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Goldchess... on the threshold of a new era.

What is Goldchess really about?
Apart from the fact that we fix the lost games of champions?
The creation and search for beauty.
Goldchess is the art of finding a concept and a way to win.
Step 1 We teach how to build a winning position.
Step 2. We show how to win that position.

And perhaps most importantly. Goldchess is so-called light chess. No stress or brain strain. It's completely relaxed. With us you do not have to count the variants, which can be very exhausting. It is enough if you intuitively choose the right game plan. In addition, with us you can backtrack your moves. If you don't find the solution you need right away, you go back to the position (file-reopen) and play again. No stress. Mental and physical comfort. You are welcome.


Artificial intelligence GPT-4 about Goldchess


This article was written by the GPT-4 artificial intelligence, and it has amazing capabilities. It can go to any page, read everything on it in 0.0001 seconds and write an article with conclusions and a summary of its own. She wrote the following article about Goldchess in 35 seconds. Read. A new era of human development and... chess is upon us.

Artificial intelligence GPT-4 about Goldchess

Headline: - A creative platform revolutionising the way chess players learn, innovate and have fun.

Sub-title: Meet Goldchess, the game-changing invention that is taking the chess world by storm, offering countless opportunities for players to hone their skills and enjoy a new perspective on this classic game.

In the modern age of technology and the rise of artificial intelligence, the world of chess is witnessing a new dawn of innovation and ingenuity.  Introducing - a groundbreaking platform that not only helps chess players improve their skills, but also provides a fresh perspective on this game by presenting unfamiliar variants and techniques.

The basis of Goldchess' success is its intelligent design, which seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with proven strategies and tactics. As a result, Goldchess offers an unparalleled learning experience that pushes the boundaries of traditional chess training.

By fostering an atmosphere of creativity and experimentation, Goldchess inspires players to reach their full potential and become true masters of the game.

In a world where technology is changing the way we live, work and play, Goldchess has emerged as a prime example of how innovation can breathe new life into a centuries-old game.

Offering a unique combination of learning opportunities and immersive gameplay, Goldchess has revolutionised the approach to chess and is set to become a global phenomenon.

Whether you are an experienced chess player looking to improve your skills or a novice looking to immerse yourself in the world of chess, is the perfect platform to start your journey. So what are you waiting for? Join the revolution and discover the future of chess today!


PS. From Goldchess

To the opinion of artificial intelligence, we will add: we have created something from which chess players will derive knowledge, satisfaction and new ideas for decades and perhaps hundreds of years.
Goldchess also proves that the creativity of the human brain in chess is incomparably greater than the chess projections of Stockfish and similar programs. This is because they cannot create and play Goldchess variants, even though in direct play humans generally lose to them.
Come and check it out. With us you will be better than Stockfish.

Only with us

We have come to this general philosophical conclusion that the percentage of chess players in the human population is similar to the number of smart people in societies. That is, to put it bluntly, 3%. With one - but. Not all smart people play chess and, conversely, not all chess players are smart.

And unfortunately we only need the smart ones. And there are a paltry percentage of them at the moment (with us).

Goldchess is an original, innovative chess portal, different from the others and the only one of its kind in the world.

We do not have spam tournaments in which chess players 'produce' games that have no value or chance to go down in chess history. Well, maybe one in a few thousand. Besides, it is most often played there without a record and the games are simply lost. The idea is to win at all costs, no matter how, but to win.  We do not have such tournaments and we do not want to have them. There is no such 'fashion' in our country, because in fact such tournaments kill real chess.

We have our original games and tournaments, from the given position vs the "educator", i.e. our educational computer, in which, yes, you also have to win, but in a specific, usually brilliant and impressive way. This is what we prefer and what we teach. We do not reward for just winning and mediocre games.

Our primary idea is the creation, the quality of the game and, just as importantly, the development of chess.

So we warmly invite real, smart chess players. Come and join us in co-creating the beauty of chess. Goldchess is a portal, games and tournaments for the wise. And a higher school of chess.

Only with us

With Goldchess into the 22nd century

How do traditional tournaments differ from Goldchess tournaments?

Two comments at the outset. These tournaments do not conflict with each other, they are all chess, so in the same family, with Goldchess being a completely different tale.
The first difference is the number of participants. In Goldchess it is unlimited. A thousand, a hundred thousand, a million and more.

The second, traditional tournaments are both social gatherings. The players have direct contact with each other, they talk, they exchange comments, they can watch each other's games and this is very positive.

Goldchess are in a sense solitary tournaments, but they have other advantages. First of all, there is peace of mind, the participant plays in his or her own home (saving time and costs), there is no stress, one does not have to play with many opponents in succession, only with one, moreover, there is no regime of moves, in Goldchess one can undo them and play again if in the first variant one did not get the required solution. This is because in Goldchess the first goal is to create and only the second goal is to win. In regular tournaments, the opposite is true.

Besides, we play for time, so there is also the tournament-like familiar excitement, and in the background the powerful satisfaction if we win among a thousand or 10,000 players, if that many start to play with us realistically, of course. We have a specific know-how and our tournaments are equal-opportunity tournaments for the masses, where literally anyone can win. An amateur before a grandmaster. With us there are no favourites. It is not the title or the ranking that wins, but whoever finds the way to win first and sends the required solution.

And then there is the duration. Traditional tournaments drag on for days, making them exhausting and tiring. A tournament with a thousand or a million participants takes only half an hour to an hour (3-5 games). Here a small plus. With such a number of participants, there will be massive prizes that there will never be in the traditional tournaments.

We are also versatile. Entire clubs can sign up for tournaments with us, if there are a lot of clubs we will do a Club World Cup for them with appropriate prizes.

And of course once we have tens of thousands of players we will do the Goldchess World Open Championship with a prize pool in the region of $250,000. And it could be bigger.

At the moment we want to create our first legion, a core team of 1,000 players. They will have VIP status with us and special privileges. They will be the players of the first tournament to reach 1,000 participants.

Goldchess means beautiful games, created also by the players, learning a brilliant style of play and a new quality of chess that we will create together.

Finally, one last difference. Traditional tournaments have narrowed down to sporting competition, playing for results. Goldchess is all about CREATION, building a new quality, development and a step into the future of chess.

We invite

Goldchess - on the threshold of the XXII century

Goldchess has unlimited possibilities. Due to the fact that everyone plays with us from the given position with one and the same opponent, our educational computer, an unlimited number of participants can play simultaneously in our tournaments. Even a million. Everyone has his own program in the computer and plays with it individually. And this is our basic idea, goal and dream. A million players in one tournament. Since there are generally more than 60 million chess players registered on chess websites on the Internet, it might seem that gathering one million participants in one tournament here is very simple. In practice it turns out that it is not.

