Gold Immortal [3]

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$ 1000000 to win

$ 11 buy-in

Prize pool $10,000 (for a minimum of 300 entrants).
If the required number of players does not exist, the tournament will take place on the specified date with the pool that has been accumulated. Start with a minimum of 10 players (prize of $100).

After paying the entry fee the system will automatically include you in the start list, and will save the positions under ‘My account’. You can download them one by one at exactly the time of the given game starts. Win every position by fulfilling the given criteria and save your solution, to ‘My account’.
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    Pay entry fee

    Entry fee: $ 11

    Gold Immortal (task 1) [3]

    Start: 2021-11-27 17:00:00

    Time to solve: 10 min

    • victory on move 30. Position after 22 moves  

    Reward: $ 1000000


    Gold Immortal (task 2) [3]

    Start: 2021-11-27 17:10:00

    Time to solve: 10 min

    • victory on move 32 involving the capture of the queen

    Reward: $ 1000000


    Gold Immortal (task 3) [3]

    Start: 2021-10-30 17:20:00

    Time to solve: 5 min

    • victory on move 31. Position after 26 moves  

    Reward: $ 1000000


    Title: Golden Immortal Hero
    In this tournament, if the number of participants is full, we will award the top 100 players.