Level 1 [34]

It is chess intuition rather than playing strength that will let you win in Goldchess.
This is why here anyone can win a prize, not only the best ones.

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$ 0 to win

Free buy-in

For amateurs. Every Wednesday. Prize - promo code for the Top tournament. The player who first sends the correct solution wins (see in Daily screens).

When you click -Sign up-, the system will automatically include you in the start list, and will save the game position under ‘My account’. When the tournament starting time comes, you will be able to download the position. Win position by fulfilling the given criteria and save your solution, also under ‘My account’.
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Wojciech Filip

    Entry fee: Free

    Level 1 [34]

    Start: 2023-06-07 18:00:00

    Time to solve: 10 min

    • win as soon as possible (Qg5 mate)

    Reward: $ 0


    The title: Level 1 Hero