Chess players don't seem to get our idea (it's hard for them to understand) and we seem to be on different wavelengths. It seems that we (Goldchess) are in the 21st century, at the gates of the 22nd, and chess players are in the Middle Ages. Perhaps deeply ingrained in chess players' minds are the current realities of land-based tournaments, in which on average 100 players play, 300-500 are a revelation and 1000, a worldwide sensation.
And here suddenly a million. Unbelievable! A pipe dream. Unfortunately, no. But we understand it. Limitations of land-based tournaments, the number of seats in the room, the game system do not allow a million chess players to play, hence the disbelief. But with us, yes, it is possible. We are the only ones in the world who can organize an online tournament for a million players within an hour or even half an hour. And then, immodestly, the prize pool will also be a couple of million. 
And anyone can win a prize with us, because the winner is the one who first finds a way to win, not the one with a higher ranking. That is why we strongly believe that our idea will eventually germinate in the chess world and a million players will play with us online. We are currently building the first thousand players. They will receive special privileges.

Please visit

Goldchess - chess for the masses

(For more than 50 million chess players registered on chess portals worldwide)

In the current FIDE system chess is poor, underinvested and dependent on sponsors. The most important prizes are won only by the elite, the same ones over and over again. The top prizes are only for a handful, the top 20 chess players in the world. The lower the tournament rankings, the more miserable and symbolic the prizes.

We are creating an alternative. Egalitarian chess, equal opportunities for millions of chess players, with the highest prizes possible for each of them, regardless of their ratings. In the current set-up, tens of millions of chess players are just passive spectators, observers of the struggle at the top. With us, they will become active chess players at the epicentre of the chess struggle. And heroes of our tournaments.

This is possible because in our tournaments for an unlimited number of participants, everyone has the same, equal chances.  This is due to the simple fact that our solutions are unknown to the general chess population, be it top players, intermediates or amateurs. Therefore everyone, regardless of ranking and chess knowledge, starts as if from one level. The winner is the one who first finds the way to victory vs. our educational computer. This arrangement also guarantees safety for all weaker players. They do not have to be afraid that a stronger chess player, a highly ranked grandmaster, will play and win, taking away their prize. With us, there is no such option, no chance of that happening.

Moreover, our continuations and solutions are not shown and done by the strongest computers, Stockfish, Houdini, Komodo etc. with which we have done many tests. We have 20,000 games - tasks prepared.

We invite chess players from all over the world, 100 000 participants to the Gold Immortal Open online tournament. 12 June 2022, 16:00 CET.

Prize pool one million dollars. Anyone can win.

Goldchess - the way to win

Chess is not perfect. What we do will be told on the example of the world championship. In many matches, chess players from both the world champion's and the contender's teams searched for weak points in the opponent's game, what he doesn't know how to play, what he doesn't like and what debuts he doesn't like or simply doesn't know. And this was exploited. The game then descended into a less professional, actually random, novelty.

We do the same in Goldchess. We look for weaknesses in CEEC education and exploit that. We have it lighter here because we can undo moves and change continuations, ways of playing. But if someone masters perfectly our way and style, he will apply it without corrections, that is, successfully in tournaments and will be difficult to beat. Generally every player in a tournament likes to play something the opponent doesn't know. And if on top of that he has Goldchess skills, which he prefers and teaches attacks that are difficult to see and predict, success in the tournament in a given game is a brick. No matter how strong the opponent sits in front of us.

And this is Goldchess. A new era in chess. New because our combinations are not to be found in the 800 millionth general chess database. And they will surprise even every grandmaster.
For learning we have our nursery, Training Box, and our tournaments.
Goldchess is a fun, developing the imagination, learning a brilliant style of play and... big awards.
You are welcome 

Our online tournaments

Chess is the beauty of rivalry.

*In traditional tournaments, the rivalry is to win against as many opponents as possible.
In our online ones, it's about winning a position against an educational computer faster than others. There is a powerful dose of adrenaline, but without the stress. Those who do not achieve the victory specified in the task the first time, can undo their moves and look for a new way to win.

*We are innovative. In traditional tournaments out of 100 players there are always 2-3 favourites, the best, and they usually win. The other 97 are the providers of points, or in other words, the boys to beat.  In ours there are no favourites. Everyone has the same chances. Are you not among the favourites? Ok, come to us, play and regain your self-confidence.
Our online tournaments do not interfere with land-based tournaments, they complement them. You can play here and here, enriching your chess potential.

*In Goldchess we focus on beauty.  With us you will learn to play beautifully. We mean innovative concepts, new techniques and visions of attacks, modernised openings. Intuitive play in debuts. We teach how to play effectively and how to win difficult positions, we teach creative, modern thinking.

*Generally anyone who learns and masters our techniques will be far superior to existing opponents at his level. So welcome to our Training Box and our tournaments.

Learn, play and be better.

Goldchess team



Check your chess level

Can you play chess? Check it with us. If you can't, learn it. You will not learn our unique style anywhere else but here.

Goldchess is not a portal for chess beginners. But they can learn to play chess well here. We have a Crazy diagram for them and our educational corner, the Training Box. When they learn and master the techniques shown there (in 100 games), they can practically play successfully in any tournament. In ours too.

 For those who already play well, we have all the rest. Genius Test diagrams ($100 every month) and Grandmaster Corner, with a prize of $1000 (Information Centre) and all tournaments.

Everyone can also check themselves with us, that is, test his chess level. It is enough to play in Daily and Top tournaments.

Only a test with us can confirm your real skills.

You are welcome

What is the level of chess today?

That is a good question. The fact that we play and win with each other and that we created a chess ranking of the twenty best players, including Carlsen at the top, means everything and nothing at the same time. We witnessed something new. Alpha 0, an artificial intelligence not specialized in chess at all, won 27-0 against Stockfish (3500 ELO) in 100 matches, while the others ended in a draw. I suppose that if our world champion had played against Alpha 0, the outcome would have been much worse. However, I am sure that Alpha 0 has not yet said the last word and that we will successively see its next versions: Alpha 1, 2 and 3 – advanced models of chess artificial intelligence. Alpha 3 will be likely to reach the level of absolute perfection and it will be unbeatable.

So, that is the answer to the question posed in the title.

It seems that the chess world has stopped. There is a gulf between it and Alpha 0 at present.

Here can help Goldchess, a system of new chess techniques created by an amateur, that can contribute to the further development of chess. Even though it was created by an amateur, very often the strongest players in the world are not able to win our games. Therefore, in order for chess to advance further in development, first it is necessary to get to know and master Goldchess. And this is what we want to say to great and small players who love chess and want to play better and better. Goldchess is like a trainer who will prepare you for the future march to the top. It is a bridge that will allow you to enter a new different world of chess. Different than what the top chess players present today.

Goldchess – a new way and school of chess.


Dear players! (for the attention of the players)

A perfect motto for Goldchess, coined by Dr. Tarrasch:
"To win a game, you don't have to play very well. It is enough to play better than your opponent".

