damian $5, Emin gets entry fee to Top83, Damarka, Vitaly distinction. Thank you all

Daily221 Friday -  The idea of Goldchess was the bravn move 23.R:c6. Vitaly did it, but later and won 2 moves faster! Bravo and $5. Congrat to all.

Daily220 Thursday 1st -  First Arman, second Pavel. Both sent an original solution. Arman has already won this week's prize, so the winner is Pawel. Arman receives an entry fee to the Top82. Congratulations
2021 - March
Daily219 Wednesd.31 -  
Winners: Yuri $5, Armenak entry to Top82. Both sent autorh's solutions. The distinction for Mohamed from Egypt, he send a different solution, without the capture of the queen.

Daily218 Tuesday 30 -  In today's task, there is probably no solution other than the author's. 3 autor’s. Winners: Arman $5, Vitaly entry to Top82. Congrat

Daily217 Monday 29-  Nobody sent authors. Interesting position. We won it in 3 moves, young professionals from Armenia, Robert and Emin in two! But, after this lesson, we found a win after-in one move!!! A win in one move was later found by Przemek, Yuri, Damarka and Armenak. Today mega short solutions win, in one move: Przemek $5, Yuri not, he won entry to Top 82  on Saturday, so receive it the next player, Damarka. We show also our solution, with the idea 27.f4. Thanks to all.

Daily216 Saturd. 27 - $5 + entry fee to Top. Only 2 authors' solutions. The $5 prize wins Przemek, and  since there is no other correct solution the entry to the Top receives Yuri
Daily215 Friday 26 -   Author's: DAmian, Armenak, Przemek. Wins first. Other - Yuri, Arman. Thanks for all.
Daily214 Thursd. 25 -  
Today’s winner is Vitaly, $5. The best solution has sent Yuri, v27 (without the capture of the queen). With the capture, after time best solution sent by Przemek, v28. Thanks for all players.
Daily213 Wedn. 24 -  Today Armenak first. The record, 33 seconds. Second, Yuri 6 seconds later. First 4 players -  our top players. Thanks for all.
Daily212 Tuesday 23 -  Only 4 moves to do. Yesterday winner Yuri, first. His time 37 seconds (!).The winner is Damarka who sent the author. It turns out that with 4 moves it was still possible to win differently. Another solution was found by Armenak and Pawel. Congratulations
Daily211 Monday 22 -   Since Monday, we have been brilliant. Damian and Przemek have sent author’s. Armenak, v28, move earlier. But… a big applause for Yuri. And $5. Cheers to Cuba! Apart from the fact that Yuri Gonzalez Vidal is a grandmaster, which is of little importance in Goldchess, he is a very creative chess player with a lot of imagination. Today's task, winning in 5 moves, he did in 3. An amazing solution. In Goldchess, chess and the chessboard are enchanted. Greetings to all players.
Daily210 Saturday 20 - $10 -  
Damarka and Przemek have sent draw 24. They are the winners, both $5. Congrat and thanks to all for participating.
Daily209 Friday 19 - $5 -  Today wins Damian for solving one of the three author's solutions. Damarka, Armenak and Sargis also have sent author’s. The best solution was sent by Yuri, winning with the capture of the queen. Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone for participating.
Daily208 Thursday 18 - $5 - Today the best solution was sent by Armenak, v32 and he is the winner. Damarka sent the author, we will show, Pawel a draw instead of the winning. The draw was in yesterday's task. Thank you all for your participation.

Daily207 Wednesday 17 - $5- We have changed the rules in Free Daily. Read on the website. Today the winner is Sargis, who sent our original solution. But the best was sent by our top players, Armenak and Damarka, a draw 2 moves faster than us. This position is also possible to win in 34, Vitaly sent. Congratulations for all players.

Daily206 Tuesday 16 - $5 - Yesterday's position. Today's win with the capture of the queen.  The first to send the correct solution was Arman and he is the winner today.
Daily205 Monday 15 - $5 - Only 4 moves to make. A parade of top players today. Yuri wins, we still show Armenak's solution different from all the others. Thank you all for your participation

Daily 204 Saturday-$10 - Today 2 winners. 1st Armenak and 4th Arman. Congrat. We invite all players on Monday.
Daily 203 Friday-$5 - Today everyone has sent in the correct solutions, but there can only be one winner. Today, Armenak, his time 43 seconds. If we count downloading, saving the solution and submitting, the pure time is about 30 seconds. Bravo!

Daily 202 Thursday-$5- 4 moves to do. Time for solve – 10 minutes. The task - get the queen in 29th move. The task proved difficult for the players. Nobody sent our solution. Armenak surrendered, made an exchange of queens. Paweł captured the queen in the 29th move, but got a losing position. Vitaly sent interesting variant, but after time. A new, good chess player from Russia, Sergey, has appeared and he is winning today.
Daily 201 Wednesday-$5 - Today Arman is the winner. 4 seconds faster than Yuri!
Daily 200 Tuesday9- $25 - Up to 5 players will be rewarded. Jubilee edition, 5 winners: Armenak, Sargis, Damian, Sergey, Arman. Armenia comes out on top. Sergey sent the solution v31without the CEEC resigns, but interesting and we accepted. Great congrat
Daily 199 Monday8 $5 - training before tomorrow’s jubilee game. Today the winner is Damarka, Юлия Челюскина receives a distinction.
Daily 198 Saturday6-$5 - First Sargis $5 and third Yuri - distinction for sending different solutions. Vitaly sent the author's and he is the winner today. Also $5.
Daily 197 Friday5-$5 - Won in 5. No one sent an author, although the players tried, for example Yuri, which we appreciate. Armenak, Damarka and others (they are marked on the screen) won in two moves. We draw. Of course, in the draw the woman always wins and today the winner is Damarka. We will repeat the task with a new position, so that players can find a Goldchess variant, in next Daily, 198.
Daily 196 Thursday4-$5 - Today Sargis is the winner, mate 29, move faster, with the time 1:29
Daily195 Wednesday3-$5 -  today Yuri is first, but the winner is Damian, he has sent authorial.
Daily194 Tuesday 2-$5 - Today Yuri is the Winner, he sent mate29. Congrat
Daily193 Monday March1-$5. New, new emotions... The mate in 20 is done easily, we show in -Winners. But winning in 22 is more difficult. Today were 12 participants and no one has sent a solution. We show it. Thanks to all participants
Daily 192 Saturday 27 - 
Sargis won. 2 minutes faster than Damian. Distinction for Yuri, he submitted the mate without capture of the queen, but our variant, Goldchess style.  This was to be the next task. Congrat for winners. 
Daily 191 Friday 26 - Today no one has made a move before. Everyone has sent original other solutions, and ours is still different. Different ideas and concepts of attack. First Sargis and he is the winner today.

Daily190 Thursday 25 - Everyone played the correct variant. Today the PC played two ways, 18...e4, a weaker move, and 18... Qg8, the stronger one. In the first case the solution is simple. V23 was sent by Damian and Arman. But the best is Armenak's solution, v25, our variant shortened by a move. Exceptionally 2 prizes, for Damian and Armenak. Congratulations

Daily 189 Wednes.24 - Today the winner is Damian. Mate 34.Qh4, a move earlier from us. Yuri sent better mate 3 moves earlier, but 32.Qg3, field next to. Congrat to the winner.

Daily188 Tuesday 23 - Chess knockout by Sargis. He sent the author in a time of 0:53, and won the position in the 24th move, 3 moves faster than us. What will be in Free WinFaster on Sunday?? Second, Arman, also v24. 3rd Armenak, 4th Yuri, they both sent fine solutions,v27. The prize receive first, Sargis. Thanks for all.
Daily187 Monday 22 - Mate in 22. Beautiful solutions. Damarka and Yuri are competing (in chess) even in marriage. Same time today, 1:25 and different solutions. Bravo! The winner, Damian, was only 4 seconds faster than them.  Fourth Arman, m21, move faster! But, fifth solution, by Yuri, mate 20! By way of exception, we will award this top solution. Mate 20 was still sent by our top players, Alex, and Armenak, but both after time. Debutant pro, Calvin Claasen sent mate 23, a move later. As you can see, Goldchess techniques simply have to be learned. Our computer is not a dangerous opponent. Thanks to all participants and welcome to the next Daily tournament.
Daily186 Saturday 20,
the best, fastest solution was submitted by Alex, 3 moves erlier! So he wins today's prize, $10. $5 for Sargis, who was first..
Daily185 - Friday - Today in the Daily Armenak out of reach. He solved the task in 43 seconds. Great congrat
Daily184 - Thursday - That has not happened before. We cannot believe it. 5 moves faster than us! Sargis Manukyan. A big round of applause!
Daily183 - Wednesday - Damian wins today. Only 9 seconds ahead of Sargis. Champions, Armenak and Arman sent the mates in 23 moves, a move earlier. Learn from them.
Daily182 - Tuesday16 - Precise technique, bravo to the 2 masters. Armenak and Alex won in 19 moves, 2 moves earlier. Bravo! The winner is Armenak, who sent the solution earlier. Thank you all for your participation.
Daily181-Monday15 - Damarka has advanced to the top players. Hence, today the award goes to Vitaly. Thank you all for your participation.
Daily180 - 
Today the winner is Damarka Miguez - Cuba, first and 3 moves earlier than us! Great congrat!
Daily179 - Today we will exceptionally reward two players, Arman and Vitaly (Виталий). 2 x $5. They both sent correct and other solutions.
Daily178 - A difficult task, for the best. Yesterday Sargis did mate in 30. Today find our variant of mate in 30. Of the great ones only Armenak sent the correct solution, and he is the winner. In time 10:57. Great congrat

