Genius Test

chess figures on podium

1. Chess program CEEC

2. Position

Content of the task:

In order to play here, download the chess program, position, win and send the solution to If you send in first, you win the prize. 

Genius Test Contest (every month) solutions
Become a Goldchess Genius!

Next GT on December 12, at 16:00 CET, prize $10.
The player who solves 3 GT tasks in October, November and December will receive an extra $100 prize! Next competition games 3 x $10 + $100, January-February-March 2023.
A very nice solution GT November was sent after time by the Cuban master, Adrian Rodriguez Dosina. The computer does not accept the queen sacrifice and there is a mate on the 20th move. Had the sacrifice been accepted there is a beautiful mate on the 19th move.
We show in the Winners-Genius Test both variants. By way of exception, we will award Adrian half of the prize. The other half prize awaits our original solution. There is a new position.
Congratulations. This is the way to play Goldchess.

All reports are given in Results-GT, games-solutions in Winners-Genius Test





  1. Download and install the chess playing software, input the codes to obtain the full version.
  2. The solution in the CEEC file, with the pgn extension, will send to, with the "Genius Test" in the subject of e-mail.