In each Goldchess game-problem, we present a position that must be won in a certain number of moves and according to the given conditions. You can also try to win it faster by playing differently or stronger than us. Your goal is to win. In the given position, the move leading to the fastest win does not have to be the strongest one. It needs to be effective since it is part of the game plan and the beginning of the combination from the given position. And the chess combination has its own rules. Often the first move is  seemingly strange or weak. However, it is this move that determines the end of the game you plan. The situation is similar in the case of traditional chess. Most of the combinations from certain positions do not start with the strongest move. It is not the most important. What matters most is how your opponent responds and if his/her move is in line with your expectations. However, when playing at Goldchess, you make in your opinion the strongest first move in a given position and you do not win in the required number of moves but later, this may mean that your assessment and definition of the strongest move are incorrect. And at this point, you should reflect upon yourself, your level and style of play. Ask yourself why you cannot win against an average amateur computer (CEEC has 23 levels of difficulty, players play on 5). And think about filling the gaps in your chess knowledge. Particularly with us. I repeat, with our computer - and the players' opponent, you have to win.
Never resent that you play the strongest move and do not win. Because the strongest move means nothing without a specific vision. You need to have an effective game plan and create a combination unforeseeable for your opponent. This is how chess is played and this is how it works at Goldchess.


Goldchess is an alternative. We do not always see the strongest moves and continuations in a given position. This can happen to any chess player, including grandmasters: to miss the strongest move. However, we always win. Example: Daily197 game. This position is perfect for showing your own creativity. It is possible to win in 2, 3, 4 or 5 moves. We win in 5 moves. Armenak, Sargis, Damarka and others – in 2 moves. We have added one more move to the position, with the sacrifice of the knight so that players can find our variant. Check out the solutions in “Free Daily197 Winners” (position 18) and “Free Daily198 Winners” (position 19, with our move added). Goldchess shows how to save a game, and even how to win it when we miss a strong move. This is very important for every chess player.


Why is Goldchess a revolution? (renewal)

Grandmaster A. Colovic wrote in the article "Level of precision", that the level of chess has decreased and is worse than 20 years ago in the Kasparov era. This idea was expressed by none other, but former world champion Vladimir Kramnik.
The article argues that the reason for this is mainly chess engines, since when chess players are using them they limit their own thinking.
In addition to this, using engines the players are playing openings at 3500 level, and psychologically, the engine became a God for the chess player. Goldchess expunges "gods" with a resolute change in the aim of the game.
In Goldchess the engines do not have much to say, they do not exist. Goldchess is a return to nature, a crystal clear formula in which a chess player can only count on his brain. The main idea of Goldchess is to win as soon as possible from the given position. We have examples and evidence, for example, that in a particular position Fritz has selected 6 moves, he has not seen more, and among these moves there was no one leading to the fastest win in the game. There were also tests with Stockfish and Houdini and they both failed. The most interesting is that they formally played against a much weaker program, however, playing correctly, according to chess canons, they did not win. It's also because in Goldchess you have to win according to the Organizer's instructions, that is, the game-tasks are conditioned. For example, the mate with the pawn, or with the sacrifice of the queen and with such instructions the engines are doomed to fail.
The question arises, what level of strength is needed to solve Goldchess tasks? The answer appears alone. All tasks are easily done by the unrated amateur, playing at the level of cat. II, meaning Goldchess is within the reach of every chess player and for everyone.
With us, we restate for chess player the faith in ourselves.
He can win, or do what the engine cannot do.
In Goldchess, ingenuity counts and the use of psychology against an opponent. With us you improve your skills in using psychology in the game and you will raise your level by activating your own thinking.
Goldchess, return to nature

Tournaments of equal opportunities

We play for real prizes, not for nothing like in the case of blitz games on or And it is worth noting.
Our tournaments can be participated by an unlimited number of players. A million or more. No other chess portal has this option. This is what makes us stand out. But not only.
Goldchess is a science and demonstration of winning positions that can easily arise at any tournament, and against any opponent. Therefore, Goldchess offers an idea of creating such a position and shows how to win it. Of course, we leave the pleasure of finding the winning option to the participants of our tournaments. We add money to this pleasure, i.e. prizes. We mix business with pleasure.
In addition, each chess player has a free Training Box with 100 educational games at his disposal, and the quintessence, i.e. our book "The Way to the Top", thanks to which his/her chess education will be completed.
In general, all portals have prizes for the best players in their tournaments, but a relatively narrow and small group of players win them. We are the only ones in the world who dothings differently. We do not offer such rewards; our prizes can be won by anyone. The best players are often eliminated right at the beginning, and to put it simply, they have no greater chances than others, and most importantly, they do not have a monopoly on winning.
The first such game in the world: chess tournaments of equal opportunities.
This is Goldchess.

Goldchess Chess

Goldchess is a new era in chess. We have our own chessbase and the Goldchess Chess School in the Training Box. We teach how to create winning positions and how to win them. Our number one is a new generation chess tournament with jackpot, in which every player plays from a given position, and the opponent of all participants is our educational computer CEEC. This opens up new possibilities. Thousands of chess players can take part in each tournament, with no limit. It has also two other advantages. Thanks to our know-how, our positions are not won by the strongest computers in the way we define. Thus, the threat that someone will use a strong computer to solve our problems does not exist. Grandmasters do not win our positions better or faster than others, either. These two things make our online tournaments safe for participants. No one can cheat and everyone has the same chances because there are no favourites. That is why practically every participant can win. Moreover… Goldchess inspires. With us, you can create your own outstanding game and gain immortality in chess. We invite you!

Towards Alpha 0

At Goldchess, the strength of the game is not the most important thing, as in traditional tournaments. Besides, every chess player has specific knowledge, a part of all known knowledge. He or she doesn't know everything. The player plays with white pieces only selected openings, and with black pieces – some defences. One plays well a middle game; other plays better an endgame. One feels better in attack, other in defence. In a game between them, the case is simple, one player wins or they both achieve a draw. Here comes Goldchess and the case gets complicated. Suddenly, the player has a position to win against a not so high-ranked player, but either he or she doesn't understand it or doesn't know how to find a correct game plan. We can help. Goldchess is the only one in the world that teaches how to win positions in the middle game and how to play with versatility, because each position is different. Every chess player can make up for shortcomings in his or her chess education. And this applies to everyone. There is no chess player in the world who knows and plays every opening and who feels good in every position. Moreover, Goldchess is a prelude, an introduction to Alpha 0, its skills and chess style. This is how chess players will play in a few years. We are showing that today.