Daily177 - Sargis Manukyan, 3 moves faster than us. Great congrat
Daily176 - 3 moves faster than us. A brilliant game by Arman

Daily175 - The next time the winner is Armenak. 2 minutes 8 seconds. Congrat

Daily174 - Surprise...the same position. The great class of the master from Armenia. He sent the solution in 35 seconds. Armenak Yeghiazaryan, Fide IM, Goldchess GM. Bravo! Correct solutions were also sent by Pawel (author) and Alex. We show them in Winners.

Daily173 - Today Armenak wins, with the time 1:32. Congrat

Daily172 - 6 moves only. Amazing! Paweł Jaworski wins before Arman. Only 2 seconds difference! Both sent solutions 2 moves faster than us. Big applause and we invite you to Win Faster on 28th February.

Daily171 - Today won Paweł Jaworski, Poland. Gratulacje

Daily170 - 7 moves. Only one way to solve. Today's winner is Armenak. Congrat

Daily169 - February 1 - Today's winner is Sahak Petrosyan, Armenia. Congrat

Daily168 - for Titans of Brain. 4 moves. Saturdays winners: 1.Armenak, $10, 2.Arman $5, 3.Alex $5.

Daily167 - Arman solved in too long time. Who will win? The winner is Виталий Яковлев! Russia

Daily166 - Nobody has sent our solution. But there is some about the move earlier. But the winner is Arman again!

Daily165 - One way to win today, our variant. .... And it is not true. In addition to our solution, Armenak and Arman sent 2 others. Author's solutions were sent by Arman, Armenak and Alex, all of Armenia. In this round the winner is ...Arman again.

Daily164 - Yesterday's task, in position 2 moves more. We are looking for a Goldchess variant. For the second time, Arman is the winner. His time, one minute, 57 seconds. Congratulations

Daily 163 - new formula. Arman's brilliant solution wins, time 1:15. This style is missing for Carlsen.
Arman sent a second still, a mate in 31 with pawn. It was also sent by Yuri, Vitaly and Alex. We show in -Winners- both solutions.
Daily 162 - $50. 
First Armenak. He won cleverly. He lured the active black figures to the left corner of the chessboard and won the move early. $20. Second Damian, our, author's solution. Bravo! $15. Third Arman, also author's. $10. 

After time sent Paylak, we'll award a token, $5. Cuba failed all the way. I suppose Yuri and Damarka didn't play, or they would have sent a solution. The task was simple. From Monday, a new Daily formula. The tournament will be open 24 hours a day and every day. There was a mistake. Paylak did not send the correct solution. $5 to the next player who send in the correct solution. GM Isan Ortiz, Cuba!

Daily 161 - January 16. Today in the Daily players from Russia, Armenia and India. Only 6 moves in the task. The first solution, time 6 minutes, 32 seconds, Armenak. He won even in 30, but there is no capture of the queen. Second solution already correct, time 9 minutes 13 seconds, also Armenak. Congratulations and $20! Today one King!
Daily 160 - January 9 - $20 - Ours - v32. Winners: first Alex, v31, 5th Armenak, v29. Both at $10 each.
Daily159 - January 2nd - $20 - Wh
o will win? You can win this position in 26 move. But, Goldchess teaches you how to play it effectively. Sacrifice the queen. We rewarded the first three. Armenak, the original solution, $10. And two interesting games. Vitaly sent a win in ... in one move, $5. Жавохир, mate in 46, also $5. 
Thank you all for your participation.

Christmas Free Daily 158, December 26
Saurday - $20. Christmas fun. Only 4 moves to do! 
It turns out that when we give the task in 4 moves, the players won in two, 2 moves faster.  Our solution is witty. Who will send our original solution? There is, fourthly, by Alex. OK. The solution won in two moves was sent by 5 players 1, 2, Alex, Damian and Klaudia, but she after time. Klaudia is playing for the first time today and it took her almost 17 minutes to find 2 moves.  She will improve the time, she will win. Today Alex wins, $10. The second $10 we draw among 2 players, first and second. We drew Vitali, $10. Thank you all for your participation.

Free Daily 152-157 - November 23-28

Individual winners: 
Monday –       $20 - Nobody sent authorial. Tomorrow the same task with new position. Today the best 2 wins, 1st Damian, m30, 8 moves earlier!, $10, and 7th, Armenak, m30, $10.
Tuesday -       $20  Today 3 winners. 1st and best, m31 by Arman, $10. Damarka m32 $5, Alex m32 $5.
Wednesday - $20  Winners: 1st Yuri, $1-, 2nd Arman, $5, 6th Жавохир, $5.
Thursday -     $20  The content of the task was not - win in 2 moves. We will show you the solution, you will understand. Only Armenak discovered the idea of the untouchable g6 pawn. $10 for him.

Friday -           $20 Nobody fund authorial. Winner: Paweł Jaworski $10
Saturday -      $20 1st Damarka, $10, 2nd Alex $10. 

Weekly countries ranking       
1. Armenia  2
2. Poland    2
3. Cuba       1,5

Free Daily 146-151 –  November 16-21
146-Monday –      $20 - Today: a simple game... in Capablanca style... 17.Nf6 - top brilliant move. Award winners: 1st Damian $10. Yuri, Sahak, Armenak 3 x $5. thanks for finding the correct variant.
147-Tuesday -       $20  Today's winners: 1st Damian, $10, 2nd Sahak $5, and 5th Arman, v27, 1 move earlier, $5.
148-Wednesday - $20  Today 4th Sargis, m28 $10. 2nd Arman, $5, 3rd Damian $5
149-Thursday -      $20  Only 2 correct solutions. Armenak, m24, $10, and Yuri, m25, $10
150-Friday -           $50  - The first solution, a new player with talent, but sent a win instead of a mate. Second, Sargis nicely cheated our computer. Mate22, $20. And, the 5th solution, the original one, sent Yuri! Big applause and $30!

151-Saturday -      $20 - Position21, 8 moves to do. In solution 1 brilliant move. Nobody solved. All the players have sent mate 30, on move later. Today without prize.

Weekly countries ranking       
1. Armenia  3,5
2. Poland    2,5
3. Cuba       2 

Free Daily 141-145 –  November 9-14
Individual winners: 
141-Monday –       $20 The best solutions win today. 1st Armenak, draw31, $10, and 14th Damarka, mate 31, $10. Great congrat
142-Tuesday -       $20  Today 5 best solutions, v30. Winners: Sargis, $10, Damarka $10.
     Wednesday -  $20  We celebrate in Poland. In the Daily tournament - rest day
143-Thursday -     $20 - Today winner is 9th Arman, m29, $10, 11th, Armenak, mate30, $5, 3rd Damian m31, $5. Asia sends a m29, but after time.
144-Friday -           $20 -  Yesterday position... Today mate28. A beautiful combination. Those who don't see it must seriously study in our Training Box. Who saw? Only Arman. Today we are awarding with great pleasure. All $20.
145-Saturday -      $20 - 4 author's solutions. win two first. Yuri and Arman, 2 x $10

Weekly countries ranking       
1. Armenia  5,5
2. Cuba       3
3. Poland    
4. Uzbekistan 
5. India           
6. US  

Free Daily 135-140 –  November 2-7

Individual winners: 
Monday –       $20  - The first four sent in original solutions. 4 x $5. Arman, Sahak, Damian, Alex. Thanks for all.
Tuesday -       $20  - Wow! 18 solutions! 10 under a minute. We rewarded 4, under 50 seconds. 4 x $5. Let's hear it for everyone. Best Yuri, v26, move faster. 
Wednesday - $20  -  Today only the top Goldchess players have sent solutions in the allowed time. Daily is fun. Starting tomorrow, the top Goldchess players play as guests, can only be rewarded for the best solution or the author's own and in the second place.Today Armenak showed the best solution, m30, so he won $10. That is why Arman and Yuri (Both sent mate m31) without awards. Second prize $10 for12-year-old chess player from Uzbekistan. We show also our solution.

