How to play?

  1. Register / log in
  2. Download the CEEC chess application with codes from the - Education - section and install it. Register by means of clicking the - Unlock - frame. Enter the following information in the relevant fields:
    1. Your name (first name - nickname)
    2. serial number
    3. unlock code
  3. Choose the game you wish to play from the main page.
  4. Read the game description and the terms and conditions. Pay the entry fee.
  5. Download a problem position and solve it.
  6. Save your solution in a CEEC .pgn file, in the - Save - section of your game. (if you are the first to do it, you win the prize. Provided, of course, that you’ve sent the correct solution to the problem.).

How can I solve a problem?

The task is to win the position in the way determined by the author, playing against CEEC.