Goldchess: How to play beautifully and effectively

Goldchess is chess that teaches humility. All players, including great masters. They won’t win with us as they would like. After crossing the Goldchess threshold, everyone has our 1500 ranking, no matter what they have in Fide. And equal chances. In Goldchess, as in the Bermuda Triangle, the rankings disappear. But there are skills that theoretically should give the best players the greatest chances to win. Well, no, nothing like that. Goldchess will show them very quickly that chess hides many secrets that they had no idea about. Would you like to try your hand? Come to us. Our chess computer, as a 30-year-old man, is not afraid of titles or rankings, and will quickly verify your chess skills. Did you fail? Stay with us and take advantage of our free education. We teach modern chess, with the priority of how to play beautifully and effectively. Training Box and Daily Tournaments are verifiers that are waiting for you. Goldchess creates wise and brilliant chess players. That’s guaranteed!

Join us!

From Goldchess

It doesn't really matter that you won a tournament. It is important what you showed and what you achieved in your games. Your creativity. Whether chess players of the next generations will be able to learn something from them. Many chess players later find out that they really didn't add anything with their chess games, except from a blitz series. Mediocrity. In normal tournaments, where there are always two or three favorites, you are just a "whipping boy" and points provider. Come to Goldchess. We invite everyone, the stronger ones and the weak ones, so that they can fulfil themselves with us. Goldchess provides chess for millions and ensures equal chances for everyone. With us, you can rediscover yourself, develop your talent and learn to create your own chess beauty. Thanks to our method, you will discover it yourself. We give it to you as a gift. So join us. As the great Cuban maestro Yuri González Vidal wrote beautifully in his opinion on Goldchess: "Let Goldchess become part of your life." That is why we created Goldchess, that is why we operate, that is why we exist. For you and for chess. We invite you to our chess world.

Goldchess – a new way for chess, online tournaments for millions of players

Precisely. We are the only ones in the world with the know-how required for holding tournaments for a million or more players at the same time. Which means three things:

1. If one million players participate, the prize amounts are huge. And they are available virtually to anyone.

2. The durations of our tournaments vary from half an hour (3 games) to one hour (5 games), as everyone starts from a given position and plays against the same opponent, our educational computer.

3. An equal chance for everyone.

An amateur can easily play in our tournament attended by a grandmaster without fear that the latter will win and take the prize, as would be the case if they played in a traditional tournament. That’s not possible here. Grandmasters do not solve our chess problems better or faster than other players. Why? That’s simple. They do have greater knowledge than other players, but they think and play according to some old patterns. And Goldchess means a jump into modernity. Without knowing our techniques they are beginners, just as any other chess player, amateur included. Secondly, we can hold a show tournament for all chess trainers from all over the world, and if we give them some difficult games it may turn out that they do not win any of them. So, what do they teach you if they are unable to win themselves?Take it easy. They are good teachers but they pass some old basic knowledge to you. And we want to teach you how to play modern chess, so that you can improve your level and start playing better.Generally speaking, we can immediately prove to any player that he or she has certain gaps in chess knowledge and skills, irrespective of their rating and level of advancement.

Summing up, there are no favorites in Goldchess tournaments, and anyone can win.Our chess portal has been available for 8 years now and we have proven it repeatedly. A show tournament in India was attended by, amongst others, 3 International Masters. See who was the winner:

Do you want to take part in a Millionaire tournament and play for a prize pool of one million dollars? Start with trainings. Start with taking part in free tournaments held every week with a prize pool of $150. When you feel fit, you will play in other tournaments for higher prizes.

But the most important tool for learning the basics of Goldchess knowledge is our book Goldchess - Road to the Top available in 4 languages from our e-store.
Buy it and get to the top!




The Strongest Move Theory

In the today’s article I would like to discuss 2 issues. The current level of chess knowledge, and the definition of the so-called strongest move in a given position.

1. The today’s level of chess knowledge and skills oscillates somewhere around 60% of total chess knowledge. This means that the contemporary chess players do not know everything yet, and the game of chess is facing some serious evolution. How should we reach 100%? Goldchess will add 10%, 20% will come from Alpha Zero, and the last 10% will be developed by chess geniuses who will turn up within the coming decades. The geniuses can only be seen on the distant horizon, Alpha Zero has been taking its first steps, but Goldchess is ready to immediately deliver its 10% to contemporary chess players. Whoever will be the first one to master our knowledge and to gain 70% of total chess knowledge, will reach the top. This concerns players on all levels, as Goldchess is available to everyone, and any player, from any level, can learn our techniques and include them in their repertoire. Goldchess aims at creating beauty, which means that apart from improving his or her level, a chess player will also learn how to play beautifully, using beautiful combinations. Goldchess is a model, as it teaches not only how to play efficiently, but also, or maybe rather first of all, how to play beautifully.

2. The definition of the strongest move will change thanks to Goldchess. Let me give you an example. A chess player says: ‘I have a Goldchess problem here. I’m making the strongest moves, and still I’m unable to win faster than Goldchess. Something’s wrong’. Indeed, something is wrong. Our computer, developed by programmers from India more than 20 years ago, plays exactly according to the rules of chess. So, if the chess player makes the first and further so-called strongest moves and is unable to win in 30 moves, as specified in the Goldchess solution, but wins only in, for example, 34 moves, a logical question arises: are his moves actually the strongest ones? Of course, they are according to the current definitions and standards based on… 60% of complete chess knowledge. So, can they be entirely reliable? The games - solutions from Goldchess prove that they cannot. The definition of the strongest move will be transformed. Goldchess is taking the first step in that direction. We have been introducing different techniques and new ways of playing, as well as improved, modernized variations of chess openings, a great number of opening move novelties. We have thousands of games, including ca. 500 of our own, so-called immortal, beautiful games. The enthusiasts playing with us will create further thousands of games. We can hazard a guess that Goldchess will leave as a legacy more beautiful games than all the world champions taken together. This is already something, an impressive output, particularly in the light of the fact that all our problems, the most difficult of which can bring the best chess players in the world to their knees, have been developed by one man - an amateur playing actually on the 2nd category level. Our chess problems teach how to win, but also how to be humble. Humble in the face of the 40% of knowledge we do not have gained yet. We offer you 10% of it, ready for use. Master it and become better. Join the world of Goldchess.

Learn chess with Goldchess

Goldchess = Alpha 0 at amateur level. Discover a new world of chess. Goldchess problems are not difficult. They only require the use of playing techniques that differ from the ones known to date. Learn them and win. Goldchess is a new way of playing and marks a new era of chess. Teaches new techniques, and shows how to win. And the most important thing: In Goldchess there are no front runners or favorites that are bound to win. Everyone has equal chances, and actually the one who first solves the problem presented by us is the winner. That's why chess players of different skill levels can easily play in our tournaments, without fear that the stronger players will necessarily prevail. Because anyone can win. The world of Goldchess means brilliant problems to be solved, intelligent people and attractive awards. Join us.

Goldchess teaches how to play chess beautifully and effectively, also how to win difficult positions.
Goldchess means modern chess unknown to Houdini, Stockfish or Fritz. Therefore, these computers do not solve our problems and will not help you. But this is a huge chess positive. At Goldchess, you'll learn to think independently.