Thursday -     $20  - Winners: 1st Damarka, draw23,-best, $10. Yury and Armenak author's. 2 x $5.  
Friday -           $20  - 2 heroes of the day. Yuri top brilliant solution and Damian - authors. 2 x $10. You are great!
Saturday -      $20 - Saturday briliant fun. Yesterday's task for an encore. Win-get-capture 2 queens. Today 2 winners. 2nd Sahak, m41, $10, and Arman m43, $10. Hane a nice weekend for all participants. In Country Rank, the first Armenia. 

Weekly countries ranking       
1. Armenia  5,5
2. Poland    2 
3. Cuba      1,5
4. Uzbekistan 
5. India           
6. US  

Free Daily 129-134 –  October 26-31
Individual winners: 
Monday –       $20 - 2 author's solutions. 1st Arman, $10, 2nd Alex, $10. Thanks for all/
Tuesday -       $20 - All marked players sent the same solution. Winners: Arman, $10, Sahak, $5, Damarka $5.
Wednesday - $20 - Nobody solved. Tomorrow the same game with new position. One move more.
Thursday -     $20 - 1st  Sahak, m31, $5. Only Armenak sent the correct solution. $15. Thanks for all.
Friday -           $20 - Game cancelled. All participants downloaded yesterday's item.
Saturday -     $40 - Today we opened the Daily tournament 3 minutes later. We are sorry. OK, who won today? 1st traditionally Arman, m50, not brilliant, $10. Best solution, 10th, m48 by Pawel, $15. And 12th by Asia - authorial! $15.
We wish you all a pleasant weekend. Goldchess team.

Weekly countries ranking       
1. Armenia  5,0   
2. Poland      1 
3. Cuba        0,5 
4. Uzbekistan 
5. India           
6. US  

Free Daily 123-128 –  October 19-24 

Individual winners: 

Monday –       $20 - 3 first solutions - authorial. Bravo! 1.Arman-$10, 2.Alex-$5, 3. Жавохир-$5
Tuesday -       $20 - Only 2 solution. Both authorial! Great Alicja and great Arman! 2 x $10. Great congrats!
Wednesday - $20 - Nobody sent author's. Three best solutions (v23), 1. Arman-$10, 5.Joshi-$5, 7. Alex-$5.
Thursday -     $20 - 1st Emin,correct v25, $10. 3rd Damarka and 4th Armenak, both authorial, 2 x $5.
Friday -           $20  3 winners. 2nd Sargis draw32, $10. 4th Damian draw35, $5, 5th Arman, draw34, $5.
Saturday -     $20 - Just like in the Screen. Today, champions pause, women win. 2.Damarka, $10, 4.Joanna $10.

Weekly countries ranking       
1. Armenia     4
2. Poland       2
3. Cuba          1
4. Uzbekistan 0,5
5. India           0,5
6. US  

Free Daily 117-122 –  October 12-17 
A week of draws
Individual winners:
Monday –       $20 - Nobody sent our solution. Winners: 3rd-Emin Ohanyan, $10, and 5th-Damian Śliwicki, $10
Tuesday -       $20  - All players sent correct solutions. Winners: 3rd Жавохир Артиков, $10 and 4th Damarka, $10.
Wednesday - $20  -Winners: 1st Yuri-authorial, $10, 4th Armenak - 1 move faster, draw 25, $10.
Thursday -     $20 - First solution by Emin, draw28, no. The formal winners are 2 Paweł Jaworski and 3 Alex Nurijanyan, but today we are rewarding the young people, solution 8 by Robert Piliposyan $10, and 12th ΑΡΙΣΤΟΤΕΛΗΣ ΣΤΥΛΙΑΝΟΥ $10. 
Friday -          $20  - Today the all players have sent correct solutions. We award 2 women, 4th Alicja Sliwicka-Poland $10 (other draw), and 7th, Damarka Miguez, Cuba, authorial, $10. Great thans for rest men for participation. You are great!
Saturday -      $20 -  All players sent correct solutions. Three first win. Sargis $10, Damian $5, Robert $5. For all - have a nice weekend!

Weekly countries ranking 
1. Cuba        2,5
2. Armenia   1,5 
3. Poland     1,5 
4. Uzbekistan 1
5. India   
6. US  


Editions 111-116 – October 5-10
Individual winners:
Monday 5-      D111  $20 - All the players have sent in the right solutions. In the 1st Daily fun edition we will award the two youngest ones. Жавохир Артиков from Uzbekistan, $10, and Emin Ohanyan from Armenia, $10. Thanks for all participants
Tuesday 6-     D112  $20  Today 2 winners, Sargis and Emin, both $10, for draw 1 move earlier (in 27)
Wednesday 7-D113 $20 - Only 3 correct solutions. Winners: 1st – Damarka, $10.  Time under a minute. A big applause for the woman, the Cuban chess player! 2nd Armenak, $10. Thanks to all participants.

Thursday 8-   D114  $20 - today's childishly easy task. 1st-Damarka, authorial, $10. Today were 4 moves to do. Can win earlier it. Of course! 8th-Arman, v22 $10. Great thanks for participation to all!
Friday 9-         D115  $20 - Winners: 1st Damarka, draw 34, $10. 7th Armenak, draw 32, $10.  All players sent correct solutions. Thanks.
Saturday 10- D116  $20 - simple task. Winnners: 1st Armenak, $10, 4th Sargis, draw 29, $10. We invite to next week. 

Weekly countries ranking 
1. Armenia     5
2. Uzbekistan 1
3. Cuba          2
5. India   
6. US  
Editions 105-110, September 28 – October 3

Individual winners:
Monday –105      $50 - Winners: 1st Arman $25, 2nd Armenak $15, 3rd Narayan Joshi - India, $10.

Tuesday -106      $50  - 29 solutions. But, it is written clearly at the top that one player can send only 2 solutions. From tomorrow's tournament, anyone who sends more than two will be disqualified. Today, we award the top 3 winnings, in 30 moves (5 moves faster from us). 1. Armenak, $25, 2. Arman, $15, 8.Yuri, $10. No one has found our variant. Today one player sent mate 25, but, our computer won. :)

Wednesday -107 $50 - 1st, 2nd-best solution by Armenak, v32, $25. Next 3rd Жавохир Артиков, $15. He is 12 years old, bravo! 4th correct solution by Sargis, $10. Thanks for all.

Thursday - 108    $50 - 16 solutions. All correct! The first three win: 1st Armenak $25, 2nd Lukasz $15. 3rd Yuri $10. Thanks all for participation.
Friday - 109         $50 - In the given time, one correct solution, by Alex, $25 and congrat. The first, win on  move 20 with the queen's sacrifice, by Vahram Mezhlumyan, and the second, m23 with sacrifice, but a move too late. We will award the second, by Жавохир Артиков, $15 and exceptionally the first, $10. The correct solution was also sent by Armenak, but after time, so without prize. Nobody sent authorial.

Saturday - 110    $50 - The last day of old Free Daily edition. From Monday - Free Daily fun, for younger and less experienced players, with prize $20 every day. Today... 2 draws. There were 23 solutions submitted. Winners: Arman $25 (2nd and 4th), Armenak, $15 (1st and 10th), Yuri $10 (3rd and 5th). Thanks for all participants. 

Weekly countries ranking 
1. Armenia     4,5 knockout of the rest of the countries
2. Uzbekistan 0,5
3. Cuba          0,5
4.Poland        0,5
5. India   
6. US  


Editions 99-104, from 21-26 September
Individual winners:
Monday –      $50 - For the prize. 3rd solution, by Armenak, v28, $20. 6th, Damian, half original, best, v27, $30.

Tuesday -      $100 Jubilee Edition... Nobody solved. We distinguish the first one, by Arman, mate 21 with the queen's getting and sacrifice, $15. Overtime shall be cancelled. 2 players have sent the correct solutions after time. See the screen. We reward them with half the prize. 1. Armenak $35, 2. Arman $15... Tomorrow's next task.

Wednesday - $50 with sacrifice a queen... First and best, v20 -Armenak, $30. Next best awarded: 10th Alex, v22, $10, and 3rd, Arman, v24, $10
Thursday -    $50  Today:1st and 2nd solution by Yuri, $25, best  4th, by Pawel Jaworski m34-f9, and 9th, m35-f10, $25.
Friday -          $50 - very many brilliant solutions. Awarded: 1st-new leader, Sargis Manukyan, author's, $25 prize. 4th solution by Yuri, best, v29 with sacrifice, $15, and 3rd, by Жавохир Артиков, 12 years old, without sacrifice, but most beautiful, $10. Thanks for all today's players.
Saturday -     $50 - All those marked have sent the correct solutions (see screen). But we only reward the first three. 2nd Yuri, $25. 3rd Arman, $15. 4th, Sahak, $10. First, Armenak, Vahram and Przemek sent mate 22. It is not a solution.

