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1. Chess program CEEC

2. Position

Content of the task:

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Chess Miracles Competition - (weekly, Saturdays, at 4 pm CET - 10 am New York time).
It is a great art to find a draw or a win in a game that has been lost.
With us, we do it and teach it using the examples of masters' games.
Try to do it yourself in our competition. 
*In games of champions, in the position given, you should always make a different move than in the original game.

Come, play, win

Superbet Rom Clasic
Giri-Caruana 1-0
Caruana's blunder.
Win with black. We have 4 wins on the 46th move. 46.a1-Q, 46.e:f4, 46.Kb8 and 46.Nd5. Find 3 of these. Prize $15, time to solve 21 minutes.

Competition 13-06
Superbet ROM Clasic - July 2024
Firousia-Caruana 0-1

Firousia is a feisty, aggressive player. In this game he got caught up in his attack and... lost. And a draw was a no-brainer, and a win in 100 ways. And that is the task in our competition. Winning on move 66. We draw black into a trap....
Prize $10, time to solve 12 minutes.
Please visit

Contest 06-07-2024
Chess Olympiad 1960
Fischer-Najdorf draw. 
Black wins on the 60th move.
Prize $10. Time to solve 15 minutes.

Competition suspended. No one has solved it. In Goldchess you have to play chess. Moving pieces around is not enough.
Position available from Chess Miracles-Winners (original).

Goldchess competition 3 February with a prize of $100
Wei Yi - Vidit Gujrathi 1-0 - Win playing black, mate in 8 moves.
No one solved, in second catch-up mode a prize of $52.
We will draw it among 10 chess players who send correct solutions.

The task of the participants in this competition is to find the correct position in the original game to change black's move (allowed from the 25th move) and win in the manner stated above.  Play and win!

To play black, after opening the game in the CEEC program, click on the 25th move of black and then on the top bar of the program on -Play-Play black.
Task valid until solved. We hope this will happen before the end of the world.
It promises to be a beautiful game. The first solution was sent by a brilliant chess player from Armenia, Alex Nurijanyan. He made the change in the 27th move. A beautiful mate, but 9 moves. And it's supposed to be 8. Check out his solution. 
Further information in -Results.

Chess truth test (position Results)

Here everyone can test whether they are, or have the chance to become, an outstanding chess player. Download the chess programme and position.  You play with black. Win on the 40th move with a queen sacrifice and on the 40th and 50th moves with a queen sacrifice and capture. If you don't win, don't break your arms. With us you can change that. Play and learn. Goldchess - a simple recipe for success.

Solutions (games with an asterisk) here:

Previous (2023)

We finished our competition based on games lost by the grand masters from this year's Candidates Tournament.
In Goldchess we won these games and showed in them, together with the contestants, different visions and game plans. Effective ones, leading to success. The kind that the champions missed or overlooked.
The games (lost originals and our wins) are available at:

See, compare, judge for yourself. The lost games of the masters are cautions, -How not to play, our variants are signposts to new paths in chess and tips on -How to play, and indeed, instructive lessons for the masters.

We invite you to join us.




  1. Download and install the chess playing software, input the codes to obtain the full version.
  2. The solution in the CEEC file, with the pgn extension, will send to, with the "Chess Miracles" in the subject of e-mail.