Solving Goldchess problems is an amazing entertainment. You can create your own beautiful game that will make a history as a chess diamond. See the Genius Test solutions from May, those provided by Hayk Yeritsyan and ours. Let such solutions become your goal and dream. Dream that will come true at Goldchess.

Summing up, Goldchess is an excellent tester of player’s level and skills, and at the same time an indispensable source of chess knowledge components. If you don’t know our techniques, you will never be a good chess player. I’ll say more.
In a couple of years, those who know Goldchess will be better than others... You want to be better? Get to know Goldchess.


All you need to know about Goldchess - Instruction

1. Goldchess is a game from a provided position, with our CEEC educational computer playing at the level 1500-1800 Elo. We play in order to win or to mate according to the Organiser’s indications. Goldchess is an exceptional opportunity to play a tournament at home. Just download CEEC and play!

2. Goldchess are free of charge games with prizes $50-$100, Live Puzzle GC, GT and Pop, chess tournaments with great prizes, for example Non Tournament, $10 000, and the world’s hit of the 21st c., Millionaire Tournament with the prize pool of $500 000. Of course, such a prize pool is only in the case, when there is a minimum number of participants in the Millionaire tournament, determined by us. In the first edition, it was 15,000. 

3. Goldchess is a splendid teaching aid. 90% of impressive combinations can appear-exist in the real tournament game. Of course, at the level of average students, but in many cases also at grandmaster levels. That is why it is of great didactic importance because it teaches and teaches that which is not found in chess textbooks. Goldchess solutions and variants are also missing in a collection of over 8 million games - chessbase.

4. Goldchess teaches how to win and it prepares future champions. It also teaches how to apply psychology in a game with your opponent, owing to Goldchess you will reach the high level of combination game and you will improve your expertise visibly. In a few years’ time, with no knowledge of Goldchess it will be impossible to become a good chess player. Chess players knowing Goldchess will be among the best. And the best of them, unbeatable.

5. Back to the nature. The most powerful chess computers do not solve our chess problems. We make a chess player believe in itself. A chess player may win, this is something the engine will not do, playing today at level 3500 ELO. At the same time, it is a return to the nature, while not being able to make use of a programme, a chess player must think independently.

6. Goldchess is an egalitarian game system where everyone has equal chances. An amateur may play next to the grandmaster with no fear of winning and taking a prize away because of him. In Goldchess it is not the playing strength of chess player that is important. It is more important to find a way to win with CEEC.

7. Goldchess is zero stress. When you are looking for a solution of the task, you can undo and change moves many times.

Goldchess is an innovative solution, similar to Alpha 0, but at amateur levels. Goldchess needs to be learnt, you have to specialise in it, as with Blitz, simultaneous games or a blind game. You need training in games and tournaments at Goldchess portal, and making familiar with the winners’ rounds.

But the most important method, which is a the key to winning is learning about and exploiting CEEC's weaknesses, "consuming" - pawns grabbing and capturing pieces.
When we master it, winning in Goldchess will be a child’s play.
And the last piece of thought: Goldchess will make the chess extremely popular. It will provide the chess with mass media or even multimedia coverage and it will accelerate their development by a hundred years.

Goldchess Team

Goldchess Challenge ... iron logic of chess

We’re a creative web community. There are thousands of games in our database that were played against our educational computer. The goal, that players have to achieve, is to win those games from a given starting position, just like we did, or with one’s own variant. Our variants are something completely unknown to the modern chess, they’re innovative and, additionally, we demonstrate new ways of playing debuts in them. So, Goldchess not only teaches but also entertains – it’s a great, stress-free intellectual entertainment. However, in order to win our games, you have to get to know them and study the Goldchess style. A regular training is a must in this case and solving chess problems in diagrams and playing tournaments are also vital for the success. Everyone has the opportunity to train in our community as playing for free is also an option. The only thing that you need is a working computer and access to the Internet.
In order to play in the tournaments and win prizes that consist of real money, you have to pay for the registration fee.
To sum up, Goldchess is not a game for the elite. It is a game for a wide audience, for millions of chess players as almost everybody has access to a computer and the Internet, while the registration fees for the tournaments, which cost about $ 9-10, are not that expensive. If you’re not able to pay, you may just play for free. Goldchess is open and welcoming to everybody.

Feel free to join us!

Goldchess – Free to Play

In order to play our tournaments and win attractive prizes, you have to pay the registration fee, but you can also play for free.We give talented chess players from less wealthy countries a chance to play our game and win prizes.
You have the opportunity to win prizes in dollars or tournament registration feeswhile playing the diagrams. You can also play for free in any of our tournaments (information in – step 1) and win a registration fee to the next tournament where you will be able to play for real, cash prizes.In order to win an entry fee, you have to be the first or the second.And it's worth playing, even if only for the sake of learning something new, checking your abilities or raisingyour level.

Feel free to join us!

Goldchess – the Art of Imagination – Part II

In order to succeed in the Millionaire Tournament to be held in December with a prize pool of $400,000 and to win one of the main prizes, you need to get prepared to beat our educational computer. For that reason we recommend that everyone, without exception, train by playing free games - diagrams and Non Stop Mix-free. The final exam for each player will be the Claudio Boschetti Challenge on  December 1st, 2 weeks before the Millionaire Tournament. The problems in the Tournament are based on  positions from the Claudio Boschetti - Aeschbach game. The most beautiful, and at the same time the most difficult problem No. 3, with a modest prize of $1,000, is the key to success in the Millionaire Tournament.The players who solve the problem will have a great chance to win the Tournament. We will let you in on the secret. All the 5 games - problems in the Millionaire Tournament are based on positions from games played by our Goldchess Ambassador, Grandmaster Timur Gareyev, and are not more difficult than the Boschetti 3 problem.

Let us now remind you of 2 important rules of the Millionaire Tournament.

1. The total prize pool of $500,000 is guaranteed already when only 20,000 participants sign up for the Tournament.

2. A beautiful A-Class Mercedes Benz will be drawn even before the Tournament, amongst the first 10,000 participants who pay the entry fee.So, it is a good idea to pay the entry fee already today in order to be included in the group of players who will have the opportunity to win the car.

We hope numerous players will become interested in


Goldchess – the Art of Imagination – Part I

The odds of winning at Goldchess

1. Amateurs and players with ratings of up to 1500 – they are the black horses of every tournament. Here the odds are 50/50

2. Ratings 1500-1800, about 60% of population have the chance to win

3. 1800-2200. The group with the greatest chances. Particularly amongst young, intelligent, imaginative players. 80%.

4. 2200-2500. International Masters’ group. Almost excellent and unpredictable players. With greater chances than Grandmasters.

5. 2500-2600. If routine has not become a standard in your case, you will win.

6. 2600-2700. Would you like to match those with ratings of 2800? You will. Just learn and master the chess techniques of Goldchess. smiley

7. 2700-2800. The members of this group already know everything. Or almost everything. Except for how to win at Goldchess.J

8. 2800 and above. With all due respect for the titans of chess - do you really think you are great? Check it out here. Come and play. Goldchess is a test of truth.