Weekly countries ranking 
1. Armenia   4
2. Cuba        1,5
3.Poland      1
4. India   
5. US  
6. Uzbekistan

Free Daily 93-98. From 14 to 19 September - WIM Alicja Śliwicka Week.

A talented and titled Polish junior. World vice-champion and European champion in fast chess. Alicja and her games in Daily.

Free Daily 93-98 – September 14-19. One-game week. We show in 6 ways how to win this party.
Individual winners:

Monday 14th–       $50 - Two first authorial. 1st Armenak $35, 2nd Alex $15. 9 solutions, nobody more sent original.
Tuesday 15th -      $50  - Nobody sent authorial. 9 solutions in given time. In descritpion of the task was not getting a queen. 1st by Arman, with getting, not. Fifh correct, by Arman, $25, and best, 7th, m24 by Armenak, $25. Thanks for all participants. Tomorrow also day of win. 
Wednesday 16th -$50 - Today 2 correct solutions. 1st and authorial, Arman, $35. 7th, Alex, also auth. $15. Thanks for all
Thursday 17th -    $50 - 19 solutions. 1st Yuri, $20. 5th Armenak, m26-best, $15. 10th, Arman, m27-second best, $15
Friday 18th -         $50 - Here was our fault, not changed yesterday position. All players downloaded it. We are cancelling this tournament, but 3 prizes-distinctions of $10 each are awarded: 1. Armenak, 5. Yuri-v26, 6. Paweł Jaworski-v26 also.
Saturday 19th -    $50 - 2 heroes. 1st Arman, v40, our first move and idea, $25. 3rd, Armenak-best v36, 6 moves earlier from us! $25.

Weekly countries ranking 
1. Armenia   6
2. Cuba        1
2. Poland   
4. India   
5. US  
6. Uzbekistan

Free Daily 87-92 – September 7-12
Individual winners:

Monday –      $50 - a little surprise...Saturday's position. Today, victory 26 with getting a queen. The task proved difficult. No one sent the original solution.  The players sent the 26th mate. Dear players, the task with mate was on Saturday. Third solution by Arman, correct, but weak. After 25. Bd5 the computer gives up. $15 prize only. The second, by Alex, better, but after time. Distinction and $5.
Tuesday -      $50 - First + authorial, Arman, $25. Bravo! 2nd Damian-best, $15. The same sent 3rd Yuri, $5, and Alex, $5.
Wednesday - $50 - A task with a trap. You can easily get the queen by playing Bc4+, but then the mate is only in 31 moves. 
Results: nobody solved in given time. First, Sahak, v28, not mate. After time, Armenak, best m28 with the conditions met, instead $25, $10. Second after time solution, Arman, m30. He could give mate in 28 with Q, but he wanted  to meet the conditions and give the mate with a rook, that is why m30. $5. Tomorrow great surprise!
Thursday -     $50 - Goldchess Top. A beautiful variant. All prize, $50, for the first. Nooooobody solved. 4th solution, by Arman, m33, 3 moves later, but with the conditions met, distinction and $10. Also a ditinction and $10 for 1st, Yuri, he proposed a sacrifice on c5. Tomorrow ACCUMULATION!

Friday -          $75 for the first winner, new position. Three first solutions are correct. So 1st Armenak $50, 2nd Arman $15, 3rd Alex $10. Great congrat!
Saturday -     $50. Report: First correct, and 4th almost original, Yuri, $30. Second correct, Shakuni- India, $10. And 5th-best, m26-Жавохир Артиков 12 years old, Uzbekistan. Thanks for all participants.

Weekly countries ranking - Domination of Armenia
1. Armenia 3,5
2. Cuba      1,5
2. Poland   1
4. India       0,5

Free Daily81-86 August 31 – September 5.

Individual winners:
Monday –       $50- solve time - 5 minutes. Only 2 correct solution in given time. 1. Arman, $25, second Armenak, $15.
Tuesday -       $50 All players sent correct solutions. 1.Yuri $20. 2.Arman $10. 3.Armenak $10. 4.Damian $5. 5 Alex $5.
Wednesday - $50 - 3 correct solutions awarded. 1.Damian $25. 2. Armenak $15. 4.Arman $10
Thursday -     $50 - 1.Arman $25, 3rd Alex $15, 5th Artikow $10-distinction
Friday -          $50 - Nobody sent original. First and best - 1 move faster - Armenak, $25 prize.
Saturday -      $50 + $50 extra prize for player who will solve 1 move faster. Nobody sent 1 move faster.
It is a difficult decision. All the players have sent the same solutions. Except of the 5th one. Yuri sent our original solution here. So 1. Arman $15, 2. Armenak $5, 4. Alex $5. 5th Yuri -original solution, $25.

Weekly countries ranking
1. Armenia 5,5
2. Cuba      2
3. Poland   1
4. India     

Free Daily74-79, August 24-29
Individual winners:
Monday –      $100 - Nobody solved. Best, 4th solution, v28 by Sahak, $25 prize.
Tuesday -      $125 - nobody sent original. 1st correct v34, Damian, $25. Best-7th solution by Armenak, v29, $15. Second best, Damarka, v30, $10. Tomorrow we  will add 2 more moves, plus a hint in the task content.

Wednesday - $150 -  Accumulation! We add 2 next moves + a hint. This is the last day of this task. Only 2 solutions in a given time. There was a hint, but nobody solved it.
So today without rewards. We show our solution for $150.

Thursday -     $50 - Nobody solved in given time. A 12-year-old chess player from Uzbekistan was the first to send two solutions, but he mistakenly included an item file in the solution column and sent twice an item instead of a solution.
2 solution author's, 3rd Sahak, 5th - Arman. 1 distinction for Sahak, $10.
Friday -          $50. Nobody sent original. The winner is 4th-Arman, $25..Distinction for 8th-Damian, v29. $10. A player from Uzbekistan today sent a solution in which he lost to CEEC, mate on move 23, 0-1. We do not reward losers games. smiley 
Saturday -      $50- the first correct - 3rd by Yuri, $25. The best, 5th solution by Armenak, $25.

Weekly countries ranking
1. Armenia 3
2. Cuba      1,3
3. Poland   1
4. India      0


Free Daily 67-72, August 17-22.

Individual winners:
Monday –      $50 - 1. Isan Ortiz Suarez $25. Original solution Alicja Śliwicka $25. big congrat
Tuesday -      $50 - three first solutions - our thinking. :). 1. Yuri-$30, 2.Arman-$10, 3.Sahak-$10
Wednesday - $50 - 1st and best, Arman, $25. Fourth -Yuri Gonzalez Vidal, author's $25.
Thursday -     $50 - First Pawel Jaworski, m28 - $25. The same sent 3.Pawel, 5.Alex. 6th solution author's, by Yuri, $25
Friday -          $50 - the game from the Polish Women's Championship 2020. Alicja vs WGM Jolanta Zawadzka.

No one found our variants. We'll come back to this party next week, with a new position.
Today, 10 solutions in the time allowed. Best third solution, m26 by Arman, $25. 2 distinction for Isan, m28 with exchange queens, and Alex, sacrifice queen instead getting.

Saturday -     $100 - Chess hit, Goldchess diamond... Alicja Sliwicka - WGM Klaudia Kulon, $100.

17 solutions submitted. Nobody sent a win 34 in Goldchess style. Best of best (faster from us) 7th solution by Alex, v29, $25. And, 2 more distinctions, 5th-Paweł, $15 for v30, also 8th-Yuri, $10 for v30,
Monday still a win in 34, with a new position.

Weekly countries ranking
1. Cuba      4
2. Armenia 3,8
3. Poland   1
4. India       0

Free Daily 61-66, August 10-15
. Winners:
Monday – $75 - nobody sent author's. Best - Damarka solution, $25
Tuesday - $100  Nobody solved. Alex, a semi-authentic solution. $35

Alex spoiled the variant. After 31.Qh7, the blacks give up.
Armenak, fastest win v32, $15. We also show our solution.
In our solution after accepting the bishop's sacrifice, not even Carlsen will defend it. 

