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Grandmaster Corner Contest 

The chess player's task in this competition is to win from a given position, a game lost by the master.
Currently on GC games of the world champion, Ding Liren. Every Sunday at 4 pm CET.
Download our chess programme, position, play and win! If an overtime period is announced, new players can take part. Everyone then plays for half the prize.

Start 25 February
GC competition with a prize of $100. Time to solve 20 minutes.

Tata Steel Masters - Wijk aan Zee NED 13-28 January 2024.
Nepomniachtchi-Ding Liren 1-0 Win playing black in the 45th move with capture of the queen.
PS. No one has solved. In overtime mode $50 prize, time limit does not apply.

The task for participants in this competition is to find the correct position in the original game to change black's move (allowed from the 29th move) and win in the manner stated above.  Play and win!
We will draw the prize among the 10 chess players who send the correct solutions.

To play black, after opening the game in the CEEC program, click on the 29th move of black and then on the top bar of the program on -Play-Play Black to reverse the chessboard.

March 2023 Competition in the Grandmaster's Corner

 In 2016, at the Mieczyslaw Najdorf tournament in Warsaw, a little boy named Maciej Czopor received the prize for the most beautiful game in tournament B from us. He was 12 years old at the time. Today, as a 19-year-old youngster, he played in the Cambridge International Open tournament. He finished it in a good 14th place, 5 games won and 2 lost. We took them for analysis and won in fine style... They will be in the March edition of the Grandmaster Corner Competition.

5th March, 16:00. Mate 43 and mate 44 (various continuations). You play black (Open position-Play-Play black). Time to solve 25 minutes. Prize $20.
Lovers of beautiful chess are invited.

(Pictured in the middle is Maciej. On the left, Brazilian grandmaster Alex Fier, also a prize-winner, in tournament A, on the right, the then patron of the Goldchess portal, grandmaster Alexander Miśta)





  1. Download and install the chess playing software, input the codes to obtain the full version.
  2. The solution in the CEEC file, with the pgn extension, will send to, with the "GM Corner" in the subject of e-mail.