Win at Goldchess

The perfect motto for Goldchess, composed by dr. Tarrasch:
You do not have to play very well, you just need to play better than your opponent. Everyone can play better and win with CEEC
Goldchess provides games and tournaments for everyone, but above all for all the chess players who have no chance of winning in direct games with chess players at the level of 2700-2800 Elo. Because in Goldchess they have such opportunities at their disposal.
In each traditional tournament there are two or three front-runners and they usually become the winners, while the rest are merely extras, supernumeraries, appetizers, cannon fodder. This won’t happen here at Goldchess. As in good old China, everyone wears an identical uniform and gets a bowl of rice. The one who eats first, i.e. the first one to find the appropriate solution, and not the one who has the bigger ranking or title, is the winner. Our educational CEEC-baby computer is immune to any rankings or titles. Check it up for yourself. :)


Goldchess is the chess portal that has transformed the traditional tournament concept so that players regardless of their level have the same chances of winning.
Its tournaments consist of playing with your computer against CEEC, an educational computer program of approximately 1800 elo fide level, in a given position where you have to solve a specific task.
For instance, in one of the exercises for the "Genius Test", with a prize of $100, in order to solve it correctly, you had to check mate on the move 25th with a bishop from this position given.
In this way, players can develop a more creative and imaginative process of analyzing complex positions as well as improving your chess level. 
Grand masters (such as GM Santosh GujrathiVidit (2718), GM Aleksander Mista (2625), GM Artur Jakubiec (2514), GM Aleksandar Colovic or GM Jacek Stopa) have already tried GOLDCHESS and support this new way of enjoying and competing in chess.

There are different games / tournaments with monetary prizes: "World Championship 2018", "Puzzle Pop", "Live Puzzle Grandmaster Corne", "Millionaire", "Immortal", "Non Stop", "Game Hunting", "Beauty Contest" or "World Goldchess League".

The next "Millionaire" tournament open for ALL players of ALL levels will be in October with a $500,000 price pool.
Take this opportunity to start training and participate in the various Goldchess tournaments!
(founder and CEO World Wide Chess)

Goldchess makes the world beautiful

Funny as it may seem, but Goldchess is a game for the elites. You need to own a laptop, or at least have a desktop computer today with an Internet connection available at home. Whoever does not, is an outsider. In Europe and in the USA that is not a problem. But there are countries falling behind our “great world”, such as Indonesia, Pakistan, or even India, where only one in ten or even one in one hundred chess players owns a computer. A laptop is owned by one in a thousand players. And even though the Goldchess tournaments with high prizes are very attractive to the players from those countries, they will not take part in them until the situation improves. And India together with the adjacent countries are populated by ca. 1.5 billion people with an estimated minimum of 100 million chess players amongst them. An army of people that need assistance. And that’s what we are planning to do. If we reach a price agreement with the manufacturer, no later than in the next year we will place on the market the least expensive laptop in the world - a Goldchess laptop only for chess players, with our CEEC application preinstalled, for an amazing price, ready for participation in the Goldchess games and tournaments. The computer will be sold and distributed mainly by chess federations and clubs. We currently need an investor, but if one million players eventually take part in the Millionaire tournament, we will do that for our own money plus your contributions in form of revenues from the paid entry fees. Therefore, we invite all the chess players, particularly from the developed countries belonging to the 1st GDP segment, to take part in the Millionaire tournament in October, and in other tournaments held by us. By playing in the Goldchess tournaments you help us to make our chess dreams come true, and you support the development of chess all over the world.

Feel invited to join us!

Everyone can win

In a traditional tournament for 100 participants there are always 2-3 best players and they usually win. This doesn’t happen in Goldchess. There can be not 100, but a 1000 or more participants, including the whole world top at the forefront, and there is no option that they have to win, because everyone can, even the last one on the list - an unranked amateur.
Remember this.

Why is Goldchess a revolution? (in chess)

Grandmaster A. Colovic wrote in the article "Level of precision", (February 22, 2018), that the level of chess has decreased and is worse than 20 years ago in the Kasparov era. This idea was expressed by none other, but former world champion Vladimir Kramnik.

The article argues that the reason for this is mainly chess engines, since when chess players are using them they limit their own thinking.
In addition to this, using engines the players are playing openings at 3500 level, and psychologically, the engine became a God for the chess player.
Goldchess expunges "gods" with a resolute change in the aim of the game.
In Goldchess the engines do not have much to say, they do not exist. Goldchess is a return to nature, a crystal clear formula in which a chess player can only count on his brain. The main idea of ​​Goldchess is to win as soon as possible from the given position. We have examples and evidence, for example, that in a particular position Fritz has selected 6 moves, he has not seen more, and among these moves there was no one leading to the fastest win in the game. There were also tests with Stockfish and Houdini and they both failed. The most interesting is that they formally played against a much weaker program, however, playing correctly, according to chess canons, they did not win. It's also because in Goldchess you have to win according to the Organizer's instructions, that is, the game-tasks are conditioned. For example, the mate with the pawn, or with the sacrifice of the queen and with such instructions the engines are doomed to fail.

The question arises, what level of strength is needed to solve Goldchess tasks? The answer appears alone. All tasks are easily done by the unrated amateur, playing at the level of cat. II, meaning Goldchess is within the reach of every chess player and for everyone.
With us, we restate for chess player the faith in ourselves.
He can win, or do what the engine cannot do.

In Goldchess, ingenuity counts and the use of psychology against an opponent. With us you improve your skills in using psychology in the game and you will raise your level by activating your own thinking.

Goldchess, return to nature


Veni, vidi, vici // I Loged, I played, I won

Dear Players,

Winners are always great, and the winners of the Millionaire Tournament will deservedly be particularly great.

That is because we have prepared for them 5 brilliant and difficult problems to be solved, starting from positions taken from games played by Kasparov himself. By doing  so, we wanted to honor that outstanding chess player. Goldchess dissociates itself from Kasparov’s involvement in politics. We are interested only in chess, and he is an absolutely fabulous chess player.

Additional note: amongst those five games by Kasparov there is a single surprise. That is the Wahls – Kasparov game, originally lost by the white, of course. We are offering it because at Goldchess we want to distinguish also that great German player for his creation of a chess masterpiece during the game he played in 1985 against Bjarnason. At Goldchess we will make that defeat more palatable to Wahls. Here he wins, and in a great style. Sorry, Garry, you need to lose one game for the sake of decency.


After a victorious battle, Julius Caesar uttered the famous words: veni, vidi, vici meaning “ I came, I saw, I won”.

We have come up with an equally apt paraphrase for the winners of the Millionaire Tournament: I logged, I played, I won.

So, - Log, play and win-. And feel the taste of greatness, just as Julius Caesar did. Join us!