Wednesday - $50  First Arman-one check less, $10. 2nd Armenak-best, $15, and solution sent after time by Alex, m28, $10.
Thursday - $50 No one sent the author. There are many beautiful solutions, but the king is one today. Arman for mate 25. Great congrat!
Friday -      $50- wow! 5 correct-author's solutions. 1. Arman $30, 2. Armenak $10, 3. Yuri Gonzalez $10
Saturday - $50 - The king is one. Paweł Weichhold, Poland. 2nd correct, after time, Alex, $10

Free Daily August 3 - 8
Monday 3rd -      $75 nobody solved
Tuesday 4th -     $100 big fanfare! 2 correct solutions! 1st Yuri Gonzalez Vidal $70, 2nd Arman Ghevondyan $30
Wednesday 5th- $50 - no one has solved it in the given time. After time Armenak sent author's, distinction $15.
Thursday 6th -    $50 - nobody sent author's. The first correct - Pawel Weichhold $25  Tomorrow draw.
Friday 7th -         $50 - a heavy draw... no one solved. Best- draw27, one move later, Yuri Gonzalez Vidal, $10.
Saturday 8th -     $50 - nobody solved, accumulation on Monday, distinction - Damian Śliwicki
Free Daily July 27 - August 1
Monday -        $275 - Big fanfare! Armenak Yeghizaryan has solved!
                      The $275 prize goes to Armenia!
Tuesday -       $100 Daily 50, Jubilee edition. Nobody sent our variant.  Today the winners are: Armenak,                                      $15, Przemek Skrzypczyński $15. Distinction - Isan Ortiz Suarez, Cuba
Wednesday - $70 - Wow! A lot of solutions, but no one sent the author! Winners: first Alice Sliwicka, $20,                                best Isan Ortiz Suarez $35, third Armenak, $15. The distinction - Sahak Petrosyan, one
                            move later.
Thursday -     $50 - nobody sent author's! Winners: 1st Sahak Petrosyan $15, 2nd Yuri Gonzalez Vidal $15,
                             3rd Arman Ghevondyan (he sent both solutions) $15. Great congrat for all.  
Friday -          $25 - the same problem, new position. Nobody solved. All players sent yesterday solutions.
Saturday -      $50 - on weekend Goldchess cosmic game. Nobody solved. One solution, the mate 31.




Goldchess Challenge - May 23
Edition 5. 3 mates in 33 moves from one position. Simple tasks.
Task 1. First Damian, second Alex. They both sent the same solution, mates to get all the figures. We don't recognize it, because it's solution number 3. Here, of course, it's possible to get mat 32, but not Qg7, just the Rg8. We'll show you it in the Winner. The third solution, Alicia Sliwicka and she wins here.

Task 2. 33.Hd8#. Nobody sent it. $0. We'll show it in Winners.

Task 3. Mate 33, to get the all black pieces (except pawns of course). Damian and Alex did this solution in first task. But here's where Paweł Jaworski first sent in and he wins. And, record, his time 48 seconds.
Congratulations to the winners and welcome to the next edition.

Goldchess Challenge, May 16
Today, three tasks and in each only 5 moves to do. 
Task 1. Here we have 2 of our variants. Spectacular, for $50 and normal, $25. 
First Alex, $25, second Alice. Same solutions and different from ours. We'll show our for $50.
Task 2, only one of our options. But maybe somebody will send another option won in 5 moves.
There is! First Alex, $25, second Alice. Both v27, two moves faster. Nobody sent the original. Fifth, another one, v29, Asia, honorable mention.
Task 3. Here we have five of our own solutions. Winning in 31 and 30, both $50, and 3 weaker solutions, $25. Which our players will discover today?
First ALICIA, our solution, second Damian, second our solution. We share the prize, 2 x $25.
We invite you on 23rd May.

Goldchess Challenge, May 9
Task 1, first Damian and only Damian. Exactly our original solution. The winner. $25.
Task 2, Damian again. Task not original, but a Goldchess record! 47 seconds! There were three moves to make, he's got a computer to give up in two! Second Armenak, 100% authorial. We have to split the prize. 2x$25.
Task 3 again, first Damian. But not that solution. He sent a mate in 25, and we had to make a win, getting the hetman. Second Armenak again, but he's got class! Move by move, it duplicated our thinking. The original solution. We're happy to award, $75. Total Damian $50, Armenak $25 + $75=$100.
Congratulations. We invite you on 16 May
Goldchess Challenge, May 2
Repeat the previous edition. 
In Tasks 1 and 2 we added 2 solution moves each. Will it be harder or easier?
There were 30 chess players in the tournament. 6 from the list and 24 unregistered wild players.
Task 1, win in 20 moves. No one sent a solution.
Task 2, mate 22, same position. First Alice Sliwicka, time 1:28. Correct solution and she wins here. Congratulations.
Second good solution by Damian, time 7:27.
Task 3, no change of position. No one sent a solution. 
We'll change the tactics. From the next edition of Goldchess Challenge there will be only easy tasks. We will reward the winner and the first player with a low ranking who will also send the right solution.
We invite a wide range of chess players. 
Poland Challenge - free, April 25th, 16:00

A strange thing happened in the Poland Challenge tournament. A lot of players were taking positions from the previous tournament by inattention. Arman, a talented player from Armenia, who sent the first 2 solutions in task 1.  The correct solution, winning in 20 moves, was not sent by anyone.

Task 2, First Damian, sent a position instead of a solution. Second Alicja Śliwicka, correct solution, only... another variant and mate 3 moves faster than us! And she wins here. Congratulations. Solution 3 and 4, Arman, positions and solutions from the previous tournament. But, there is still a solution 5, Veronica, 12 years old, also mate in the 19th. We will reward the 12-year-old with an additional prize of 100 PLN. Big applause!

Task 3. one solution after the time, 10:23, sent by Arman Gevondyan , but incorrect, from a bad position from the previous tournament.

We do not understand how players could download from -My account, positions from previous tournament. We checked, the positions from the Poland Challenge are displayed correctly.
We invite you to the free Goldchess Challenge next Saturday, this time at 16:00.
The prize pool is always the same, $150.


Gold World Challenge free - April 20

Task 1. First Arman Gevondyan, Armenia. All right, $50. Congratulations.
Task 2. Only 2 solutions, both by Arman. But 2 moves too late. There is no winner.
Task 3. One solution, but sent out after time. 10:29. Arman found the right way, the correct variant, but he didn't beat the computer in 63 moves. 
We show solutions in Winner-Tournaments
We invite you to the next tournament


Goldchess Challenge April 18

Tasks from the Skawiński - Łukasz Luba game. Lukasz tried to use the Goldchess style, but he confused the order of moves and lost. Here we show the winning variants.  We play blacks.
Task 1 - win in 35, position after 30 moves. Only 6 moves to go. The exact author's solution was sent by Damian Śliwicki. Time 6 minutes. Congratulations.
Task 2, mate 39 from the same position.  
Task 3, win on  move 39.
Tasks 2 and 3, no one sent a solution.
We show 3 solutions in Winners-Tournaments-Challenges.

In our tournaments, you play from a given position vs. the educational CEEC computer.
Specially for chess-playing friends of Patricia Claros Aguilar. Start April 20 at 16:00 CET. 
It is the year 1894. Steinitz, playing as White, loses a game to Lasker. At Goldchess we have won it. In the Tournament we have presented 3 instructive tasks showing how to win this game. Of course, the participants are expected to win in the way specified by us.

Gold World Challenge Tournament rules. Registration until 11 April - sign up today, on April 11-17th pay entry fee

The basic prize pool is US$ 1,000. Its amount depends on the number of participants and may be higher. If there are 500 contenders, the prize pool will amount to US$5,000. The Tournament includes three chess problems that need to be solved, and the prizes from the basic pool are as follows: US$ 250 for problem No. 1, US$ 250 for problem No. 2, and US$500 for problem No. 3.
50% of each prize goes to the winner who is the first to submit a correct solution to a problem. As it is Patricia Claros Aguilar Tournament, the other 50% of each prize is earmarked for 1-3 winners from Latin American countries who are the first representatives of their countries to send in correct solutions within the specified time limit. (The time limits for solving the problems are as follows: 9 minutes for problem No. 1, 9 minutes for problem No. 2 and 10 minutes for the problem No. 3). The first problem is the easiest one, as it requires only 7 moves. The amounts of prizes reflect the difficulty levels of particular problems.

Apart from the rules specified above, the relevant provisions of the Goldchess Rules, as well as regulations applicable to other Goldchess tournaments apply to the Gold World Challenge Tournament.
The Gold World Challenge tournament will be held as a guest event in the National Challenge tournament. And for this tournament you have to pay an entry fee.
Goldchess team


 In our tournaments, you play from a given position vs. the educational CEEC computer.

Goldchess is a game of equal chances and anyone can win. Ranking and title do not matter. The winner is the player who wins the position first in the way we have specified. Example: In the Goldchess tournament in India there were 50 participants and 3 international masters. Look who won:




Goldchess Challenge 9! *Winners
Free players
Task 1 -
Task 2 -
Task 3 -
Players with paid entry fee
Game 1. There is no winner. one correct solution sent after time (Armenak) -see in Winner
Game 2. there is no winner. no one made a win with getting a queen.
Game 3. only Armenak sent the correct solution, winning in 31st move.



