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All Goldchess tournament chess games have been won with the CEEC computer by an unranked chess amateur. Win them from the given position in the same way, or with fewer moves and a more beautiful style than the amateur’s one… and win prizes!

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Goldchess is a unique experience. Each task presents you with a new challenge, encouraging the development of your imagination. It is very exciting to be able to find the right answer in a short time and thus be able to beat the other participants. Without a doubt it catches you, it motivates you. I invite all chess lovers to visit the website, download the CEEC program and start enjoying this attractive practice.

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GM Yuri Gonzalez Vidal

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Play with a real champion! vs Blindfold King - Timur Gareyev! Only with us! March 26!

Subscribe to the game and check –Preliminary Results– an hour before it takes place to know whether you play or not. Chess players who play will receive instructions via email.

Game time: 2019-03-26 13:00:00 pm California time (21:00 GMT, 22:00 CET)
You will play with: TIMUR GAREYEV (Antarktika)
Number of waiting: 0