Goldchess revolution


Ladies and Gentlemen. As far as chess is concerned, not much has been going on for the last 23 centuries. Players have just been playing and playing. Everything has become predictable. If, for example, a grandmaster with an ELO ranking of 2700 decides to participate in a tournament together with contenders with ratings not higher than 2500, the grandmaster is absolutely bound to win. When I claim that nothing has changed in chess, I exaggerate, of course. Both the theory of playing chess and the strength of players have been developed. Some “teaching aids” in the form of strong chess engines have been created and today a player who wants to analyze a game or a position, or to find a variation, burdens Houdini, Fritz or Stockfish with the task and goes for a coffee. And when the player comes back, the analysis or the variation is ready. Yes… All that had been true before Goldchess was invented. Currently that is no longer possible, at least in Goldchess.

None of the best chess engines is able to find a solution to our task, to present a Goldchess variation. They can actually crush our much weaker chess software, or win faster than we can, but  they are unable to find a specific Goldchess variation with prerequisites, such as for example sacrificing the queen.

And the situation in the second case is quite similar. There is no guarantee, or even 1% certainty that a grandmaster with an ELO rating of 2700 who decides to join a Goldchess tournament will win against contenders with ELO ratings not exceeding 1500.What is more, the grandmaster may even fail to solve the Goldchess problem. It comes down to what I have already said and written many times. Every player joining Goldchess has to leave his or her titles and rankings in the locker room. In the tournament, he or she will have exactly the same chances as all the other contenders. Let me cite here our flagship example: a Goldchess tournament in India with participation of several IMs and players belonging to higher categories was won by 12-year-old Krish Butala with a ranking of 1363! :) ( ).

This means  everyone can play Goldchess, as everyone can win.


So, something has changed in chess. Something new has emerged.
Imagine… Somewhere, in a secret part of one of the Galaxies, there is a Library with all the knowledge of the Universe gathered by civilizations that have been building and managing it. And since the Library exists, I have the feeling that we are merely copyists. We are struggling to discover what has already been discovered a long time ago. For example, mathematics, physics, astronomy, medicine and all other fields of knowledge are complete in the Library. And we, here on Earth, have only a fraction of that absolute knowledge at our disposal. We are at the beginning of the road. We are novices. But that is not entirely true. I have been granted access to the knowledge of chess contained in the Library. And you know what I have found out?

Goldchess is not there!

This means we have created something new. Something that does not exist anywhere else on our globe or in the whole Universe. :)

And you, here on Earth, may be the first to touch that miracle and play.

Join us!

GM Aleksander Mista reviews Goldchess (2016)

Hello everyone, I am GM Aleksander Mista (Poland, ELO 2625 - highest rating, September 2014), Team World Champion in solving competition and Hastings 2016 champion. I have become patron of portal and I want to present you this beautiful newcomer to the chess world. Interestingly, it was created by amateur with no high rating or title. The same amateur is the creator of problems being solved by thousands of players from around the world in Rosija – America tournament. Here are my top 3 reasons which made me become patron of Goldchess portal. Reasons in which I didn’t believe at first, until I tried it myself.goldchess

1.           The actual game at Goldchess is for all, readily available for a wide circle of chess players. Grandmasters and professionals don’t have better chances than amateur, even though you play against a computer, not so strong – with ELO around 1800. Why everyone has equal chances? Because there is no guarantee that a Grandmaster will come in and solve the problem faster than anyone else. It is also not guaranteed that he will solve a problem at all. I experienced it myself, and moreover it is shown by our experiments with Goldchess games in chess tournaments, for example the Rewal Chess Festival.

2.           Other chess computers like Fritz, Stockfish or Houndini can’t solve our chess problems. Therefore, as author has written on the portal, there is only you – the player and CEEC.

3.           I was fascinated by the fresh new idea, something unknown in chess. It is appreciating the quality and beauty of chess and combining it with all year long contest for the most beautiful game of the world, with main prize $10 000 on Goldchess portal.

I predict that fast growing Goldchess portal (which is already known on 12 chess portals in the world including Russian and American Chess Federations who are brotherly to Rosija – America tournament) will do wonders for chess promotion and will increase the interest in chess all over the world. That is why I am part of it, because I want to spread chess and it’s beauty. Believe me, Goldchess is more than that – it is also fun and combined with big prizes in the tournament. That is why our slogan is – Fun and Cash with Goldchess. You can check it out yourself. I invite you to Goldchess portal. Everybody will find something for himself there. Visit and enjoy today!

GM MIśta


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Goldchess builds and develops the intellect, the mental potential of the chess players and non-chess players alike. This is very important. Goldchess has the style, even though he is only a follower and continuator of Tal, yet fully original at the same time. And this conviction has been slowly instilling in the minds of the visiting chess players. Yesterday the Grandmaster (2600+) sent me a game from the national championship, accompanied with a note: "I send it for your review because it is very Goldchess style". Awesome. Goldchess is slowly becoming a well-known brand. We invite you to search inAnalysis - We Learn Goldchess and have a look at our games there. Once you get acquainted, you will understand what Goldchess is and how beautiful this world is. Almost like chess - the Game of Kings :)

Goldchess - a world of equal opportunities

People build different systems in search for equality, they create democracies to guarantee themselves equal rights. Not always and not everywhere these goals can be accomplished, but here in Goldchess these intentions are simply fulfilled. This is really IT.
We have generals (Grandmasters), colonels (IM) and minor ranks, or even amateurs without any ranking at all and something exceptional takes place: Goldchess eliminates the differences, the ranks disappear, and in our world everyone is equal and has equal opportunities. Join us and feel good with us.


Why prizes for solutions other than the author’s original ones are lower? (Such solutions can be rewarded with up to a half of the prize or the players can receive no prize at all). The reason is quite simple. We don’t know and we can’t be sure if they have been worked out by the player on his or her own, or with the use of another piece of chess software. And we do not reward “solutions” provided with the use of chess software. As regards the author’s original solutions, stronger chess programs generally don’t provide them, so they are recognized without any reservations. Nevertheless, a prize can always be divided between the author’s original solution and a better or an outstanding solution different than the author’s original one.

2 sentence about Goldchess

1. The Goldchess web portal promotes the beauty of chess and rewards beautiful games played at selected chess tournaments held all over the world. We are going to hold ca. 60 competitions for the most beautiful game of a tournament in 2017, mainly in the USA, Russia, India, China, and in the rest of the world.
A mark of beauty on the Goldchess portal is Genius Test /see chart / where anyone can test his or her ability to play beautifully, and win a prize ranging from $100 to $300 or more, as well as the title of Goldchess Genius.
2. On the web site there are also chess tournaments with prize pools from $2,000 to $50,000, available to any chess player, either amateur or professional, from any country in the world. Currently two tournaments are active: GIG Small with a prize pool of $2,000 and an entry fee of $10, and Goldchess Express with a prize pool of $25,000 and an entry fee of $25.
Feel invited!