Easy Edition - Goldchess Challenge 8! is over
*Free players
*Task 1 Hayk Yeritsyan - prize an entry fee for Challenge 9.
*Task 2 there is no free winner
* Task 3 - Przemek Skrzypczyński - entry fee for Challenge 9
*Players with paid entry fee
*Task1 there is no winner
*Task 2 - (6 moves faster!) Armenak Yeghiazaryan $25
*Task 3 - Armenak Yeghiazaryan $25


Challenge 7
Task 1 - this brilliant Armenak ... a draw with the queen's sacrifice played concertly. Applause!
Task 2 - it turns out that Duda's position could have been won 2 moves earlier than us. Alex Nurijanyan did it
and he wins here.
Task 3, the most difficult. It was necessary to give a mate in 30th move, with the getting and sacrifice of the queen.
No one could do it.
There were no minimum players, so symbolic rewards, a $ 100 prize pool, Armenak $ 60, and Alex $ 40.
Armenak's solution



Goldchess Challenge 4 - February 2

An extraordinary, brilliant edition. 2 and 3 are tasks from the game of JK Duda, lost by him white, at the Tata Steel 2019 tournament. At Goldchess you can win them in a beautiful style.
Feel invited


26-01-2019 Goldchess Challenge 3
Game 1-winner Armenak Yeghiazaryan,  he solved in 1:26 minutes. Games 2, 3, transferred on February 2


Goldchess Crazy 18
We solve on the diagram


Challenge 1

A sensational beginning! In our Challenge, the second game of Carlsen - Caruana 2018 match in the Goldchess version. A brilliant task 3, $ 600 prize and the title Goldchess Capablanka! Win a prize and title!

Un comienzo sensacional! En nuestro Challenge, el segundo juego de Carlsen - Caruana en la versión Goldchess. Una tarea brillante 3, ¡Premio de $ 600 y título de Capablanka Goldchess!
¡Gana un premio y un título!

For beginners. Weekend tournament (Saturday-Sunday at 18:00 CET).


Level1 - Edition15, Saturday 19, draw 44. Vitaly sent author's solutuion. It was simple. One move with knight, and Blacks  was doing the draw alone. Congrat

Level1-6 Sunday April 11 - win-victory in 28. 2 moves 
Level1-5 Saturday April 10 - mate 26, 2 moves

Level1-5 Sunday April 4 - pause
Level1-4 Saturday April 3 - Our top player Damarka solved 2 moves faster. see her solution in Winners-Level 1

Leve1-3 Saturday March 27- Third tournament with the same task and nobody has sent a solution. The problem is child's play. In fact it is enough to make one move and the draw comes out by itself. We wait for someone to do it. The same task in edition 4.

Level1-2 Sunday March 14
Level1-1 Saturday March 13. Winner? -  No one has sent solution. Tomorrow the same problem


Batumi 4 - Alex Nurijanyan - $30
Ding Liren - Duda

solution- position31, play black



Batumi 4- Hayk Yeritsyan - $20



Batumi 3- Armenak Yeghiazaryan - $100
Duda vs Caruana 
solution, position 22



Batumi 2- Armenak Yeghiazaryan - $75
Duda vs Mamediarow

solution, position16



Batumi 1
Vachier Lagrave -Duda
Goldchess solution, position14



GC July, no one has solved, see
position after 11 moves from the game GM Timur Gareyev



GC June
m32, interesting, Paweł Jaworski, Poland




GC June, not author's, distinction, $50. Lukasz Luba, Poland



GC June - there is no correct solution yet. But there is one interesting, Lukasz Luba Poland,



Great Chess Masters Games

Gareyev - Jobava 
by Hayk Yeritsyan Armenia,
position 12



Great Chess Masters Games

Gareyev vs Jobava
by Armenak Yeghiazaryan (Goldchess solution)
position 12



Puzzle GC

Kasparov vs Petrosyan 
Lukasz Luba Poland solution - mate 32



Puzzle GC

Kasparov vs Petrosyan
Armenak Yehiazaryan solution - mate 34



Puzzle GC
Aronian - Caruana
Goldchess solution



Aronian-Caruana, solution 2

Lukasz Luba PL



Aronian - Caruana solution 1. Armenak Yeghiazaryan, Armenia
Author’s solution, 21.Qg7 mate. solve



GC October
solved by Alex Nurijanyan 
After the first solution the game is over.



GC September


No checkmate in 20th move. No Grandmaster has sent in one. There are many checkmates in 21st move, good-looking ones, but this month we award an off-contest solution (the player is not a Grandmaster) by Tigran Petrosyan from Armenia (IM). Victory in 18th move. Just have a look.



GM Corner June. There is no winner. 3 distinctions, 1.Alex Nurijanyan + $50, 2.Tigran Petrosyan, 3.Lukasz Luba.
Alex game



GCorner July - the task solved FM Sargis Manukyan Armenia




GC May. There is no winner. 2 distinctions, Alex Nurijanyan, Tigran Petrosyan.
Alex game



GCorner June-starts on Wednesday 5.00 pm CET


There is a winner! Tigran Petrosyan of Armenia solved a problem at Grandmaster Corner April ! Award plus Goldchess Grandmaster title!



Two players made the task of Grandmaster corner. Received Goldchess Grandmaster titles. / see-List of Winners /
Reward: $ 1000 for Grandmaster which will make mate move faster, still waiting.


Nothing is impossible for the players!
Player Grosmaster in the game Grandmaster Corner gave mat in 23 move and won the title
Goldchess Grandmaster!



GT November (open)
Check your possibilities. The solution is in Winners-Genius Test.

GT December 5 (next) 

GT November (7-11-2021)- The emotions of the November Genius Test competition are behind us. The winner was Damian Sliwicki, who sent the first correct solution, his time, 2 minutes. Second Hayk Yeritsyan, Armenia, time 8 minutes, also original solution. Third Armenak. Prizes: Damian $50, Hayk $25, Armenak, $25. Plus all three, Goldchess Genius titles. Congratulations.


September 2021
Only one player solved. Arman Ghevondyan, Armenia. He is great! See the solution in Winners.

Genius Test - July. Here is the solution. Pay attention to its style and quality. Goldchess involves iron logic of chess and playing identical with or very similar to tournament chess. This game, starting from the given position, could be played in any chess tournament. Mate in 26 moves, with the queen sacrificed and captured. We present also our solution No. 2, which is reverse mate in 27 moves, with the queen captured and sacrificed.  Take a look.

Comments. Position after 15 moves.

Goldchess is an outstanding form of chess, ideal for learning how to play. You can freely undo moves and look for other possibilities, choosing the best ones. In this game, you can play several variants and quickly work out that in this position the key black piece is the knight well positioned on g4, which defends e5 and the f4-b8 diagonal. So, how can it be eliminated? In a very straightforward way,

16.h3 Nh6 –  the knight can move only in one way, after 15… Ne5, 16.Bf4 the black would lose a pawn. But how should the black queen be attacked now with tempo? This is the         Genius variant, so the solution is also simple. Sacrifice the knight.

17.N:d4 ed4

18.Bf4! Qa5  continued attack with tempo

19.b4! Q:a2

20.b5 N:f5     Black captures the pawn in order to subsequently shield itself with the knight on d6

21.bc6            Wb8# mate is imminent

21…. Nd6

22.c5 Rde8    the computer defends e7 against white pawn marching after knight capture on d6.

                        And here is the brilliant point of this combination.

23.Qb5!!! N:b5 a beautiful sacrifice of the queen. Black must capture. Mate on b8 was imminent

24.R:b4          inevitable mate on b8 , with the rook

24…. Qb2      an act of despair

26.R:b2 Rd8




Genius Test July - Game 2



GT December
Winner Armenak Yeghiazaryan
great congrat!



July - won the first solution. Armenak Yeghiazaryan, Armenia
position 21, see the first move



GT May
Hayk Yeritsyan - a brilliant solution



GT February, March - winner Armenak Yeghiazaryan, Armenia

GT January 2018 - winner Alex Nurijanyan, Armenia


GT December 2 - winner Sargis Manukyan, Armenia
GT December 1 - nobody solved. In the test, Stockfish won in 33 moves, 9 moves too late :)


GT November

The contest was annulled because one uninitiated player sent 6 solutions from fictional accounts.


GT October - US$200
In October a double prize worth of US$ 200 in the Genius Test game is awaiting a player who figures out what is the contents of the problem (in 26th move) and sends in a correct solution.

Nobody solved.
Goldchess solution




Łukasz’s Happy Day

If somebody does not believe in life’s happy days. A chess player from Poland. Łukasz Łuba has been awarded with a distinction in the August Beauty Contests for the most beautiful game of the month and received US$ 50 and today he has won in the Non34 Tournament by solving the second problem to receive US$125 + US$50 for the ranking and for the IM Goldchess tile. But the day did not end there. In the drawing for the US$ 100 prize among 10 correct solutions of the August Genius Test the winning number was 5. Whose number was that? Łukasz Łuba’s, of course.

