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$ 6000 to win

$ 10 buy-in

In this tournament, anyone, even experienced grandmasters, can test whether they really know how to play chess. 
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After paying the entry fee/clicking -sign up, the system will automatically include you in the start list, and will save the game position under ‘My account’. Exactly at the starting time you can download the position. Win position by fulfilling the given criteria and save the solution in the -Downloaded folder, and then in "My Account".
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    Entry fee: $ 10

    GoldChess Challenge (task 1) [92]

    Start: 2024-07-27 17:00:00

    Time to solve: 10 min

    • Game 1. victory on move 30 involving the capture of the queen,  

    Reward: $ 0


    GoldChess Challenge (task 2) [87]

    Start: 2024-07-27 17:10:00

    Time to solve: 15 min

    • Game 2. mate on move 34 with the capture and sacrifice of the queen    

    Reward: $ 0


    GoldChess Challenge (task 3) [84]

    Start: 2024-07-27 17:25:00

    Time to solve: 20 min

    • Game 3. The content of the task will appear when downloading the position   

    Reward: $ 0