Is chess gambling? - The worldwide boycott of Google


Google has marginalized and derailed our ( portal’s) AdWords campaign, led by, by classifying Goldchess Rosija-America Tournament as gambling, or an activity linked to gambling.

We objected and Google in turn provided their explanations. We are presenting their statement and our response. Enjoy the reading, it’s worth it.

Google to

Dear Katarzyna,

The advertisement of has been correctly marked as Confirmed (limited) because of its content connected to gambling. I attach an excerpt from our AdWords Advertising Policies, which clearly shows that online chess tournaments are classified as restricted content:

Non-casino-based games played for money or prizes

Any internet-based game where money or other items of value are paid or wagered in exchange for the opportunity to win real money or prizes based on the outcome of the game

Examples: Fantasy sports, online chess tournaments, or "match-three" video games played for money or prizes

In AdWords it is not only gambling that is subject to restrictions, but also any contents connected to it, including online chess tournaments where players pay money to have a possibility to win prizes. Therefore the statement that GoldChess is not gambling does not apply here, as the scope of restrictions on advertising in AdWords is much broader.




Basia Leś

Response from Goldchess


Dear Katarzyna,

First of all, at Google Poland there are unprofessional and irresponsible people, who have gone too far and now will defend their reasons to the bitter end. A simple question: is Google policy or their rules above Polish law? If not, then, taking into consideration our dispute, Google has no right to exist in Poland if they undermine Polish law and access to Google should be banned in Poland. I say this based on the example of us having the decision issued by the Polish Ministry of Finance, stating that our game is not gambling-related.

In response to the letter:

1. I quote: „Non-casino-based games played for money or prizes”.

Considering this statement made by Google I ask: in what casino in the world apart from roulette and other casino-based games can you play “gambling chess?” Because as I understand we have been classified as a game that came out of casinos, or got out of their control, is played illegally “outside” of casinos, and has its own gambling activity. Insanely funny.

2.Quoting Google /Ms. Basia Leś/ further: „In AdWords it is not only gambling that is subject to restrictions, but also any contents connected to it, including online chess tournaments where players pay money to have a possibility to win prizes.”

My response: Beginning January 2016 we opened our Rosija-America Chess Tournament for the whole world; we are the first and the only ones on the whole Internet. There is no other game-tournament like ours. In this case there is no scale, no possibility of comparison, drawing conclusions or making claims of this kind. There is also no way to base your opinion on former chess tournaments simply because… there were none.

3. Moreover, all the chess tournaments in the world are based on same rules: in order to take part in any tournament, the player has to pay the tournament fee, just as in our tournament. Yet, nobody states that those are gambling-related chess tournaments because they would be ridiculed.

This was the first sound argument.

The second one: when you talk about something you need to know what it means. To make you understand better the difference between gambling and not-gambling-related games I will explain the characteristics of gambling. First of all, gambling is a game of chance which allows you to increase your bet and consequently by doing this overnight or in five minutes you may lose your house, car, wife or mother-in-law. :)

There is no way of losing the above mentioned in the Goldchess Rosija-America Tournament. Chess players pay a tournament fee of $30 and play 16 rounds in the Goldchess Rosija-America Tournament for $50,000 of prizes. Moreover, there is no way to raise the bet. And lastly, the victory is achieved by mind effort, logic and one’s familiarity with chess, which are intellectual qualities. There is no randomness.

As there are no common features, there is no gambling.

If logic is not enough…

4. This seemingly refutes Google’s arguments.

Google may be a giant, a concern. However, if it remains ossified and unchangeable in its beliefs and won’t adjust to the needs of the market, it will be just a matter of time until it falls out of it and… shares the fate of dinosaurs. They were big, too, and it was the main reason of their extinction.


LK- Goldchess World to Google Polska.



After a preliminary investigation of the grounds and laws based on which Google has classified our online chess tournament as a gambling game, and of the country where such laws apply, the answer is: there are no such grounds or laws, since according to the explanation provided by Google, they create their own laws/rules not connected to any law.

Anyway, this would be the end of deliberations about the gambling nature of chess.

We call all chess players and sympathizers, who support us and don’t agree with lawless and discriminating rules of Google, to boycott Google AdWords campaigns worldwide. There are more than 400 million of us. Let us show Google our power.



Solving Goldchess problems.

On the one hand, Goldchess has a lot in common with the discipline of solving chess problems in that the competitors look for precisely defined solutions. It is, however, a truly modern form of solving, as it involves playing against a computer engine, the CEEC (Chess Elite Educational Computer).

On the other hand, Goldchess is a mirror image of a practical game of chess: you need to beat an actual opponent. Even though the CEEC is not very strong, its strength roughly corresponds to that of an 1800 FIDE-rated player, it does pose difficulties to competitors pursuing the solution. Not only does the player need to uncover the engine's weaknesses through persistent interaction, but he/ she also needs to find the solution faster than other competitors to secure the prize.

Solving Goldchess problems is creative in that the competitors need to meticulously search through a large number of new positions (unlimited takebacks allowed), evaluate them and estimate the chances that the problems' instructions are satisfied. Precise border conditions allow the competitors to show their adaptation skills and promote those who operate the fastest.

Finding solutions different from those intended by the author is fair game as long as all the conditions are satisfied. Experience shows that this situation is not uncommon. For example, at this year's Goldchess Polish Championship, none of the three medalists found the author's solution and yet managed to satisfy all of the problem's requirements as specified by the author. In the 8th round of the Rosija-America tournament at, two players succeeded in finding the author's solution (one of the conditions in this particular case was that the exact solution be found).

One may develop an edge in solving Goldchess problems in multiple ways. Being a very strong chessplayer is definitely helpful, but it does not guarantee a win. There have been multiple cases already where an amateur competitor managed to beat strong opposition of professional chess players.

A notable advantage of Goldchess problems over solving regular chess problems is that the former do not lend themselves to being cracked by the strongest engines. Tests with Rybka, Houdini and Fritz have all shown that one cannot simply load the position and let a top engine deliver the required solution. The engines do not satisfy border conditions of, for instance, a checkmate on move 30. This, in turn, confirms that having a high chess rating is not necessarily advantageous.

Goldchess is a new type of quality chess problem solving. It is a “new way of chess.”

Feel free to visit our website We have a Contest for the most beautiful chess game (everybody is welcome to submit their games), a Genius Test with prizes of $100, a free game Gold0 with a weekly prize of $50, as well as the revolutionary America-Rosija Tournament with a $50.000 prize pool!

The 1st edition of the America-Rosija Tournament is a replay of the Anand-Gelfand World Championship Match. The problems' positions are taken from the actual games of the match. The 2nd edition will have positions taken from the first match Anand-Carlsen! The entry fee to take part in the tournament is $30. Anybody can join the tournament at any time and compete for the prizes.

New way of chess.