An awesome day and incredible lucky series of Łukasz. We wish all our players had a day like that!


GT July, Tal style - $100 prize wins first
Winner - Alex Nurijanyan Armenia !

GT June - winner Lukasz Luba



GT May. Not submitted 10 solutions. In this case wins first - Sargis Manukyan Armenia- author’s solution.



Genius Test, March 2-there are two winners, Sargis Manukyan and Hayk Yeritsyan, - distinction, see in -Winners


2 winners.
1. Sammed Shete, India, sent first, original - prize $ 30.
2. Manukyan, 3 solution. Author's solution, plus two prettiest - prize $ 70.


Genius Test February 2
Goldchess Author performed a checkmate with a dark-squared bishop. However, it came out that one may mate with the dark-squared bishop as well as with the light-squared one. Both solutions were sent in by Hayk Yeritsyan from Armenia and therefore he is the winner.


I do not see solutions from India

Genius Test February - Winner is only one!
Great... Hayk Yeritsyan! Armenia!



Genius Test January2 - winner? - GM Gianni PL



Genius Test January - Gianni



GT December - GM Artur Jakubiec



In Genius Test we help Carlsen to win game 8. $250 prize
see: Featured solutions


Genius Test-solution other than the author's, S. Manukyan



There is a problem which may even require an arbitration. A player has submitted a beautiful solution for the Genius Test. Yet, it is not a proper solution, as it is a checkmate and not a victory, and a wrong variant, although the conditions, which included first capturing and then sacrificing the queen, have been met. Furthermore, to put it mildly, CEEC's 27th move in our test is 27. ...Rxf6, and not 27. ...Kg7, as in the player's version. So, the solution cannot be acknowledged, but let's examine it closely.



Task for October is extremely tricky. I could not find the solution in 28 movements but only 29 movements. Yet I think my solution is nice and that is why I am sharing it with you by mail.
I spend quite a long time to come up with the solution... Thanks for the interesting game..
Chris Lau China



Genius Test October, we are fighting for US $ 300
Goldchess and Genius Test it is beauty, beauty and beauty.
Starting from this position it is possible to mate on move 24, or victory on move 22.
see v22 by Piotr Niedbał



Genius Test September
Because we haven't received 10 correct solutions, we have not performed the draw and the first solution sent to us wins the contest.




Genius Test October, brilliant game, $300 prize
The task-position from the game Carlsen-Ivanchuk 2007



Winner GT August
Chris 洋刘· - China




Genius Test, 1 August, 17:00 hrs CET
Genius Test - learn how to play beautifully.
If nobody manages to solve the problem, on 15 July at 5:00 p.m. CET the prize will be lowered and another 7 moves will be presented. That will be the position after 29 moves.
Position from 15th game of Anand-Gelfand match.
US$ 200 prize. Only own solutions.
In the 14th round of the Rosija-America tournament the problem has not been solved


The next contest Genius Test August 1st, 5 p.m. CET, $200 prize
solution of July



Genius Test July - $200! - winner Piotr Niedbał UK

Two from among the best Goldchess IM players, Paweł Weichhold and Krystian Jacek, 
sent in 2 solutions of Genius Test June edition, each of them a different one. 
We show you both of them, take a look and admire. The two winners shared the prize. 
However, nobody has sent a solution identical with the one proposed by the author. 
Therefore we double the prize to US$ 200 and give the same task in Genius Test edition for July. 
As an exception, the winner shall be the player who first sends in the author’s solution. 
There is a tip to make it easier for you: the author’s solution starts with a different move than the two solutions we show you. 
Current information indicating that the proper solution has already been sent and the US$ 200 prize has already been won will be available at Hot line. 
We invite chess players from the whole world to participate. Win US$ 200 and the title of Goldchess Genius. 
IM Paweł Weichhold-solution



Krystian Jacek solution



IM Paweł Weichhold 2



IM Paweł Weichhold 3



Genius Test - one brilliant move (last)
Additional contest on May 22, 5 p.m. CET, prize $100
victory on 39 move, position 33
2016-06-19 NOBODY SOLVED - only 6 moves - we show solution



This is what the winner of May version of Genius Test, Kristian Jacek, who is very talented chess player with an official ranking of 2165  (due to not playing too much), but in reality with a ranking 2400, had to say about us: portal offers a variety of interesting chess games and problems. One of them is Genius Test, which is free with a large prize fund. The problem that was posted in May was nothing that I expected. Wb1 move was a beautiful move that used an overload motive, which shows the beautiful, deep nature of Chess. It is very nice to discover this nature. The best examples of this tactics are known people in chess community, such as Michaił Tal who gave up half of his figures just mate with the last ones! There is also Robert Fischer who is known as „Wonderful Child” because of his chess talent by which he outran his times.
I recommend for you to get to know those people and watch their best chess games, they are simply amazing. They will also bring your skills up, so it will be easier for you to solve chess problems in Genius test and Goldchess problems in general, as we admire beauty in chess.
In the end, I would like to thank portal that it arise for us - chess players, and for opportunity to solve such a beautiful chess problems.
Krystian Jacek, rank 2165


Genius Test May
It's a winner! Super Genius Goldchess! Prize $150!

Krystian Jacek PL
see the solution /35.Rb1!!/



Genius Test, May 2nd - task free-today – start today 4pm CET - play
..................only one a brilliant move-play from the given position

Prize $150, title –Super Genius Goldchess
Win on 40 move. There are 2 ways to solve. The move 31.Nc6 prohibited.
position of task




Free game
Test of Genius 3rd – April

Task3 -23.Qh7checkmate, with a brilliant sacrifice 3 figures

Nobody solved. We show solution-see
position after 14 moves – 18.Rd7!



Test of Genius 2nd - March 

19-03 at 4 pm CET - polish time 

Solutions in the file CEEC / extension .png / send email updates, with -Genius test- in the subject


1.       $100 - author variant only- there is no Winner
2.       $50 - Krystian Jacek
3.       $25 - Paweł Wiechhold

Task 2

Mate In 31- sacfifice Queen-author solution



See if you can make a brilliant move and send the solution.
For the first three, title - Genius Goldchess and 3x$100
mate in 55
We have 3 winners
1. Pawel Weichhold,
2. Krystian Jacek
3. Michal Stolarski
All receive prizes of $ 100, and the titles of Genius Goldchess
Solution Pawel’s, position after 43 moves.



Diagram 3. Armenak solved. He found other variant. Ours - not solved yet. The prize is current.


Live Puzzle Pop3. Even young chess geniuses from Armenia did not do the task this week. Only one chess player, Marcin Jaworski from Poland, solved the problem. See how Marcin played. Last 4 movements.



Download chess program and get the full version
1. Download the program + codes
2. After installation, you will see the board unregistered version of the program. Click on –Unlock

3. Enter as in the picture Serial number and Unlock and your Nick and click ok.

You have the full version of CEEC on your computer. You are ready to play.


Gold 0 - pause until further notice

Free Gold 0 game for young chess players up to 16 years has been “besieged by cheaters”. People within the age range from 20 to 40 disguising themselves as teenagers. They even asked 13 years old boys to let them use their personal data but then it came out that the kid did not play chess at all. Therefore we plan to restart the game, even with a higher prize, but we need at least 100 players registered by official chess trainers. All those registered players will be notified about the start of the game by messages sent to their e-mail addresses.


Gold 0-34 there is no winner
Gold 0-33 - Alex Nurijanyan
Gold 0-30,31,32 canceled
Gold 0-29 Alex Nurijanyan, Brilliant Player
Gold 0-28 Arman Manukyan, Brilliant Player, without winning a queen, but a fantastic conception, see:
Gold 0-27 Areg Karapetyan, Brilliant Player, see solution
Gold 0-26 Alex Nurijanyan, Brilliant Player
Gold 0-25 Alex Nurijanyan, one move faster, see
Gold 0-24 Alex Nurijanyan, 6 min. time, Areg Karapetyan, jointly
Gold 0-23 Alex Nurijanyan- phenomenal solution

Gold 0-22 Alex Nurijanyan
Gold 0-21 Arman Manukyan
Gold 0-20 Areg Karapetyan
Gold 0-19 Areg karapetyan
Gold 0-18 Alex Nurijanyan, bravo!
Gold 0-17, winner Areg Karapetyan, solved after 5,5 hour



Gold 0-17 tomorrow, on Sunday, 17.00 CET


Gold 0 (up to 16 years), starts at 5 p.m. CET (every Saturday)

Winners – see Winners medal


Gold 0 - only for chess players up to 16 years
Task 10
Winner Konrad Jasiński, position from the game Fier-Warakomski rewarded by Goldchess.


