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World hits. *National tournaments. For all chess countries. Gold World Challenge 1. Sign up. *Diagrams - check your level and win $1000! Feel invited •

For the first country from which 100 chess players will apply and pay the entry fee, a double prize pool! $2000!
National-domestic tournaments for at least 100 participants. Entry fee $10, prize pool $1000. Applications for domestic tournaments may be submitted starting from January 1st to
Here too, all those willing to play in the
 Gold World Challenge (Patricia Claros Aguilar tournament) can sign-up. The date March 15, sign-ups until March10). Sign up today!

An application for a domestic tournament must contain the name of the tournament, and:

1. Full name
2. Ranking – amateur/professional (amateur: ELO 2,000 or below)
3. Country
4. Year of birth

For the first three countries from which the greatest numbers of player will apply we will publish on our website List of Tournament Contenders. After the lists are published, further players will be enabled to register automatically. You pay the entry fee after closing the Start List here:

National rankings and Open National Tournament. Read in the General Rules

Task 1

Start: 2020-03-15 16:00:00

Reward: $ 300

Task 2

Start: 2020-03-15 16:10:00

Reward: $ 400

Task 3

Start: 2020-03-15 16:20:00

Reward: $ 600

After paying the registration fee, all the tasks positions of the tournament are automatically added to the user’s account.

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