Win Faster [18]

Amateur vs. chess players of the whole world

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$ 1000 to win

$ 10 buy-in

Start 1 April. Tournament open non-stop.
You play right away. Win faster than us! 
*Tournament includes a game with an error, 
which you can certainly be won earlier.
Additional information in -Results, 
detailed in the Rules

Tournament - challenge. Our amateur analysts versus amateurs and professionals from around the world. Will anyone here win against us? We are increasing the grand prize. For the IM it is $2000, for the GM $3000.

After paying the entry fee, the system will automatically put you on the list of participants, and 3 positions of 3-4 chess problems will be added in the "My Account" tab. You can download them one by one at exactly the time of the given game starts. Win each position one move earlier than indicated in the description of the problem, and save your solutions in the "My Account" tab.
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Paweł Jaworski

    Pay entry fee

    Entry fee: $ 10

    Win Faster (task 1) [19]

    Start: 2024-04-01 15:00:00

    Time to solve: 10 min

    • victory on move 31

    Reward: $ 0


    Win Faster (task 2) [20]

    Start: 2024-04-01 15:10:00

    Time to solve: 10 min

    • mate on move 34

    Reward: $ 50


    Win Faster (task 3) [19]

    Start: 2024-04-01 15:20:00

    Time to solve: 20 min

    • 2 tasks, mate on move 36 involving the capture of the queen, plus mate on move 35, forceful in 6 – (last 6 checks )

    Reward: $ 1000


    Title: Win Faster Silver-Gold-Diamond Hero