US$50 Prize in Gold 0 – task 9 - 30.07.2016
If you are one move faster, the prize will rise to US$ 500!*
*That option is available only for the participants of our tournaments


Goldchess website founded prizes for the most beautiful game of the Mieczysław Najdorf Tournament Warsaw 2016. 
Below are the winners and the awarded games /2x500PLN/
GM Alex  Fier, Fier-Warakomski, Tournament A



Czopor-Mościcka, Tournament B



Gold 0 task 8
-position 25, of the chess game Czopor-Mościcka, Najdorf Tournament, Warsaw-July 2016.
The game awarded for the beauty of by the portal Goldchess.
winner Rafał Siwik



Task 7 - Saturday 2 p.m CET
Winner Rafał Siwik - title Brilliant Player



Task 6, Saturday 2 p.m. CET
winner Rafał Siwik-$50-Brilliant Player



Task 5 - winner Piotr Niedbał - double prize $100 - title Brilliant Player

victory on 22 move, from position 7
position from the chess game Jan Kujawski-Adrian Kurz-winning by black
Piotr solution - currently in the UK



Gold 0 - task 3 
no one solved, we show solution
position after 29 moves



It seems there are only poor players in Gold 0. And the poorest are from India; hundreds of them visit our website but none of them has submitted a good solution in either Gold 0 or Genius Test. Also, none of them has played in Rosija-America or Independent.
It appears that Anand is the only one out there who knows how to play chess. And reportedly in India there are over 100 million chess players… If it’s true, then show us your skills.
Apart from Chess Department China, we intended to open Chess Department India, but probably it won't be necessary. 

Goldchess team


task 2 

mate in 25 - there is no Winner, solved the task only Professional



Gold 0 - game only for amateurs, $50 prize

Task1-winner Piotr Niedbał
Solution-from position after 24 moves




Accumulation! - Prize $250

Task 41 currently on – 135 weeks nobody solved task

From the position of the task 41 is possible mate in 26 - we will show it in the film: "How to solve the task of Goldchess"

We want only mate in the 29th. Hint: walking around in circles King

mate 29.Qh6-forcefull in 5




Michał Stolarski sent the next solution. It is not appropriate, but beautiful. And it would be even more beautiful if played 29.gf3 mate.





Task 40 - winner Grosmaster
author's and player's solutions



Now - Task 40
Task 39 – winner Puchaaa
player’s solution



Task 38
winner Puchaa



Winner Puchaaa - master solution



Task 36 - winner Pepe



Task 35 - winner Gelu



Task 34
Winner - Grosmaster. One move faster



Task 32-33
Draw by perpetual check in 33 -7 checks
No one has done the task 31-32-33, draw in 33, by perpetual check in 7 moves
Best player’s solution- draw in 35 –player Puchaaa16



Task31-author's solution-18. Bh6



Winner - Grosmaster. Mate in 25, forceful in 5!
Featured game.



-mate in 41, forceful in 8
Winner - Grosmaster. Mate in 40, forceful in 9!
Featured game.



-mate in 37, forceful in the sixth
Task copyright from The Best, of the III Round. Additionally in Gold0, we show five author’s moves.


Game 28 won the player Gelu. Here's his solution.



Other interesting solution-Grosmaster



Solution Copyright Goldchess



Game 27-Mate in 25
Prize $50
Winner Grosmaster
The same solution as the author. See



Game 26-mate in 20
Prize $50
Winner - Grosmaster. Player's solution



Task 25
Winner Grosmaster - 2 moves faster than the author



Game 23-rd-
winner Gelu 1001-prize $100
-author's solution



Game 24
player's solution




Who first, this better

Game 22-Victory in 34

$50 prize


Player Gelu1001 done and sent task 22 after 3 minutes!
Title - Quick Brain Titan


Who first, this better Game 21st – checkmate in 19 $50 prize

The 20-game victory 33, won the prize Grosmaster, but the best solution to send Pepe, the 27th victory



Game 21 ended.
Prize won Puchaaa 16, but the most beautiful solution with dedication Queen sent Pepe. Look



Who first, this better
Game 20th – victory in 33
$50 prize


Who first, this better
Game 19th – Mate in 34- a little difficult
$50 prize


Who first, this better
Game 18th – Victory in 26 move
$50 prize


17 Task was not difficult. Player Grossmaster sent solution after 7 minutes, about 2.07p.m.
Player’s solution



Who first, this better
Game 17th – Victory in 27 move
$50 prize


Player Grosmaster did task 16 one move earlier than author.
Player’s solution



Who first, this better
Game 16th – Mate in 25moves
$50 prize

Game 15
Player’s solution



Who first, this better
Game 15th – 20victory
$50 prize

Game 14
Player’s solution



Game 14th – 25checkmate
$50 prize

Game 13
Author's and player's solution



Player Grosmaster checkmated in 32 pawn, but in a different way than the author.
Receives $ 150 prize.
We show the solution to the player and author

Currently, we have a new task, nr.13
Reward: $ 100!



Game no. 12
Eighth week, no one has done the job.
Mat 32, a pawn.
Prize $ 250!


Game no.11
Seventh week, no one has done the job.
Mat 32, a pawn.
Prize $ 250!


Game no.10

Another accumulation in Gold0!
Sixth week, no one has done the job.

Mate 32, a pawn.

Prize $ 250!


Accumulation x 5!

Fifth week, no one has done the job.

Mate 32, a pawn.

Prize x 5 = $ 250

We present batch entry submitted by the player gelu1001-mate in 34, due to its precise beauty.



Fourth week, no one has done the job.

Mate 32, a pawn.

Prize x 4 = $ 200



Third week, no one has done the job.

Mate 32, a pawn.

Prize x 3 - $ 150


Nobody solved the problem, mate in 32 with a pawn.

Cumulation, prize $100


The same player Pepe gave a 30-mate pawn move. Here's the solution.

$100 as a reward and in addition the Brain Titan Class I title.



Cuu-muuu-lation at Gold0!
Doubled prize in Gold0!
$ 100

Last task
A different solution than the author's one was provided for the last week's task. A player won the game one move earlier than the author and they were awarded the title of Class I Brain Titan.

Accumulated prize: $ 100.

Moreover, the unsolved author's task is not canceled, however, the solution to be provided has to match the author's one.



Cumulation! Prize x 2!

Nobody has resolved last week's task, that's why we have now prize cumulation in Gold0.

Good luck!


Third task has been resolved by gelu1001 player in another way than author did it. In the archive of Gold0 game you can find ready to download: starting position, player's solution and author solution.

For the fourth week we have prepared new, sensational task.



Today, at 17.38 we have received solution of task 2 from GoldChess 0 game, sent by gelu1001. As we know, he resolved this task in 10 minutes! Congratulations! Another prize and title goes to him - see in our Winners section.
gelu1001's solution, as well as the starting position, are enclosed.



First task has been resolved. $50 prize.
Winner - gelu1001 was the first one who has sent solution. Nobody is faster?


Task 32
Draw by perpetual check in 33 - 7 checks


The prize $5=entry to Top. Game for amateurs

28-11-2021 Crazy6 - the winner Михаил Величковский RU


Diagram 4. Test 1 - basic. If you solve this task, you have a predisposition to play chess and you can also play at Goldchess. If not, we recommend that you change the sport, for example on badminton, where you do not have to think, just move your hand. Solve, mate on move 28. (The solution at -Winners-Goldchess Crazy)



Crazy 38

Solutions/ Soluciones/ Решения/解決方案
Mate 31 - 1.Rd8 Qg4, 2. B:g4 R:d8, 3.Qg7#
Mate 32 - 1.Bg6 R:g6, 2.Rd8+ Qe8, 3.R:e8 Rg8, 4. Qg7#
Mate 32 bis. 1.Bg6 R:g6, 2.fg6 Q:g6, 3.Rd8+ Qg8, 4.Qg7#
Mate 33 - 1.Bg6 R:g6, 2.Qf8+ Rg8, 3.Q:g8 K:g8.4. Rd8+ Qe8, 5.R:e8#







Crazy32 position



Crazy 31




Crazy 29













Crazy20 position



Crazy19 position



Goldchess Crazy 17A
mate on move 20, play black,



Crazy16 - Diagram4 Test 1 - basic.
If you solve this task, you have a predisposition to play chess and you can also play at Goldchess. If not, we recommend that you change the sport, for example on badminton, where you do not have to think, just move your hand.




Goldchess Crazy15 position



Crazy14 position



Goldchess Crazy11



Goldchess Crazy10



Goldchess Crazy 9
victory on move 29, play black (after opening position, click -Play-Play Black)




Goldchess Crazy 8 - 2 moves



Goldchess Crazy7… victory on move 37-solve.



Chess Crazy 5 position